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Adjunct Methodology to Aid in an Awareness Process

The so-called Mechanics of Consciousness material, which is the all consuming topic of this awareness section, is basically all about the procurement of advanced states of personal awareness for the purpose of achieving practical and useful goals that, for the most part, go pretty much beyond what is normally thought possible in what many might describe as a more or less dysfunctional earthly world. But doing what you might assume to be this “awareness stuff” to the exclusion of everything else is probably not enough to get the results suggested and inferred here and there in the text. This is because what is rarely put forth here are the many associated and integral disciplines and/or processes that go hand-in-hand with the specifics of this awareness work, but that are not specifically covered here. The reason for this is simply a space and time consideration. My writing time has been devoted to precisely what I do best, research and dabbling with this awareness stuff, while leaving other notable writers and practitioners to their specialty interest, and who have quite adequately covered the basics of the many important adjuncts to any overall self-help regimen.

The point here is this: Any prospective Mechanics of Consciousness student must at some point realize that doing awareness work is a unified process, one that involves all of life and its various aspects. It is not meant to be some kind of isolated, esoteric endeavor that is carried out while cloistered in some austere and relatively dreary environment. Success means bringing together all aspects of the mental and physical world, while living it on a moment by moment basis, and simultaneously melding it all into a unified whole that works synergistically in a harmonious and mutually reinforcing manner. It is vitally important that you never limit yourself to just that which you might think and judge to be the crux of this awareness work, and/or spend your time dogmatically doing exactly what you generally judge you are supposed to do. You are not supposed to do anything! Yet, paradoxically, do anything and everything that works for you, bringing it all together in a unique way, so as to accelerate your pursuit of awareness, as well as make for a swift and exciting adventure. This means making use of any discernable benefits no matter where they come from. Just use what works in a synergistic way. Unless you are constantly working and moving toward some kind of all encompassing awareness, utilizing anything and everything useful that you can get your hands on, then what you are doing is a far cry from what I envision and know as awareness work.

So, then, what are some of the associated and also very important things that may help to greatly accelerate someone’s awareness progress? The list could be long, but to no good point. Too much detail oftentimes ends up limiting a person, they being overwhelmed and doing nothing or instead using the detail to avoid making discoveries on their own. My choice is to simplify what follows below by providing a generalized list of associated and useful regimens that is relatively easy to assimilate and put to good and immediate use. You, the student, can fill in the details as exploration and discovery bring personal enlightenment.

The listing order is arranged alphabetically and, as such, the order of items it is not intended to impart any degree of relative importance. All could be seen as equally important and useful, or perhaps equally useless, depending upon one’s goals. However, all of what follows represent things that I have successfully used and incorporated in varying degrees and one way or another into my own personal awareness adventure:

  1. Acupuncture. A talented acupuncturist can do wonders in helping anyone free up body energies, and through my own personal experience I have found such treatments to be quite advantageous in this particular awareness work. I have gone through spells of many years without the use of acupuncture, thus giving me an at least mediocre experience base by which to draw a few simple conclusions. In general, aside from any commonly expected results for the standard often used and formalized remedies, I have found the overall effect seems to be a facilitation and speeding up of any awareness process. Sometimes any enhancement is subtle, other times not subtle at all. But the tendency to uplift awareness processes ought not be surprising, since acupuncture has as its underlying intent the energizing and enlivenment of the often very delicate internal energy flow patterns, thereby making them more effective and more easily discerned and understood outside of the usual acupuncture framework. My first experience with acupuncture occurred in the1980s, when I was referred to a middle-aged man who had been a medical doctor. However, when he discovered the benefits of acupuncture he dropped his former medical practice and devoted himself full time to the art and practice of acupuncture. I remember him telling me that for any critics he would simply invite them to get on his table and then use a procedure that would “knock them on their ass.” I have no doubt that he could do this, because I have experienced intense energy movements that can literally knock you off your feet and onto the floor.
  2. Body cleansing. Many people like to think that this awareness work is nothing more than some kind of odd but essentially comfortable mental process, while failing to realize the extent to which this work is not limited to the mentality. Only for a beginning student might the focus be almost entirely limited to their mentality. However, from an overall perspective the mentality is, at best, no more than 50% of the subject. Taking this a bit further, the fundamental intent of this awareness work is to enliven and re-establish a useful connection with the Will aspect, and since the mentality is causal in any disconnection from the Will aspect it must first be understood and dealt with accordingly during any awareness/essence recovery attempt. The personal body is of the Will, albeit influenced by the mentality, and to date no one has been able to achieve the kind of awareness sensitivity absolutely required in this work if and when the body aspect is deadened, polluted and generally neglected. It ought to make good and quick logical sense that when a body is clogged, numbed and deadened through the accumulation of decades of toxic food wastes, recreational or medicinal drugs, chemicals and other contaminants, all of which impose a deadening load, the body/Will aspect will be substantially excluded from any truly advanced movement, evolution and enlightenment. To be successful in this kind of awareness work requires a body that is in harmony with and facilitates the awareness process, and therefore body cleansing techniques are essentially a mandatory adjunct of this work. It all boils down to a very simple choice: Either you want to be (1) a fine tuned and holy cosmic being filled with divinely joyous and orgasmic life, or (2) you want to be numb and a person walking along the road of the living dead, for which death will have been your choice, whereupon you will richly deserve the reward of pain, rot and death that is your prayer.
  3. Diet and understanding food addictions. Body cleansing cannot be properly achieved without attention to diet and learning from a “feeling” standpoint what works for your body. This means going beyond what is normally considered to be good nutrition. It also means getting away from using food as a comfort device, or as a stimulant. Drinking several cups of coffee to get started every morning is a sign of abusive unawareness when viewed through the prism of this awareness work. The idea here is to get to the point whereby the personal body is so enlivened that no stimulants are necessary to be and feel energetic. This requires getting to the point whereby food is merely a way of providing exactly what the body needs, such as naturally chelated minerals, enzymes, vitamins and some non-polluting calories, during its assent back to its natural state whereby it is more and more self-sufficient. What I am suggesting here goes way beyond what is normally considered necessary and proper nutrition as determined by so-called scientific methodology and/or advertising specialists. What I am inferring here will probably be considered controversial by most “educated” people. Thus, you can use what is generally accepted as good nutrition as a starting point and advance from there as your awareness enlightenment so directs and allows. Once you bring yourself back to life enough you will probably be shocked to finally feel and know just how destructive the normal “healthy” lifestyle of food ingestion and forced activity is on the body.
  4. Deep tissue work. This could include massage at the less extreme end, but on the other definitely something more intense and penetrating like Heller Work or Rolfing. The advantage of deep tissue bodywork is that it is a fast way to get into “lost” emotions and pains that might otherwise go usefully unrecognized and therefore unresolvable. If you want a body that is alive, one that will enhance the chances of awareness success, deep tissue bodywork can put you on the fast track to enlightenment.
  5. Energy/Chakra work. There are many forms of so-called energy work that has been described by many groups and authors. Fundamentally, from my perspective, energy work entails feeling, channeling, communicating with and understanding various flows or streams of “living” energy emanated by sentient beings and even so-called non-sentient materials and objects. All are alive in the sense that they all have intent and radiate that intent in a way that can be intercepted, felt and understood for what it holds and desires to communicate. One extension of this generalized concept is psychometry, the art of feeling and/or seeing through touch the energetic imprinting within living and/or inanimate objects. Being able to see and feel in the ways suggested above, plus more, are prerequisites to the advanced awareness work that can result from pursuing the material presented in this web site. Where you get your first and consequent energy work experience does not matter much as far as I am concerned. Maybe the modalities you are currently using are rigid and judgmental, or maybe superficial or very misunderstood, at least from my point of view, but practice in feeling and dealing with “energy,” no matter the source or inherent limitations, can lead to situations where more advanced understanding can follow.
  6. Kundalini: I generally do not support dealing with the Will using techniques familiar to anyone using practices aimed at raising the kundalini forces. Looking very carefully at the intent of any such techniques of which I am aware, there tends to be an element of force involved, and whenever force is used to excite the Will a reflection of some sort of resulting oppositional force can be expected. In such circumstances, this puts the student at the effect of a forceful and generally uncontrollable response, which can produce unpredictable and detrimental results. I never, never attempt to force or try to get the Will energies to rise, but rather have taken the opposite tack of loving myself, my mentality, Will aspect and body, while systematically dealing with all of the judgmental and emotional blockages that inhibit Will movement and integration. Doing it this way essentially invites the Will to move in the most beneficially effective way, while eliminating the risk of damaging oneself due to ineptness. Consequently, for me, kundalini/Will responses tend to be sometimes energetic but always loving, with no observed tendencies toward being inadvertently hurtful or destructive. So, rather than forcing the kundalini to rise up, I more or less simply clear a path for the Will energies to move up and integrate with my mentality on and of their own whim and accord. Another advantage for taking this approach is that my Will experiences are not a product of great mental exertion and my Will experiences are not short lived, one-time events, but rather they amount to a sustained and loving marriage of both the mental and Will aspects.
  7. Exercise. This includes anything that uses and explores the body in a non-destructive way. Hatha Yoga, for example, is one way of getting in touch with areas of the body not normally paid much, if any, attention. But forced, strenuous exercise in any form is not a part of my awareness regimen. On the other hand, I love intensity when it feels good and the body itself wants to be physically active, but not when I have to resort to forcing myself to do anything. How many times you have witnessed someone mentally forcing themselves to jog along a busy roadway, or unflinchingly pressure and force themselves to perform during some kind of rigorous, predetermined gym routine, while their body looks like it is being tortured to death? The alternative to the often admired forced approach is to bring yourself back to life in such a way that your body, of its own innate accord, welcomes playing, running or jumping for joy. When you can do this, with your body naturally vibrating with health and joy, your experience at the gym, or anywhere else, will dramatically change. For the first time you may then discover that you can easily bring about results for yourself that were previously unattainable, but that now are a natural outcome of who and what you are.

This brief synopsis, listing a few adjunct and indispensable self-help methodologies, is not meant to be exhaustive or a complete reference in any way, but, rather, a simple guide to promote further interest, exploration and investigation on the part of any beginning or advanced awareness student. A few possibly useful references to suppliers of body cleansing, herbs and nutritional supplies, for instance, can be found on the Links to Resources page.

July 31, 2010
Terry Hathaway