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Use of This Awareness Oriented Material

Attention Icon.Never, never make the stupid and possibly hazardous mistake of using any of the shared awareness concepts and methodology as a reason to avoid, excuse, or put off dealing with personal issues or serious physiological or medical problems, hoping against all odds that you might become aware or enlightened enough at some future time so as to miraculously deal with a difficult issue on your own. Some people like to imagine and hope that by some distant tomorrow they might be able to magically accomplish that which is now utterly impossible, instead of dealing with an issue in present time, when it is usually both easier and safer to do so. Procrastination can be a recipe for disaster when it comes to dealing with serious personal, psychological, and/or medical issues, and doing so may result in prolonged doses of discomfort, upset, pain, and suffering.

You will know first hand if and when it is safe to rely on the personal power generated by eventual improved awareness and the recovery of "lost" aspects of the self. Just follow this simple rule of thumb: If you need to dig a ditch use a shovel, but if and when you are someday powerful enough so that merely speaking your word causes the earth to move and open of its own accord then it is probably safe for you to throw away the shovel. In the meantime, keep the shovel and any other digging tools you might need close by and handy. What this means is this: Until you can throw the shovel (and other digging tools) away do not use this awareness work or anything else as an excuse to pretend and/or imagine that you have superhuman and/or magical powers that you do not in truth actually have, and may never have, all the while avoiding personal, psychological, and/or medical issues.

No Warranty

Be aware that the awareness oriented content presented in this web site is provided "as is" and subject to abrupt change and evolution without notice, and it is intended primarily for educational and entertainment purposes only. Anyone who chooses to engage in and/or experiment with any of the awareness ideas or principles mentioned or implied in this web site does so at their own risk, and does so without recourse or remedy. Absolutely no warranty or guarantee whatsoever is intended, given, implied, offered, or suggested as to the applicability, fitness, correctness, trueness, usefulness, or validity of anything written, proposed, or insinuated in this web site. It is the sole responsibility of the reader to determine any suitability, usefulness, or practicality of this material—which is something that may be altogether intangible and impossible to study and/or prove using standard scientific methodology. This means that the author and/or any other entities participating in publishing or distributing any information regarding any aspect of this experimental awareness recovery and/or lifestyle transformation work, including facsimile or other electronic dissemination of any kind, shall neither assume nor have any liability or responsibility to or for any person or entity with respect to any loss or damage caused or alleged to be caused directly or indirectly by the information, concepts, or ideas, contained within this web site or that may be a result of anything within this site.

Furthermore, what is shared herein does not comprise a full or complete course in awareness recovery work or anything else. By its very nature, awareness enhancing activities are very unpredictable and often wholly intangible, making it difficult, even impossible, to classify and rigidly define as to exactly what it is, what it is not, what it encompasses, and/or what it might or might not empower. Expect countless mind boggling paradoxes, perceptive reversals, misunderstandings, and wild confusion, which are typically the norm for consciousness and awareness exploration. Anyone engaging and utilizing this awareness work will soon discover that nothing remains constant, and what has been relied upon as an absolute or as a truth may be turned upside down and/or evaporate completely. Even the techniques (tools) for facilitating awareness exploration suggested and/or implied within this web site, which under certain circumstances may be useful or in some cases may seem necessary to begin an awareness journey, are impermanent, to be thrown out and discarded when their usefulness, if any, expires. The upshot here is that nothing herein is real, and ultimately none of it matters.

To explore and/or study this material requires that you be prepared for whatever might occur, taking full and sole responsibility for any upset and/or eventuality. There are no guarantees or warranties whatsoever regarding any aspect of this awareness work and the often unanticipated processes it may bring out and into play. If you proceed you do so at your own risk, and it is your sole responsibility to anticipate the unknown with all of its surprises, paradoxes, awesome mysteries, and hidden traps, and then deal with it all, as well as with any unintended consequences, in what can be an exciting journey into unlimited personal awareness.

Medical Disclaimer

While the possibilities of this awareness work may seem theoretically unlimited, there is absolutely NO intent to either claim, suggest, insinuate, or otherwise imply that this work is, may be, might be, ever could be, or ever will be an adjunct to or take the place of any kind of orthodox and/or traditional medical or physical therapy, psychotherapy, or any other officially or unofficially recognized or sanctioned therapeutic modality. This work might be considered by some people (of their own volition) as a valuable adjunct to a traditional health-care modality, but, in any event, if you have any medical, mental, emotional, or other suspected or diagnosed symptoms and/or problems that may warrant attention or supervision it is your sole responsibility to disclose such information and to seek out and maintain suitable professional services by trained, accredited, and qualified health care practitioners and/or specialists. Likewise, if you are undergoing counseling, therapy, or medical treatments of any sort it is your sole responsibility to inform your health care practitioner or therapist of your intent to study and/or engage in self-help awareness recovery type activities that may initiate and/or intensify symptoms, emotions, stress, and/or other conditions (such as strong anxiety, depression, suicidal tendencies, etc.) that may influence the extent and/or duration of any current health care program and/or treatment.

Agreement by Deliberate Action

Ultimately everyone has Free Will to do as they so please and desire, whether it be this particular awareness recovery work or anything else. By choosing to read and/or study the material in this web site you are demonstrating your premeditated intent to read about, study, experiment with, and/or seek enhanced personal awareness after deliberate forethought and due consideration as defined and set forth by your actions. This deliberate action on your part constitutes a choice to explore unfamiliar and possibly hazardous seeming personal territory with the outcome being quite unknown, unpredictable, and possibly quite frightening, and, as such, you do therefore also agree to abide by the terms, content, and conditions of this page and warning notice, plus any other such cautionary comments and/or notices within this web site. It is up to each individual to choose to pursue an awareness and/or lifestyle transformation path, or not. This particular work is generally suitable only for self-starters with a strong predilection toward self-improvement, coupled with an unquenchable thirst to enhance their overall conscious awareness of life and the apparent interactions of their own living energy. Doing this requires an exceptionally self-motivated and courageous individual, and one who is imbued with a steadfast intent and desire to experiment—no matter what perceived obstacles, consequences, or hazards might be encountered.

No Support Services

It is important for any reader (or site visitor) to understand up front that there are NO support services offered by any author or any person mentioned and/or implied within this web site—unless such a service is specifically and individually offered and qualified. The probable exceptional difficulty of accurately comprehending this material notwithstanding, it is the sole responsibility of the reader to correctly interpret and discover a possible and/or suitable use, if any, for any material herein contained. That said, there may be, from time to time, individuals engaged in this kind of awareness discovery work who may also possess an interest in communicating and working with other people. As such, an inquiry regarding possible support services can be sent to and it will be forwarded, if and when possible, to whomever may have demonstrated an interest in communicating and working with interested parties and students.


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