Self-Empowerment Using
Awareness Recovery Techniques

for the Self-Enabled Recovery of Lost Personal Love and Power

There are clear and obvious reasons for everything, although any particular reason may be temporarily "unseen" due to one's own unawareness. Fortunately, however, by taking steps to recover one's "lost" personal power (which means recovering both lost portions of the mentality and the equally important companion polarity referred to herein as the Will) any of the so-called mysteries of life can easily be recognized, realized, felt, and usefully understood. If and when this kind of awareness recovery goal is begun one's personal power gradually returns, whereupon a heartfelt knowing understanding of the basic and underlying mechanics of consciousness that govern everything become increasingly evident. Such a recovery is a step by step process, which allows one to gradually return to the joyful place of omnipotent glory that is our rightful condition and heritage.

However, successfully obtaining that which has perhaps never before been achieved can be time consuming as well as frustratingly difficult, especially in the beginning stages for anyone contemplating esoteric and largely intangible inner reality work. Probably the first major and nearly impassable obstacle to achieving any degree of success in this work is this: Most people almost universally insist on relating what is written herein to what they already think they know as belief, fact, or truth, rather than open themselves to the experience of discovering what is, for practical purposes, radically new and under normal circumstances totally unknowable.

"It is impossible for a man to learn what he thinks he already knows." --Epictetus. This is one of the unavoidable problem facing anyone interested in doing true inner reality awareness work--they like to think and insist that they understand while they never do.

"Until one is committed, there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back, always ineffectiveness. Concerning all acts and initiative (and creation), there is one elementary truth (the ignorance of which kills countless ideas and splendid plans). That is the moment one definitely commits oneself, then Providence moves too. All sorts of things occur to help one that would have never otherwise occurred. A whole stream of events issues from the decision, raising in one's favor all manner of unforeseen incidents and meetings and material assistance which no person could have dreamed would have come his way. Whatever you can do, or dream you can begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic to it. Begin it now." --Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.

Getting Started

"As you believe, so shall it be done unto you." This quote is supposedly attributed to Jesus, and I agree with it whole-heartedly, having learned this same "truth" over and over again through my own experience. This is precisely the reason this particular style of awareness work came into being: I did not like what was being done unto me! Or, perhaps more correctly, I did not like what I was somehow doing unto myself. So, I asked to be illumined, and then learn to understand and apply in practical ways the underlying and fundamental mechanics of consciousness as they were and continue to be revealed to me. Moreover, I intended to use what I learned in a way that brought about genuine everlasting results for me or anyone else who dared to use what was revealed. For myself, in Spirit, mind, and body, I literally pleaded and craved for a new way of living that transcended anything I had yet seen or experienced on Earth, and I yearned for this so much so that a burning passion vibrated in my gut. Eternal joy and wholeness is what I was seeking, and not just a pretended or imagined one, but for these revered qualities to be the basis and actuality of a glorious day to day reality that included not only my Spirit (or mental) aspect, but my physical body, too, all together happily playing out a new story in the vast outer realty realm that surrounded me.

Just settling for some kind of powerless mental dream, essentially an imagined or pretended reality with no real happiness and joy, while the world around me seemed to be filled with misery and tottering on the brink of disaster, was not good enough for me. I wanted a life experience where the physical realm could happily join in with what my mentality desired, and be a real companion in the overall joy of life I believed was possible, although, at the time, I did not yet know how to achieve in any deep and lasting way. In the long run, however, anything less than a fully joyful inner and outer reality life would not do. Thus, what I yearned for was a way to actually evolve myself, both mentally and physically, by doing whatever might be necessary to create and establish an eternally festive and blissful kind of reality, one devoid of misery, toil, illness, and ultimately a rotting death, something normally thought to be unattainable on Earth. So it was, rather than just have something that looked temporarily pretty on the outside, but essentially putrid inside, I wanted to discover and evolve a methodology that really worked wonders, and that required no faked pretense or denial to achieve my lofty goals. To attain this possibly impossible end I was willing to let go of any and all entrenched beliefs and ideas I held as important or as truths, as well as the mental demands and rigidity these ideas foisted upon me, and diligently get to the task of cleaning-up and resolving the tangled matrix of old judgmental concepts and decisions that littered my mentality. This meant looking at and understanding what might otherwise seem inscrutably difficult, intimately feeling everything, and then dealing with everything inside myself, including what I currently thought of as absolute truths and laws, so that I could sooner or later resolve and release all those old, timeworn ideas and beliefs, i.e., old judgmental notions that did not serve to create the kind of new reality I now envisioned and eagerly sought.

But actually getting myself started and then successfully be able to consistently move methodically toward this kind of new and visionary goal, as I quickly discovered, is far easier said than done. Nothing I had yet learned, believed, and thought I truly understood had gotten me close to the kind of exalted and majestic lifestyle that appealed to me. If anything, i realized that my precious academic training and other acquired earthbound knowledge had actually gotten me further away from this kind of attainment, because, as I was to find out, what I was holding in my mind as truth and actuality was precisely the kind of thing that had been, and still was, quelling, stopping, and holding away the joyously magical and powerful life I now sought. All this mental stuff I had been thinking was necessary and so valuable, and that I had been accumulating for countless lifetimes and for a myriad of good sounding reasons, is what had gotten me to where I was today, which was more an earthly hell than anything close to the kind of heaven I was wanting to find and enjoy. So, what next? What was I to do? I chose to move forward, albeit blindly at first, in what might in hindsight be called a stumbling along journey of revelation, a step-by-step process whereby the so-called secrets of life were gradually revealed to me as soon as I was prepared to accept and assimilate them. That same journey of discovery goes on to this day, but my experience of life today is nothing like it was when I took my first feeble steps toward real enlightenment. I cannot go back to who and what I was, because I cannot un-know what I have come to know, appreciate, and love about life. But, then, I have no desire to go back to what I have purposely resolved and happily left behind. It is this trail of discovery that is shared in these web pages.

A Simpleton's Explanation of this Awareness Work
by Rich Irwin

Note: Numerous fortuitous events in my life have allowed me the benefit of living in close physical proximity to Terry Hathaway since the beginning of our friendship. I have not known the experience of attempting to learn or apply these awareness tools without the benefit of direct, personal communication with him. Therefore, although the following is an attempt at aiding initiates in understanding this work, it is very likely not detailed or descriptive enough to provide someone the ability to successfully do it on their own.

Over the 15+ years that I have been involved in this work I have had many conversations with people attempting to explain what exactly this awareness work is all about and why I am doing it. More often than not, people seem to have a difficult time grasping the big picture. What exactly is this stuff? What is the purpose for doing it? How could it benefit me? What level of commitment is necessary? How do you actually do it? The purpose of this writing is to answer these questions as clearly and concisely as I am currently able.

What is This Work About and How Can it Benefit You?

First, I believe it is necessary to clearly state what this work is most definitely not. This is not a religion. It is not a cult. It is not about you programming your mind with someone else’s beliefs or ideas about what they think life is supposed to be. It is not a system or structure by which you are coerced or manipulated to see and live life a certain way in order to be a “good” person. Nobody here is going to tell you how you are supposed to live. We are not looking to be gurus. We don’t want you to be our followers. The most we can or will ever do for someone is to be a guide as long as may be desired.

I feel that the best way to clarify what this work is and why we are doing it is to present the big picture first. If all that Terry has written is likened to pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, then my intent here is to provide the box cover… a complete picture overview so that you may have a better idea of how and where the pieces fit.

The primary piece of information that gives purpose and meaning to everything else written on these pages is also very likely to be the most difficult for people to accept. The benefit of providing this early and bluntly is that if one chooses to not accept it then there is absolutely no reason to read any further. You can go happily on your way without spending any more time here. So, without further delay, here is the driving force behind why we do this work:

You are the creator, the “god,” of your world, your life, your experience of every moment of your being. I am not writing metaphorically here. Do not go searching for a hidden message or understanding. I mean very literally that you are the omnipotent god whose existence you have been wondering about, believing in or maybe doubting. The purpose of this awareness work is to provide the tools necessary for regaining our full awareness and experience of our holy, majestic, godly power.

For those who may wish to debate anything written on these pages, do yourself a big favor and save your time and energy. Any argument you may try to present to me will be met with silence. I have no interest in debating or trying to convince you of anything. Nor do I desire to infringe upon your own Free Will to have life exactly as you want it, even if your chosen lifestyle looks to me to be the most miserable experience imaginable. Even if I did choose to enter into debate with you, there is no way for me to win you over. A person who wants to prove me wrong already has their mind made up. A closed or "made up" mind is one that will never know the possibilities that exist, because the person who chooses to see things a certain way will manifest an outer reality experience that coincides, and will, by their own choice, have shut out everything else that could show them an alternative. If you refuse to acknowledge yourself as the creator of all that you experience then you make yourself powerless to change anything, and you will have locked yourself into an experience of self-inspired powerlessness. It’s pretty ironic actually. You are and have been using the vast majority of your godly power to keep yourself from being aware of your godly power! The only way you will ever come to know this is to open your mind to the possibility of it and then pay attention to all of the signs that life gives you on a daily basis, which are all attempts to help you get your power back if you understand how to see and use them. My openness and desire to be enlightened has led me to experience all the proof I need to keep me on this path. If you also want proof that this stuff works then be open to it. The only way you will attain any semblance of proof is to step up and do this awareness work for yourself. Like everything else about this recovery work, nobody can do it for you, even if they wanted to--and oh, how I've tried, and to no avail!

To do this work is to go on the ultimate journey of understanding and reclaiming our lost selves. We were once gods, in all the ways you can imagine a god to be and more. If you have no recollection of this it is not surprising. We have been working for lifetimes to forget who we are. As a matter of fact, for most people, every moment of their lives doing whatever it is that they do is nothing more than a diversion to keep them from seeing and feeling this one simple fact. It is no coincidence that the one thing people spend the vast majority of their lives doing is referred to as "business", i.e., busy-ness. You could very well kick off your awareness journey by pondering deeply why this is. If we weren't keeping ourselves so occupied with "busi-ness," what might we be doing instead? And what might we be trying to hide from by keeping ourselves so busy?

In order to start doing this work you are not required or expected to understand how it is that you are a god, only to accept the possibility of it as an actuality. Acceptance is the first step, which can eventually lead you to understanding the mechanics of the fundamental energies behind absolutely everything in life. There are no real mysteries. Everything is understandable if you know how to see and feel, and if you are willing to relax your mental ideas of what life "is," what "truth" is, and what is "real." (Here is a hint: It is entirely up to you.) Free your mind and the rest will follow!

What Might Be Required to do This Kind of Work?

So, now I'll move on to tell you simply and briefly what is likely to be required of you in case someday you want to truly understand this work:

To put it in a nutshell, if you want Creation to open up its secrets to you and share the magic and power that it has to offer then I think it's safe to say that you must be fully and completely open and dedicated to it. And, not only that, you must trust its guiding hand completely without knowing ahead of time what the process might involve. And, you must have a genuine, honest desire for it because Creation knows if you do and will reveal nothing to you without it.

To wrap this whole thing up, I'll answer the above questions in the clearest way I know to do now. If, after reading, you are unsatisfied with my answers and want more... come and get it. But, you had better be absolutely certain you want it. There is a point of no return that occurs and if you go past that point and then decide to stop you won't be able to. Once you get to a certain threshold point the process becomes ingrained in you, and you end up on autopilot with Creation steering the way. Once you get that far there can be no turning back to your old lifestyle. Period. Of course, if you were to actually get to that point you probably would not want to stop anyway. Once I got there I wanted it more than ever.

What Exactly is this Stuff?

This stuff contains the tools to help someone find their path back to LIFE! On a universal scale you are nowhere near your full potential of life. You are very near your full potential of death. Practically everything you think you know about life is exactly the opposite of life. Practically everything you know is about DEATH. How do I know this? Two simple reasons: First, I used to be a "normal" human being. Just an ordinary guy living an ordinary life, so I have that experience to compare to the life and knowledge that I have now. Secondly, every human being is as alive as they are going to be at their time of birth. It is all downhill from there. That can't be too difficult for you to understand. What people refer to as "life" is not life at all. The process that you call life ends in death, which means that it is not a process of life, it is a process of death. Most every choice a person makes from the time of their birth to the time of their death accumulates in their minds and their bodies. The body reflects this as what people like to call "aging." When this process of judgment accumulation/body degradation reaches what might be considered as a sort of "critical mass," the body can no longer support itself and the Spirit lifts out of the body, which is what people commonly refer to as "death." Death is a lifelong process, not a singular momentous event at the end of life.

What is the Purpose for Doing Awareness Work?

Generally speaking, it can be used to make anything in your life that is unpleasant, pleasant. From a macro perspective, its purpose is for you to attain your rightful, godly heritage. More simply put, the purpose of this work is provide you with a way of attaining your goals, or even an eternally youthful life, unlimited power and the abundance that goes with it, and to do so with a holy reverence for everything—forever.

How Could it Benefit Me?

If you cannot answer this yourself at this point, then close this site now and forget you ever saw it. It is most definitely not for you.

What Level of Commitment is Necessary?

Whatever you put into this is what you can expect to get out of it. I have quite often heard from people that this work sounds all well and good, but they don't have the time to do it, as if awareness work is something you need to schedule between work, soccer practice, and dinner. This work is nothing but a collection of tools that you learn to apply to your life. These tools give you the ability to see life in a different way than you are accustomed to. They help you to not only change your perception of life from one of seeing outer reality as real, solid, fixed, and one that you are powerless to change, into one of beauty and power, but they also show you how to change it as if by magic.

How Do You Actually Do It?

Ask and you shall receive. It is that simple. Know what you want, state it to Creation as clearly and passionately as you can and do it often. Then you watch and see what life brings. If it brings you the opposite of what you asked then that means you need to resolve old choices that go against your new ones before the new choices can be made manifest. All of your old choices are somewhere within your mind, even if you cannot see them or remember them. So you look inside and ask for the choices to reveal themselves to you. It may take a long time to get it, but that is how you do it. The irony here is that Creation has been giving you everything you have always wanted, while you have blinded yourself from seeing the reason why you have been getting what you got. You have always had the power to have life exactly as you have dreamed it, but have instead used that power to make it the way it is right now.

Creation ALWAYS gives you what you ask for. It does not matter if you have lost your ability to understand how it does this. You are given experiences based upon choices you are aware of or not. Like a computer program, old choices you make continue to run in the background until you cancel them. You can deprogram your mind basically the same way you can a computer hard drive. The problem with the vast majority of people now is that they have no more free space left on their "hard drives" and they are all full of the same general information... and it is running in a loop. Although the specifics of each person's program gives them different specific experiences, if you generalize them they are all very similar. Don't believe me? Well, look at your life. Look at the lives of the people on this planet. It does not matter who it is or where on the planet they live, we all do the exact same thing: Birth, school, job, marriage, kids, grandkids and death. Sprinkle in eating, sleeping, shitting, some form of religion for some, a LOT of drama and various forms of recreation and you have any human being on this planet.


So, there you have it. If, after reading this, you still feel the desire to continue the tools await you. Terry and I have spent a lot of time and effort to share our experiences on this web site, yet no one else that we know of has yet begun to comprehend what it all means and how to use it successfully. So if you get discouraged, remember this: Anything that is worth it is worth the effort. As I have heard Terry say many times, "It took us eons of time to get to this state of powerlessness and denial. If it takes you even a decade to begin to understand what is on these pages, isn't that quite a tremendous accomplishment?"

Rich Irwin
December 4, 2010

What Kind of People are Drawn to this Awareness Work?

Generally speaking, only individuals fundamentally unfulfilled and unhappy with their lot in life, and who have an intuitive and underlying suspicion that things could be otherwise, but who cannot seem to come to grips as to exactly how to permanently resolve their situation and what deeply troubles them, seek out this kind of inner reality work. It is one thing to dream and pray about fundamental change, but it is quite another to actually achieve everlasting results that you can physically see, touch, taste, and feel, as well as fully love and enjoy without pretending that things are better then they actually are, while underneath the soul continues to fester and rot in spite of one's best efforts. Having to first reach such a desperate state of affairs tends to make this awareness work the choice of last resort, when all else has failed and the person is desperate and finally open to any kind of potential help.

Perhaps unfortunately, most people will never expend the effort nor meet the challenges inherent in doing this kind of truly transformational work. Moreover, most people seem to abhor real introspection and any kind of significant lifestyle change, preferring instead to maintain their status-quo for whatever reasons, regardless of any long term detrimental or unpleasant results. If you are like the majority of people you will read a bit here and then quickly lose interest and go on your way, never taking the time necessary to discover what secrets lay hidden in my words and phrases. But such an act of withdrawal in and of itself indicates a fairly high degree of awareness, whereupon at some deep level, perhaps slightly beyond your normal waking awareness, there is a sense of disinterest, discomfort or fear, a signal that this work would bring about knowledge and change that you do not want to know about or accept. If this is the case, so be it, and, as such, you may be wise to go away and simply go on amusing yourself with the normal trivia and daily business of an earthbound life.

Another thing that very quickly scares most people away is that this awareness work knows no bounds, and literally thrives on diving deep into areas of the mentality, feelings, and overall consciousness that tends to scare the bejesus out of anyone who limits their scope of introspection to what has been spiritually and/or religiously deemed acceptable. To put it mildly, genuinely engaging in this awareness work can and will turn everything you think you know and believe upside down, and for good reason. If you want genuine change you must be willing to look at and transform and/or evolve anything that causes a part of yourself to wither and die in pain, due to things such as pretense, neglect, misunderstanding, judgmental inhibition, denial, or a host of other reasons. Thus, it is generally the person who is really hurting inside and out who finally musters up the courage and motivation to engage this unusual kind of self-help work, perhaps as a desperate last resort. In contrast, most people do not hurt enough, usually because they have so thoroughly and deliberately numbed and deadened themselves that they cannot feel, and so they are unmotivated and unwilling to exert the kind of effort necessary to discover what is really going on inside themselves, and why. They are not willing to actually remove the mask of pretense that hides what is not liked, tolerated, and/or feared. Consequently, they do not want this kind of inner work, and the odds are that this category of person includes you, too--unless you are the rare and fearless hero who wants to know the "unknowable" and is undaunted by the cherished triviality and foibles holding back the majority of humankind.

Start Doing the Opposite to Get What You Really Want

It is almost an invariable axiom that people will generally always do the exact thing necessary to exacerbate the very problem they claim to dislike and complain about, with a long term result that defeats any slight original hope and desire for improvement. That this kind of reversal of stated intent will occur is almost guaranteed; virtually a sure bet. One obvious instance of this kind of utterly destructive behavior took place in the 14th century, which is an instance that amply demonstrates the ignorance and absurdity (in retrospect) required by this kind of wholly predictable and pernicious behavior:

During the dark days when the infamous black plague swept over Europe somewhere between half and three-quarters of the population supposedly died as a result of this dreadful disease. People lived in sheer terror of succumbing to it, and, naturally, a major preoccupation of the day was to find a cure. Looking back from today's perspective an observer might well be horrified and aghast at the rampant ignorance that pervaded everyone's sensibilities. Nonetheless, at the time, many people thought certain odors prevented the plague, and so they adorned their bodies with smelly stuff to counteract it. Other people chose to believe the plague was God's way of punishing sinners; their solution was to flagellate themselves with sticks and chains, hoping to atone for their sins against God. Some believed that the plague was carried on the night air; so once night fell they locked themselves up in their houses and refused to go outside. Another group thought the devil brought the plague, and so they set out to systematically rid themselves of and kill the agents of the devil, focusing on witches and black cats, amongst other things, and eventually killing the majority of the area's cats.

Their wholly ignorant actions, although perhaps with imagined "good" intentions, did nothing to alleviate or prevent the problem. The opposite was, in fact, true, because by remaining ignorant of the root cause their unfounded actions advanced and perpetuated the very thing they feared most. By killing off most of the cats, for instance, the bacillus infected rodents multiplied and flourished without hindrance, spreading the plague ever more wildly by means of their blood sucking fleas, who then carried the bacillus to humans. The remedy, of course, was to determine that root cause. But people remained unaware and ignorant of the real cause, and so the trouble not only persisted, but it intensified. It is easy to see today how their imagined but false remedies achieved just the opposite of what they desperately hoped to achieve. Flagellants subjected themselves to intense pain and often died from the self-inflicted, infected lacerations. Countless innocent men, women and children were accused of being witches and were summarily hanged, drowned, or burned at the stake. And, in the midst of all this misdirected human carnage, the widespread and utterly stupid tactic of killing cats only served to remove a major impediment to the rodents freely multiplying and running rampant, vastly adding to the spread of the dreaded bubonic plague.

Why people tend to favor doing the exact opposite of what is needed to actually remedy a problem has been fascinating to me. I have quietly observed this phenomena with wonderment in family, acquaintances, business associates, and the public at large for most of my life. What is the root cause behind this unrelenting tendency toward creating ongoing calamities, and then intensifying them once a certain threshold is reached by doing the opposite of what might actually resolve the issue? This process is something that I have been carefully studying for a long time now, and was doing so long before I ever had the notion of becoming formally interested in what could be called awareness work. But I have found that this kind of predilection can be reversed, undone at its basic levels, so that it then becomes easy to instill oneself with a success strategy that works without constant effort, and that is devoid of the old disaster scenarios altogether. This reversal of the source imprinting that engenders unintended consequences is one of the definite benefits offered by this awareness work, and is achieved by becoming acutely aware of all aspects of oneself, including those aspects that are not currently liked and accepted. Then, once a threshold of awareness is achieved, it becomes easy to develop personal tools and methodology that can be used to enable the full resolution of a root cause of anything deemed unpleasant and consequently undesirable. My choice, then, has been this awareness work as a way out of my old and longstanding troubles, using it as a way to root out and undo the underlying causes for everything in my life experience. But to do this I have to act upon and use what I have discovered about myself, and do so in such as way as to permanently and forever resolve and prevent unwanted experiences and problems--no matter how scary I might think facing myself might be.

This work can probably do the same for anyone, depending upon their level of interest, but to go the full route the person must have a burning interest and an unrelenting desire to persevere no matter what might seem to get in the way. However, as a practical matter, most people will strongly fear and resist getting involved and having to honestly face themselves and their hidden inner phantoms. But why is it that people do this? Why do they almost invariably choose to endlessly suffer versus seeing the benefit of genuinely dealing with themselves, their beliefs, and who and what they have made of themselves. As a case in point, I remember talking with a very wealthy and successful man (now deceased) who was the head of a large cosmetics business. This was back about 1996. He asked what I had been doing since we last met maybe ten years earlier, and so I told him. He was very clear in his response, saying, "I don't want to do this awareness work because I do not want to know about myself. I'm afraid of what I might find." Surprised at his concise quickness, I respected his decision and never again made mention of my awareness process or this kind of inner work. The same goes for you or anybody else. The most I can do is share my experiences and what I have learned from them, and then offer encouragement to anyone who chooses to follow a similar path, one that makes available some proven awareness tools worth consideration and use. The choice of doing nothing or doing the unusual by looking into something new and maybe innovative is entirely up to each individual. It is their life and, as such, each person is free to suffer or rejoice exactly as they see fit.

How Can I Find Out if this Awareness Work is Something I Might Want to Do?

To begin and successfully engage in this kind of awareness recovery journey it is absolutely imperative that you clearly understand that this work--I call it awareness work--is not about continuing on with or trying to fix any of your current ideas, concepts, or beliefs. This means that it is not about building upon or reinforcing anything you currently like to think you know or believe might be true, good, bad, or anything else. Instead, this work is the opposite. It is all about the art of "not doing," of undoing or in effect unlearning by permanently resolving the rigidified constructs held within the mentality, as well as recovering and reintegrating that which has been lost, and eventually achieve a real inner and outer reality experience of wholeness, coupled with total freedom and sense of majesty that goes along with it. Sound to good to be true? It might be for you, but not for me. For you this would probably require the step by step undoing of much, if not most, of what currently resides in your mentality and its subservient mind, plus the body and the feeling Will aspect that manifests what you perceive to be physical reality, so that a new kind of knowledge and a more intuitive way of living and feeling can evolve and simultaneously flow into you and permeate you to your very core. This process of gradually liberating the old and entrenched ideas and beliefs, all of which create your current life experience, facilitates a whole new way of seeing, feeling and understanding everything. Thus, with enough persistence, dedication, and the courage to face yourself this awareness work can and does create a condition whereby the old, timeworn, and unpleasant aspects of living can be completely and permanently eliminated without denying, pretending, pushing away, or suppressing anything, thereby favoring a new and more enjoyable progression of life experiences.

The following bulleted items can be used as a guide for making an informed yes or no choice for anyone considering a move forward into some sort of awareness journey:

How Desperate Are You To Make Changes?

How much someone is likely to change and bring about a totally new lifestyle is completely dependent upon their willingness to thoroughly examine who and what they think they are, and why, and do so in intimate detail without any kind of masking pretense or "positive thinking." This requires a kind of observational clarity and ability that most people seem to find frightening, unpleasant, and/or difficult, maybe even something judged dangerous, but necessary nevertheless, whereupon one becomes able to completely suspend the normal thinking processes and the accompanying inner noise it generates. When this is done it becomes possible to "see" what is normally thought to be unseeable, thereby enabling one to directly observe the energies of life without influencing their behavior by making them look and behave like something they are not. But accomplishing this naturally silent state is not usually an easy thing to accomplish, because it entails letting go of and resolving embedded and cherished ideas about the mind and its importance, including judgmental ideas such as what you think you know is valuable or useful, so that the mind comes to rest of its own accord without any coercion or threat.

Moreover, engaging a completely new kind of lifestyle necessitates a willing eagerness to make new choices, as well as let go of old ones, and then accept and allow the changes that need to occur. Looking anew at all aspects of life is a prerequisite for this kind of work, which often means being willing to see and feel what you have never before allowed yourself to see and know about yourself, and how outer reality perfectly portrays the inner reality condition. Seeing yourself without any hint of pretense is mandatory because no one can deal with anything that remains hidden and obscured from view and out of their immediate awareness. Moreover, what someone causes to be hidden is a choice at some level of consciousness, and maintaining such choices and the pretense they generate will forestall any hope of real gains in useful awareness. This is a condition that must sooner or later be resolved, bit by bit, level by level, so that what yet remains hidden can then begin to become clearly obvious. This means that by honestly doing this work and systematically recovering what is currently "lost" from your conscious awareness your current ideas and belief systems will be examined and for the most part they probably will be permanently undone, making it possible for the energy that is currently holding your reality rigidly in place to be released back into freedom, if and when you so choose to do so. This kind of complete mental clean-up work, coupled with releasing and resolving any associated feelings and emotional content, can be accomplished  in a logical, step by step fashion, allowing you to fully release old mental constructs and then allow new choices and desires to come into inner and outer reality fruition.

Oddly enough, it is usually the case that people cherish and cling most to the very ideas and beliefs that in the end serve to diminish and gradually kill them. Nonetheless, whether you currently treasure your mental notions, or not, it is your collection of old ideas and beliefs that create your current life experience, and it is these very ideas and beliefs that must be clearly revealed, understood, and resolved, so that they are forever undone before anything truly new and more enjoyable can reasonably take hold and flourish. It is this voluntary necessity of letting go of the old, valued ideas and beliefs, without denying any part of oneself, that tends to intimidate, frighten, scare, anger, terrify and/or infuriate most people, they preferring instead to stubbornly reject any true investigation or change, all the while refusing to put into practice what could otherwise be accomplished. Essentially, then, for anyone insisting on remaining ignorant and resistant to change the unlimited possibilities for life are happily condemned and the personal power that could otherwise have been theirs for the taking remains forever out of reach, and no more than a distant mental dream that remains powerless and dim.

No one adept in this work is currently offering any awareness classes or training seminars, ironically due in part to its superb effectiveness. The few people who have genuinely put forth the effort to really understand and then apply what is intended by doing this work have rapidly gotten themselves to a place whereby they have resolved and released so much of their previously rigidified mentality that it becomes very difficult, if not impossible, to effectively relate to the issues facing beginning students. This happens automatically, because once judgments and/or beliefs systems, along with any feeling emotional content associated with them, are fully resolved the past they represented is effectively undone and gone forever. Once this occurs the facilitator can no longer see or feel such things in the student, rendering the facilitator ever more impotent and unable to assist a newcomer. To compensate for this eventuality, and because there is no one currently teaching or facilitating this work, some of the writings on how to do it, and why, are being shared on this web site on the off chance that someone "out there" might actually find it interesting and make beneficial use of it, and, if so, actually learn how to recognize and use the awareness gifts that have always been right in front of everyone's nose. Everything needed to guide someone to their rightful place has always been an inescapable part of life; but to this very day it has generally remained totally unrecognized by most people. This awareness work, if you can capture its essence, can help to provide the awareness tools necessary to propel you into a new and more joyful reality, as it opens your eyes to the detailed road-map home that has always been lying at your very feet. Then, all you will need to do is summon up the courage to follow it into the sometimes scary unknown, and finally begin the journey back to your actual right place, you true home.