Frequently Asked Questions

This is a sampling of the kinds of questions asked over the past several years regarding the kind of personal awareness and lifestyle transformation work discussed on this web site.

Index of Frequently Asked Questions
Go-to 1: Why do you refer to this work as Mechanics of Consciousness Studies?
Go-to 2: What makes you qualified to write about any kind of consciousness study or awareness work?
Go-to 3: Have you seen the Matrix movie and does anything in it compare to the awareness work you write about?
Go-to 4: Does this awareness work take the place of any kind of conventional therapy?
Go-to 5: I'm seeing a psychiatrist and I am afraid to tell him that I am toying with taking on this awareness work. What should I do?
Go-to 6: Why is there a lot about past life and other way-out esoteric stuff and little emphasis on dealing with the present?
Go-to 7: What kind of facilities and services do you provide?
Go-to 8: I have some severe medical problems I can't get rid of. Can this work help me cure them?
Go-to 9: What is probably the worst mistake that beginners make when starting out on an awareness journey?
Go-to 10: What is possibly the most common mistake made by someone wanting to do this awareness work?
Go-to 11: How does your transformational work relate to what I know as kundalini energy?
Go-to 12: Can you prove to me that this awareness stuff really works?
Go-to 13: Why should I do awareness work if I must see and feel the stuff I don't like?
Go-to 14: Will doing awareness work help me make more money?
Go-to 15: My marriage (or relationship) is breaking apart. Will awareness work help keep it together?
Go-to 16: My friend really needs help getting himself together. Will awareness work help?
Go-to 17: Do you use or recommend mind altering drugs in the awareness work you do?
Go-to 18: How can I quiet my mind, so that I can begin to see what's going on inside?
Go-to 19: I am attracted to someone, but I cannot get them to show me the love or respect I want back. Will this awareness work help me get what I want?
Go-to 20: If this stuff has any useful value why are you giving it away for free?
Go-to 21: Isn't this just another one of those cult things?
Go-to 22: Isn't this just another variation of the old spirituality theme?
Go-to 23: I've read and re-read some of your writing and it just does not seem to penetrate.
Go-to 24: Can this awareness work help me predict the future?
Go-to 25: Do you suggest any books to read that might be helpful?
Go-to 26: Why don’t you have audio and video presentations like some of the other Spiritual sites?
Go-to 27: Why does this awareness stuff have to be so complex?
Go-to 28: Why don’t you write more about how diet, clean air and water and other environmental factors are important to the awareness process?
Go-to 29: What books and resources do you use to help you write about the awareness process?

1. Why do you refer to this work as Mechanics of Consciousness Studies?

It is because by allowing oneself to genuinely understand this work, which amongst other things details the nature of the Spirit mentality and Will polarities and how they interact and why, certain spontaneous processes and experiences can be expected to emerge that will provide the student with direct experiences of the underlying and foundational mechanisms that give rise to consciousness and that guide what is physically manifest. But this kind of attunement must be accomplished without the use of hallucinogens, drugs or other intentionally mind altering foods, substances or procedures, any of which will pervert and disable the kind of keen, unadulterated inner awareness that is absolutely mandatory. Moreover, even if someone does meet the foregoing prerequisites, getting to the place whereby the necessarily profound and spontaneous revelations can reveal themselves also requires the student to allow and welcome, without prejudice or restriction, both inner and perceived external outer reality processes to occur and express that may be far outside of what is usually judged to be normal and/or possible. This means that the student will have to voluntarily venture far outside of his or her normally self-inflicted limitations, or "box," and let go of valued constructs like right and wrong, good and bad, negative versus positive and so on. This is because these or any kind of dualistic concept will forever stop any chance of achieving the kind of awareness awakening that will reveal the normally hidden, fundamental mechanics lying behind what we perceive as consciousness.

2. What makes you qualified to write about any kind of consciousness study or awareness work?

I am writing about and sharing my own experiences and the results thereof, many of which involve close friends also interested in how and why consciousness works and behaves the way it does. Furthermore, many of these friends, much to their benefit, have made incredible advances in altering unpleasant aspects of their life that had before seemed utterly unchangeable. What better way is there to learn about and apply the underlying mechanics of consciousness than through direct hands-on experience? Anyone who pays close attention to life's creative energies and the seeming paradoxes they generate could do the same. Life is the classroom and teacher, and, as such, you and I, as the student, can either notice and grasp the lessons always before us, or not, repeating errors in understanding endlessly until we finally move to correct them. You'll know when you graduate and can go on to a new level of learning, because what has been resolved will no longer confront you or be part of your life experience, thereafter leaving you free to deal with new issues and pleasures.

3. Have you seen the Matrix movie and does anything in it compare to the awareness work you write about?

Yes, I have seen the Matrix movies and enjoyed them as good entertainment. And, yes, there are many subtle and sometimes overt facets of these movies that can be perceived as expressing similar awareness principles, but using a very different context and analogy. Nonetheless, the number of observable correlations is fascinating, and for anyone wanting to indulge in baseless supposition and speculation a lot could be said and imagined about these apparent correspondences. Nonetheless, because I have never had any contact with the author's of the Matrix movie, or any of their friends or associates, anything I might write here about judged similarities would be mere guesswork and, consequently, ineffectual speculation.

4. Does this awareness work take the place of any kind of conventional therapy?

No it does not, nor has it ever been intended as any kind of therapeutic substitute. Hoping to fix things by manipulating the perceived symptoms is for the person oriented toward conventional practices. My ambition is to view symptoms as a messenger, and then "read" the message in such a way that I can then get on with understanding and resolving the fundamental causal forces that gave rise to an unpleasant and irritating symptom. To this end, I use a logical and experiential approach to increasing my awareness, which will include acutely observing both my inner and outer reality perceptions, as well as feeling out and going deeply into the usually "unseen" causes behind everything. Why do this? So that I can systematically go about undoing the causal agents creating those things I do not enjoy about my life experience, thereby transforming myself and my life experience into one that is more to my liking. Attaining this kind of goal also requires, amongst other things, that I learn how to find and recover parts of myself that have been "lost" outside the scope of my immediate awareness and that consequently have been forced to help perpetuate aspects of my life experience that I do not like or enjoy.

5. I'm seeing a psychiatrist and I am afraid to tell him that I am toying with taking on this awareness work. What should I do?

If for no other reason than being ethical, tell your therapist that you intend engage in some activities that might have an effect on you and your relationship with him or her. If you trust this person enough to pay for their expertise you ought to keep them informed. But even more important than the ethical consideration is the effect this awareness work may have on you, and although it is not therapy in the conventional sense it will, nonetheless, have a definite impact on what your therapist is attempting to do for you, and probably in ways that he or she may not anticipate or understand. Thus, if you value your therapist you are advised to keep him or her informed of what you are doing.

6. Why is there a lot about past life and other way-out esoteric stuff and little emphasis on dealing with the present?

One of the consistent difficulties in presenting this work is that it does not tend to follow a rational or systematic teaching methodology, always presenting itself differently for each person by conforming to their individuality and personality quirks. But, in all cases, it always operates and reveals itself in its own time and way, which to the person insistent on being logically rational may cause it to be perceived as totally chaotic and an unworkable fantasy. This work always zigzags and darts all over the place, from what may be perceived as the distant past to the present moment, from the seemingly implausible to the pedestrian, and it usually does so in no easily predictable order or pattern. What gets the most attention, however, is the non-standard and often controversial assertions, making it seem as though this work is more about out-of-this-world possibilities than it is about the practical everyday issues confronting everyone. But by looking into and then dealing with and resolving what may seem to be far-fetched issues the time does eventually come when there is not much else to do but finally get down to the messy business of dealing with and resolving the present, which is when most people attempting to do this work finally give up and quit. It is usually much easier and far more exciting to deal with distant, far-out and tantalizingly exotic issues than it is to face and resolve what is in the present, i.e., the stinking, unpleasant everyday stuff we hope to overlook and pretend does not exist by forcing ourselves to remain "positive," but that nonetheless stands ruthlessly in the way of greater awareness, health and happiness.

7. What kind of facilities and services do you provide?

None. There is no center, building, office, club, group, association, staff, mailing list, newsletter, classes or seminars, support, recruitment person, or anything else. The results of this consciousness study work is shared "as is," without warranty, further explanation or justification. There is no one to hold your hand or try to solicit or sell you anything. Disappointed? It is not that we here are against providing "awareness" support for people who may want and/or need it, however, we feel that our time is best spent doing what we love most, and that is exploring, furthering and advancing our own personal awareness. Moreover, the transformational nature of this work tends to preclude us from being able to provide the kind of assistance a novice or struggling student generally needs. This is because once some perceived issue or problem is resolved within ourselves it is gone, and, as such, we are no longer capable of perceiving (or seeing) it in another person, a condition that tends to render us unable to greatly aid someone newly starting an awareness journey and who is struggling with the more easily resolved and common issues.

8. I have some severe medical problems I can't get rid of. Can this work help me cure them?

Who knows? I am not competent to answer such a question, and results of any kind of awareness approach is unique to each individual and completely dependent upon what each person is willing to see, feel and change within themselves. How long, for instance, will it take you to get to know yourself so completely that you can miraculously alter your body shape as if by magic? Or do you think this kind of thing is impossible? If you were to ask a majority of recognized health care practitioners about this they would probably scoff at the idea of using any kind of awareness approach to resolve most body symptoms and problems. However, if you should choose to experiment do be aware that you are treading on unproven territory, with no guarantee of any degree of success. So, with this in mind, please do any experimentation with the knowledge and cooperation of your health care practitioner. Be prudent. If and when you eventually reach some kind of mystical, omnipotent state of consciousness and can repair your body as if by magic the use of medical technology may no longer be something you need to consider, but, in the meantime, if an arm or leg falls off go see your doctor!

9. What is probably the worst mistake that beginners make when starting out on an awareness journey?

Modifying their behavior and speech patterns to please whomever is facilitating an awareness process and/or to give the impression that they are doing what they judge is expected so as to show progress. This kind of pretense and flawed thinking is fatal, and is of itself a mechanism that generates ever more perverted thinking and denial, which will take the student further and further away from any chance of truly enhanced awareness. Anyone who modifies their thoughts and actions to curry favor in this awareness work will NEVER gain the observational skills and understanding necessary to move forward into greater awareness. Whenever I am engaged in a process with someone who chooses to insist on using and maintaining this kind of obfuscation I stop working with them immediately, although I may continue to remain socially gregarious and enjoy their company in non-awareness oriented situations.

10. What is possibly the most common mistake made by someone wanting to do this awareness work?

Arrogantly and/or smugly thinking that they understand and know all about awareness work, when in actuality they do not yet have a clear idea or useful clue; this is almost a universally encountered blunder by both the novice and, surprisingly, the advanced student alike. Almost everyone tries to relate my words and descriptions to what they already think they know and understand, rather than realize that this work is the opposite of what their mind has judged to be truth and knowledge. The act of trying to relate and push what is written in this web site into a form you already like, trust and judge to be valuable knowledge will completely defeat any possibility of getting the intended message. While my words may seem familiar and similar to other self-help processes what lies hidden is far from the norm. Instead of hoping to improve the scope and agility of the mind it is, instead, about undoing the mind and permanently resolving its insane creations, creations that most people love to imagine life to be all about. Since it is the mentality, with all of its prized and so-called wisdom and knowledge, that got you into the worldly mess that currently confronts you it ought to be obvious that some other approach is necessary to undo what the mind has done to itself and everything else. If you are going to do this work get used to not knowing, and to the idea of not-doing. People are generally habituated to constant doing, but when this trend is reversed, more and more appreciating and allowing oneself to not-do, periods of utter confusion and disorientation will become a recurring theme as the old mental structures gradually fracture, break apart, and shift into a new kind of reality.

11. How does your transformational work relate to what I know as kundalini energy?

The so-called kundalini energies take into account only one possible way that what I call the Will may or may not manifest itself. I refrain from using the term kundalini only because it is generally used to refer to certain very specifically defined phenomena, suggesting limits to what is otherwise unlimited. Thus, I choose to use the term "Will," which, at least to me, is unlimited and allows acceptance and recognition for all variant phenomena of a "magnetic," feeling nature. My intent has been to allow the Will and its various energetic manifestations and vast knowledge to be a practical and normal part of my everyday life; to be just as normal as using my separate but integrated mental aspect. This has meant dropping any mystical notions and ideas about the Will (or kundalini) and allowing these energies to intimately reintegrate with my mentality, thereby restoring a balance of feeling and mental power that serves me in increasingly wondrous and limitless ways. The Will is a very intelligent force, but its vast knowing and power can only be sensed, truly known and beneficially utilized during the time it is allowed to touch and integrate with the mental aspect, becoming an equal partner with the mental energies as was originally intended. But if the Will is prevented from "touching" the mentality, by whatever mental choice or system of choices, these mental forces inspire the Will to pull away, whereupon any awareness of its presence, knowledge or power vanishes immediately and completely. It will be as though parts and/or all of the Will aspect had never existed in the first place, although a vague memory of once having certain "magical" abilities might sometimes remain, but without any apparent way for the mentality to attain what has been lost. Recovering the experience of having a personal Will, along with the knowing power it provides, even when the person has deluded themselves into thinking that the Will does not exist, has been a major part of the awareness work I have been advocating and doing for myself.

12. Can you prove to me that this awareness stuff really works?

No, and I would be a fool to try and do so. If you truly want enhanced awareness it is up to you to find a way to get it, not for me to sell or push it on you. Everybody gets to experience their own choice for a reality. This is the magic of life. What you think, believe, and talk about is your constant prayer, and your choices (prayers) are what you get to experience as life, whether you choose to retain any awareness of your many choices, or not. If you want to think, for instance, that becoming more aware of yourself and your surroundings is dangerous you will then inevitably create that kind of "truth" and lifestyle for yourself. If you believe that becoming more aware will change nothing, that, then, will be your reality. You can choose to inspire vibrancy and joy, or misery and death. It is your choice. So what is there to prove? You will always be right, and me wrong, no matter what I say or do.

13. Why should I do awareness work if I must see and feel the stuff I don't like?

You do not have to do anything you do not want to do, including this awareness work. But by clearly seeing, feeling and understanding the unwanted aspects of yourself—which don't go away just because you dislike and refuse to pay attention to them—it is possible to allow the creative energies involved to evolve and release what they have been holding fixed. Once this kind of resolution and evolvement is allowed it then follows that you can permanently enjoy a new and more pleasant kind of life experience, thereby forever releasing the effects of past choices. Once an old choice and its creative consequences are truly and fully released it is as though it never existed at all, making it possible to literally undo the past. Releasing old imprinting not only allows past experiences to fall away, but it brings you more vitality and freedom with which to create new and much more pleasant experiences. Nonetheless, sometimes it seems like we must go through hell to get to heaven, but having to do so, although perhaps unpleasant for a period of time, does not make heaven any less wonderful or appealing.

14. Will doing awareness work help me make more money?

Like dealing with any self-imposed type of limitation, depravation, or poverty, having more awareness regarding how one prevents themselves from having an abundance of what it is they truly want cannot but help. But having more theoretical awareness by itself is not enough. There must also be a genuine willingness to deal with the causes behind a limitation once they become apparent, and then there must be a willingness to go and do whatever it takes to implement what has been learned, which means making changes in both one's thinking, attitudes, behavior and lifestyle. I have seen people ask for answers and then get them, but instead of using what they were given they instead stick to their relatively comfortable old habits, fearing and running away from the very solutions that would have brought them the abundance they originally said they wanted. It is one thing to talk about what you want, which is safe and about all most people ever do, while it is entirely another to actually take action and do what it takes to allow yourself to have it.

15. My marriage (or relationship) is breaking apart. Will awareness work help keep it together?

Possibly, if that is what the both of you genuinely desire. But what about hidden agendas and motives that exist between the two of you? You know, all that nasty stuff, the unexpressed thoughts and feelings you keep hidden and fear talking about or admitting to yourself or anyone else. It is possible that you will discover a buried intent to get out of the marriage or relationship. So, awareness work could bring about the mending or termination of the relationship, but more likely its end. This is especially so if you should come to realize that it is actually an unpleasant and unwanted partnership, but that you are perhaps still attempting to justify and pretend it to be something desirable and good. It is a pretty sure bet that whenever you use awareness work to try and fix something or someone else you can be fairly certain that things will not turn out as you originally hoped. My advice: If you want to maintain a facade composed of happy pretenses do not do this or any other kind of awareness work.

16. My friend really needs help getting himself together. Will awareness work help?

Oh, it will definitely help do something, but exactly what is anybody's guess. Never do awareness work in order to fix anybody else, a mate, a friend or business associate, hoping to make them behave or live in a way you judge to be better or more to your liking. They will probably forever resist and fight off your meddlesome attempts to fix, which should come as no surprise to anyone who is aware, since the person you judge as needing fixing must reflect back to you your own attitudes. behavior, and lack of acceptance for whatever it is you perceive you see in them. Thus, it is you that needs the fixing, not the person reflecting it to you.

Instead of trying to fix someone, notice how you do the very thing you perceive as wrong or annoying in the other person, and deal with what you see reflected within yourself. You can't perceive anything in another person that is not already in you. The other person is just your mirror, and, as you may have already discovered, you cannot fix the reflection you see in a mirror, only the source of the reflection can be changed, which is you. So pay attention to yourself and leave other people alone. The people around you will change miraculously as you do, or, if they choose to remain unchanged, they will appropriately move away if you will let them do so. As you evolve yourself let life freely rearrange itself without your interference, so it can then accurately accommodate and reflect the changes you have made to yourself.

17. Do you use or recommend mind altering drugs in the awareness work you do?

Never, because the idea behind this awareness work is to see and feel everything as clearly and soberly as possible, without deadening, masking or artificially stimulating one aspect of the self over any other. Moreover, while under the influence of drugs, either medical or recreational, it is easily possible to initiate choices and denials that can be very difficult to find and undo later. Body traumas while under anesthesia, for instance, can be exceptionally difficult to resolve, since the mentality cannot easily connect to and/or understand the pain or induced disfigurement of the body, since it was literally not present at the time of the trauma. So, I tend to eschew the use of all drugs, although I might use such if seriously injured, for instance, or if my physical survival depended upon it due to some otherwise un-resolved serious medical reason.

18. How can I quiet my mind, so that I can begin to see what's going on inside?

Many practices try to force or deny the mind into being quiet, oftentimes through the technique of apparent meditation. I do not recommend the usual spiritual tactics of cajoling, forcing and/or pretending, nor do I practice meditation in the traditional way. I can easily be in what many people would call a state of deep meditation while conducting my daily activities, such as while writing the text in this very paragraph. The method I and some of my awareness friends heartily recommend for quieting the minds is to genuinely accept and love it, never to deny any part of it, welcoming the noise and the various self-imposed defenses that it represents. Doing it this way has allowed us to closely observe and then deal with the individual reasons behind why the mind judges that it must be active and noisily mask what might otherwise be clearly visible and obvious. It is my experience that a busy mind is a defensive mind that is continually trying to obfuscate some inner reality aspect that is not appreciated or liked, using noisy chatter as the defense, so as to keep it unobserved and safe from outside attack. But once these mental defenses are understood and resolved the noise abates of its own accord, and the mind remains effortlessly still and open to deeper examination and honest evolution and change.

19. I am attracted to someone, but I cannot get them to show me the love or respect I want back. Will this awareness work help me get what I want?

Look at a person you are attracted to as a reflection of yourself. If they are not loving you then you are not loving yourself, or at the least you are not loving some aspect of yourself, which this person reflectively represents. Attractions are what brings into focus the perfect awareness lesson. If you do not love yourself you will naturally attract people into your life that do not really love you, and maybe themselves, too, giving you the perfect reflection of yourself. Stop trying to manipulate the situation, which must then reflect how you hope to manipulate parts of yourself and other people, trying to force them to be the way you demand. Instead, start loving and respecting all parts of yourself, and then see what happens. As you resolve the issues at hand you may suddenly loose any attraction to this person, which then allows someone new and more suitable to flow into your life. Or this person may suddenly change of their own volition, truly becoming your heart's desire and in return lavishing you with the love you have always wanted, to the exact degree you have come to love and respect yourself. If this is what happens, great! But if the old person need go away, with no one waiting to take their place, do not get in the way. Never resist the ebb and flow of life. Take up each new lesson as reflected by whomever comes into your life, and then let go and let the magic happen.

20. If this stuff has any useful value why are you giving it away for free?

Who would buy it? As the celebrity Cher reportedly once quipped: "If beauty came in a bottle everyone would have it." This awareness work is similar to true inner and outer beauty, in that it does not come in a bottle. It is unique to each person, and you must expend some real effort to discover and then utilize its benefits. For someone to be motivated to buy something new they must first perceive some kind of benefit to do so. Are you willing to expend the time and effort to discover what benefits might lay hidden in this awareness work? Probably not. I can count the people on one hand who have had the gumption necessary to actually take the time to truly begin understanding this work, and then make practical use of some small bit of what I have written or said. Thus, because of the self-motivation and effort required to get anywhere I have generally been unable to give it away, and so why waste time trying to sell it? Moreover, selling it tends to confer a degree of responsibility or obligation on my part to someone who may or may not be able to ever comprehend the paradoxes involved in this kind of inner work. For this reason, along with others, this material is intentionally not advertised, promoted, sold, nor made very easy to find. If you are somehow inexplicably led to this material by your own doing then it might be something for you to look into, but statistically probably not.

21. Isn't this just another one of those cult things?

There are multiple definitions for cult, but the one that probably most fits your question is this one: "A religion or religious sect generally considered to be extremist or false, with its followers often living in an unconventional manner under the guidance of an authoritarian, charismatic leader." As for religion, here is a simple, common definition for it: "Belief in and reverence for a supernatural power or powers regarded as creator and governor of the universe."

To begin, this awareness work does not fit the definition of religion; there is no dependence or reliance on any kind of external deity, mysterious aliens, apparitions, or some kind of earth bound celebrity. If there is a deity involved, it would be you, a fragment of a once more parental source. For this work there is no one outside of yourself in which to put faith in or to worship, if you can learn to love and trust yourself that completely. Put another way, there is no authoritarian or charismatic hero here to tell you what to do, or to hold your hand and issue soothing commands that you are supposed to dogmatically follow. This work is not about having helpless and blind followers and/or clones of some self-professed personality. If you want that kind of stuff please go away! There are plenty of opportunities for this kind of silliness elsewhere. This work is about the individual discovering him or herself, standing on his or her own two feet, and to do so by expanding and perfecting their own personal awareness and competency in their own unique way. The tools of awareness offered are perhaps one way to accomplish this kind of feat. In my view, as the author of this particular awareness work, doggish followers are a burden and of no use or benefit to me whatsoever; they making themselves into nothing but a parasitic lump that sucks off my or someone else's energy, all the while contributing nothing new or of value. If you do not want to be your own person and contribute to the mutual overall process of personal evolution and transformation this awareness work is definitely not for you.

22. Isn't this just another variation of the old spirituality theme?

Spirituality, as the name implies, deals with the Spirit mentality and what it, the mental aspect, wants to believe, perceive, pretend, desire and insist as valuable, factual, and true. Spirituality puts the mental aspect high at the top end of the scale, it trying to purify itself by arrogantly casting aside everything it judges negative and less able and worthy than itself. It seeks to see itself, if and when properly cleansed, as the only supreme and positive force in existence, while castigating and wanting to rid itself of all so-called "negatives," which includes the "lower" physical and "animalistic" energies, that it hopes to rise above by ascending into some kind of spiritually oriented tranquility and bliss, high up and above all that is disliked and unwanted. If I have ignorantly done something to mislead you into thinking that spirituality is what I or this awareness work is about I offer my sincerely apology, because this work is almost the complete opposite of this old and very timeworn approach. It does not exalt the mental aspect, nor does it assail or deny it. This work is about bringing ALL energies, no matter whether judged negative or positive, back into one loving interaction, a state of wholeness (i.e., holiness), thereby eventually resolving all that is unpleasant and not liked. It is not about hope, faith, pretense, or denial. No energy is deemed either positive or negative, because energy is just energy; everything is made up of the same energy stuff, although it may be motivated to express itself in various and different ways. If some of it is motivated to express in ways that are not experienced as joyful, the trick, then, is to evolve one's awareness to such an extent that the underlying causes and motivation can be clearly seen, felt, accepted, touched and permanently resolved and released, thereby forever freeing and eliminating the reasons behind a certain unpleasant manifestation. This work is about you and me returning to the god-like heritage that lies withered but still alive within us, and to do so by evolving all of ourselves in tandem. This must include the feeling and physical aspect, right along with the mental aspect, so that all parts of ourselves are functioning as equals and in perfect harmony. This, then, plays out as Heart, or what some people might refer to as Christ Consciousness. So, if you just want to enjoy your mental aspect alone, by excluding all else that is feared, disliked, condemned, or misunderstood, this work is not for you, and, as such, you will rightfully fear it and not like it or what it entails one little bit.

23. I've read and re-read some of your writing and it just does not seem to penetrate.

This is a common grievance, and it is easy to explain, but perhaps difficult at this time for you to comprehend in any useful way. But, here goes:

(1) This awareness material will tend to be disruptive of any currently valued mental structures and so the mentality will resist it, such as by making you groggy or putting you to sleep, bringing about a myriad of happy distractions, or commonly to simply refuse to "see" and comprehend anything written or heard. When resistance occurs you may "read" the words, but nothing useful or permanent will penetrate or stick. One determined beginning (and now advanced) student resorted to forcing himself to read a sentence over and over again until his mentality finally gave up resisting and took it in and made sense of it.

(2) In most people the mentality typically drives any communication, but in the case of this awareness material in order to get its full meaning and benefit the mentality need take a different tack. Instead of the mental aspect completely driving the communication it must instead become the Will integrated receptor that deciphers upwelling feeling messages from the Will aspect. Thus, if you do not have sufficient Will presence and integration with your mentality the majority of my awareness oriented writings will more than likely elude you more or less completely. They absolutely require that the reader have an active Will aspect working in tandem with the mental aspect in order to see, feel, and interpret the full message, otherwise it will not be seen nor can it "penetrate" as intended. I have and use several basic writing styles: (a) If I am writing legalese, for instance, it tends to be driven by a carefully logical and calculating mind. (b) If I am writing casually to amuse myself it tends to come from a slightly whimsical mentality coupled with a Will response, which means that many mentally oriented people will probably not easily relate to and possibly even abhor my humor, as there will be no attempt to make it conform to political correctness. (c) When writing about awareness stuff the subject matter and knowing tends to rise up from the gut and then undergo a transformation into words through an integrated and understanding mentality. The upshot here is this: Until and unless you find a way to recover enough Will presence and integration most of what I write will not make good sense.

24. Can this awareness work help me predict the future?

Well, yes and no. Yes, in the sense that if someone truly engages this work it will sooner or later allow the person to open up normally unrealized capabilities, the person becoming much more sensitive to everything, whether inside or out. This includes subtle mental and previously unrecognizable insights, as well as Will generated feeling impulses, either of which could easily be construed as representative of a precognitive outcome. But, no, in the sense that this work is not specifically intended nor geared to promote or limit itself to possibly predictive cognitions or the mechanisms lying behind them.

Many people seem to have what could be termed predictive or precognitive mental flashes and/or images. This is not a surprise, since most people tend to be mentally oriented. However, to enjoy what might be termed a precognitive Will “knowing” requires much more than just a mentality predisposed to psychic or metaphysical phenomenon. And, it ought to be pointed out, that because it is the Will's power that will energize and birth a manifest outer reality outcome, any predictive Will "knowings" tend to be accurate harbingers of future happenings. But for someone to enjoy Will "knowings" requires a substantial and integrated Will presence. Some people may have relatively weak “gut” feelings perhaps warning about some future event, but these relatively subtle feeling tinges are not at all representative of what I mean here when I refer to true Will “knowings.”

But whatever the case, always keep in mind that any precognitive impulse probably represents nothing more than one of many possible future outcomes. Any and all single or mob choices that may ultimately lead to a predictive outcome are always subject to change and termination depending upon unanticipated circumstances, no matter how strong and definite a particular choice or set of choices might seem to be at some specific point in time. Notwithstanding the above, one reason precognitive predictions tend to work is simply because all of the people involved in any particular scenario usually do not, or will not change their choices and/or habits, that is, unless some strong "black swan" event overrides and forces some sort of unexpected change. This tendency toward a fixed mental rigidity tends to perpetuate and continuously strengthen the underlying mechanisms that would, if left unaltered, sooner or later bring about the likelihood of a particular predictive outcome.

25. Do you suggest any books to read that might be helpful?

Yes, certainly! Go to a popular metaphysical book store, such as the Bodhi Tree Bookstore, in Los Angeles, and get a big handful of metaphysically oriented books, and read them all--cover to cover! Decide what bits of each feel right for you and what does not, and then go get another big batch of books and do the same--read every word! Keep on repeating this pattern until you can no longer force yourself to read or hear one more word on the subject. Now, finally, you might be ready to actually learn something extraordinarily useful, and also give up scrounging for answers outside of yourself.

As an example, back about 1982, when I was attending a World Healing Center seminar near San Diego, California, a pretty woman who I had never met before walked up to me and handed me a piece of paper with a name and telephone number scrawled on it. I asked what this was about and the woman replied: "She will tell you who you are!" With that said, the woman turned and walked away. Once back home, after the seminar had ended, I telephoned the number scribbled on the scrap of paper. An elderly lady, whom I shall never forget, answered and abruptly stated that she was booked up for the next two months. Disappointed, I told her the story of how I got her number and that the woman told the that "you would tell me who I am." The lady paused, oh, then, someone has just canceled for Thursday morning leaving an opening. Do you want it? As you might have already guessed, I was eagerly standing at the front door of her home at the appointed time. And she did, indeed, tell me who and what I am, although at the time I was still too unaware and too stuck in trying to be a good human to comprehend or truly appreciate the enormity of what was said and revealed, let alone what was inferred. To further my awakening and studies she gave me a long list of suggested books to read. When I got back home I mailed the list of some 156 books to the Bodhi Tree Bookstore, along with a note to order the books and telephone me on the cost. Within about two weeks time two heavy boxes stuffed with books arrived at my door. I read them all. Some seemed like boring mush to me, others were filled with fanciful ideas and notions about Star Children, or what it meant to be Spiritual, still others promoted the idea that we were holy angelic beings filled to the brim with love and light, some promoted flitting about the heavens via out-of-body excursions, but none of them satisfied my growing hunger to become more aware and know the so-called unknowable. Awareness and emerging Will feelings were stretching and yawning awake inside me in anticipation of something far greater and much more tangible than all those pretty sounding book words could ever hope to supply. Today such books are of no interest to me whatsoever, but I can definitely vouch for the fact that I would not be anywhere close to where I am today if it was not for those long ago intriguing boxes of books. I became so utterly exhausted that I gave up searching outside, and finally began looking for the real answers inside. Giving up and letting go was the unintended value of all that reading.

26. Why don’t you have audio and video presentations like some of the other spiritual sites?

First and foremost, please keep in mind that this is not a spiritual web site. If you are looking for pure spirituality I advise you to go elsewhere. Spirituality refers to that of the Spirit, i.e., the mentality, and specifically spiritually oriented people tend to focus on and worship only that part of the mentality judged to be pure, worthy and whatever else suits their circumspect idea of light and love, while tending to leave out the Will aspect entirely. As to media presentations, I am willing to share my writings to whomever chooses to find them, but I have purposely shied away from making splashy presentations, or designing media to pull people in with fancy and colorful lead-ins. There is a purpose behind this apparent lack of regard for modern advertising and marketing methods. In this instance I feel that everyone is better served when visitors to this web site are relieved of any overt visual or aural attempts at manipulation or coercion. If you are attracted to this material you will draw yourself to and into it naturally. Moreover, I prefer living in the background, where nobody recognizes my voice or appearance. Going about unnoticed is very useful, and it allows me to observe and learn unhindered, without anyone paying attention to me and/or interfering with my freedom of movement.

27. Why does this awareness stuff have to be so complex?

It may seem impossibly difficult to initially comprehend and/or put to use, but it is neither difficult or complex, and once you understand it the whole subject will seem to be absurdly simple, easy, logical, and obvious. Most people, however, do their absolute best to turn anything that can be simple into something so devastatingly complex that it is utterly incomprehensible, this awareness work being no exception. The solution to the self-generated complexity problem is usually equally difficult for most people; stop thinking and just observe what would otherwise be clearly obvious!

28. Why don’t you write more about how diet, clean air and water and other environmental factors are important to the awareness process?

Many, many people have adequately covered the topic of air, water and environmental pollution, diet, herbs and the problems associated with ingesting processed and artificial foods, drinks, drugs and other substances whether by mouth or contact with the skin. Rather than duplicate their exemplary effort and work I have chosen to focus my writing on what I do, love, and know best, which is the awareness process and the recovery of the “lost” self. But to put a point to this answer, without incrementally and eventually giving oneself over to fresh foods, sun-ripened fruits, herbs, vegetables, clean water, air and sunlight, reconnecting to nature and community (and the peace and tranquility that goes along with it), the awareness process of and by itself will probably be a somewhat fruitless exercise in futility. A polluted body and environment is a reflection of a polluted mentality, and a self-generated condition that is exceedingly destructive to the overall sensitivity and clearness of mind and body necessary to achieve the enhanced awareness mandatory for success with this awareness work. Consequently, ALL of the aforementioned things are important adjuncts to this work, whether I harp about them, or not.

29. What books and resources do you use to help you write about the awareness process?

The material presented on behalf of this awareness work is self-revealed. It is NOT the product of intellectual research and/or study. It is an organic and intuitive process of self-discovery, and not something that can be foretold and/or generated in any strictly intellectual or studied way. Moreover, the process of revelation is usually not logical or orderly in the ordinary sense. That said, before the actualization of what was to eventually be known as this awareness work (which began to be recognized as such by the late 1980s) I had read numerous metaphysically oriented books that had been recommended to me by various people, probably something on the order of 170 of them. However, I soon outgrew those “spiritually” oriented books, becoming increasingly thirsty for something much more profound and, at the same time, useful in a practical everyday way. This quest was the genesis of an awareness recovery adventure that quickly escalated into something far beyond anything that I had anticipated, automatically taking on its own form and style of what might be called self-revelation. As such, if there is any similarity to various metaphysically oriented books and the spiritual ideas expounded by others it is more or less accidental and unintended, although anyone who seeks knowledge through self-enlightenment may naturally espouse some of the same general ideas and/or concepts, although in their own words and style. This is a logical outcome, because if knowledge comes from the same internal, universal fountain there will inevitably be some degree of correspondence.