Stretching the Outer Limits

of This Kind of Awareness Work

Defining the Limits

What is the limit to this awareness work, and can any such limit be stretched? Many people might think that this is an easy question to answer. All anyone has to do is state the theoretical limit of this awareness work and then come up with some sort of educated guess as to how that so-called limit might be extended. Right? So let us begin with the easy part—stating what seems to be the probable or apparent limit of this awareness work. But, then, comes the vexing question of by what standards and by whom?

In my experience any apparent limit to this or any awareness work curriculum will be completely defined by the person so making judgments about what they perceive it to be or what it is not. Thus, its scope and limits will be arbitrarily set and defined by the peculiarities and self-indulgent blindness imposed by the observing mentality. Moreover, to some extent its apparent scope and limits will be perceived and measured quite differently by each and every person who takes a moment to study it and then make some sort of judgmental assessment. Even if and when the observer tries to be unprejudiced and impartial they will still perceive it differently in direct accordance to the mix of contents and denials embedded within their sum total mentality. As such, there can be no single definitive, all-reaching qualitative measurement derived through common consensus, simply because each and every observer will see only that which lies within their own self-imposed limits. This makes any analysis highly variable, depending upon who you use as a reference point, with no strict accord between any evaluator. What possibilities do you see in this work? Do you see it as utterly useless or something that could propel you into an understanding of everything? This is the astonishing range of possibilities that dance in my vision, but how much of this virtually unlimited potential do you perceive or see, or want? Do you see none, or the opportunity to know everything, or something in between these extremes? This is the dilemma. How does someone accurately quantify this work when there can be no agreement on what it is or what it can do?

A Simple Exercise

As an exercise, write down what you think this awareness work is about, what it is good for and what you think you might be able to accomplish by using it to its fullest. Set this reading aside until after you have finished writing your answer. Be concrete, go into detail about what you think and feel. The more detail the better, and the more clear you will be about yourself, where you stand and this work. There is no grade for this little exercise, but if you cheat and, for instance, do not write down your assessment before proceeding you are the one being cheated. You will be the loser, and if you cannot do this one simple little thing honestly you are no candidate for this awareness work and the honest scrutiny that is constantly required for success.

Now, with your newly inscribed self-prepared analysis of this work’s potential in hand, take the time to compare it to what I see as the author of this work. How? What follows are some generalized statements describing the progression of expanding limits I experienced by doing this work and what I incrementally perceived as possible, effectively stretching the limits of my current self-generated boundaries.

  1. When I began this work in earnest my recognized goal was to discover and resolve the unwanted content of my mentality, which I saw as wholly responsible for creating certain things in my life that I considered unpleasant. I did not see beyond what I experienced as my mental aspect. But, fortunately, my goal was not only to just resolve unwanted rigidified mental intent, but to also continue the process onward to whatever ultimate goal it might eventually make evident. At the time I had a vague notion that there was such a thing as the Will aspect, but I had no useful understanding of it. Thus, the Will played no prominent role in my awareness pursuits at that time, me being focused on mental achievements and goals, i.e., learning about and dealing with my mental aspect. The work, then, was self-limited to resolving whatever was contained within my mentality, albeit I imagined that this was no limit, because I envisioned the mentality at the center of and causal of everything. My view was confined to my own immediate mentality, although this amateurish and self-defeating kind of blindness did not persist for long. In retrospect, however, this early stage of my awareness development is probably representative of where most people are when they first engage this kind of inner work, possessing a strictly mental world-view, albeit I was at the time rife with Will feelings and yet unrecognized paranormal mental abilities that were to soon wildly expand my sensibilities beyond any early self-imposed ideas limiting my work to just my immediate mentality.
  2. With my mental work seemingly progressing nicely, I began to stretch a bit and tip-toe out of my comfortable little mental box. I did this by unobtrusively playing with and expanding my latent paranormal abilities, which at the time I judged as something that should be kept quiet and to oneself because such ideas and subject matter tended to be outside mainstream acceptability and possibly even dangerous. Nonetheless, after a bit of cautious dabbling rewarded with a few rather enticing paranormal experiences I was quick to realize that this awareness work could be extended far beyond the initially perceived limits of a so-called normal mentality. Moreover, after a certain threshold of awakening had been achieved the work then seemed to automatically push out into the otherwise impenetrable vastness and mysterious aspects of life. The work now included and explained previously out-of-this-world things such as ghosts, phantoms, poltergeist activity, clairvoyance, psychometry and other related phenomena. As I became more proficient in recognizing and dealing with paranormal phenomena and associated energies the apparent limits of this awareness work kept on expanding farther and farther, seemingly going out and touching the far reaches of the perceived universe, which seemed to be filled with all sorts of odd and unexplained Spirit (mental) activity. At this point this awareness work was still in its infancy, but already it could easily be employed to make sense of, understand and deal with not only the personal mentality, but all paranormal extensions of it and the apparent manifestations associated with “beyond-the-grave” paranormal activities. The apparent limits of this work had somehow expanded to include an area perceived as the entire universe, albeit still limited to dealing with the ethereal mental aspect alone.
  3. It did not take long before I could see and sense the fallacy of dealing only with what I perceived as the mental aspect. I could more and more see and feel that there was a lot more going on in Creation than just the part played by the mentality and its mind. Then, as I began to functionally understand and work with the Will aspect the scope of this work expanded again, this time to include (along with the mental aspect) the personal body (and/or personal Will) and all of its feeling messages and images. At this point in time the scope of this work included anything associated with the mental aspect, as well as understanding and dealing with the personal body and the underlying forces that create and maintain it. Thus, it could be said that the limits of this work now included dealing with all aspects of the mentality, both personal and universal, as well as the personal body and Will aspect. But it was not long before these relatively constrictive limits would be tested and no longer contain the emerging scope of this awareness work.
  4. So it was that as my work with the Will aspect advanced beyond the “personal” stage the scope of this work quickly exploded taking into account the entirety of the mentality, both personal and universal, and now the Will aspect to the same astonishing extent, which by default marginally included a few attributes of so-called inanimate objects. I had come to realize that the Spirit mentality and the companion Will aspect were literally an intermingled and integral part of everything; one could not be considered or dealt with without the other. Thus, the new limit was fast becoming a case of there being virtually no theoretical limits—except for one that was both variable and clearly self-made. Now the only limiting factor was the degree of Will disconnection for which any particular mentality might suffer; a condition that by this time I well knew how to resolve, although incrementally in what could be a relatively slow process. How frustrating to know how to proceed, but simultaneously be unable to proceed quickly due to my own judgmental hesitation. I was unstuck, but paradoxically stuck all at once. So, now, the only limits were how disconnected from the Will (or the whole of Creation) I chose to be and so remain, and how quickly I chose to let go of the old earth reality and systematically reconnect. This meant there were voluntary limits to something with absolutely no inherent limits, but that was effectively limited only by my choice as to how limited I wanted to remain. This is where I am with this awareness work today—essentially without limits, but still inhibited due to insane choices that limit. Yes, how stupid, you might criticize, but are you doing the same thing—holding back when you really know better?
  5. So, now that this awareness work is basically limitless in my eyes, what is next? How could a case of no limits possibly expand outward further? Hmmm. There is, as far as I can tell, still more distance to go, with many more mysteries to unveil and resolve. There is no doubt quite a lot that I do not yet see or anticipate, but through the fog of the still unknown I can nevertheless see and discern that what most people might ordain an insurmountable hurdle is to understand and deal with the inanimate realm—the so-called solid and lifeless stuff—and do so as extensively and completely as with the animate realm made up of living entities. Comparatively, at this moment, the remaining challenges in dealing with the animated realm (life forms) seem trivial compared to those yet to be faced in dealing with the inanimate world. But those as yet unconquered challenges will too change, as have all other supposed impediments that were once similarly perceived as impenetrable barriers blocking any forward progress. No matter, however, any temporary difficulty, because it is the seemingly “impossible” challenges that generate much of the excitement that I enjoy in doing this awareness work.

To Sum It All Up

I can sum up this whole bit of writing by saying that to me there are no limits to this awareness work. Then, I ponder, how far can the limits of there being no limits be stretched? Even further than you might think possible, is my answer. Ultimately stretching the limits to infinity means that you are in touch with all life, both animate and inanimate, right out to the periphery of the perceived universe while at the effect of none of it. But being in touch with it all requires being connected to it all, fully, intimately and without judging and pushing anything away. Are you up to this? Am I up to this? I’d like to think I am, but obviously I am still sitting here on earth writing about the subject. Thus, much self-awareness work remains for me to do. Keep in mind that what you are disconnected from is not yours to know and enjoy, and getting to know something means resolving any disconnection. But how disconnected are we? When I walk outside on a clear night and look up into the darkened sky what do I see? I see countless stars dotting the vast universe, twinkling merrily away from some incredibly faraway place. I feel so tiny and insignificant in comparison to the vastness I perceive surrounding me. What I perceive as distinct and apart from me is a measure of how disconnected I am. To the extent that I am not part of what I see I am disconnected, and to the extent that it appears distant and mysterious is a measure of how much I have become disconnected, as well as how long I have been disconnected from it. What I perceive in the night sky represents a lot of disconnection, and so, consequently, it will appropriately take some fair amount of work and time for me to reconnect to the whole of Creation, no matter how desperately and diligently I work toward reconnection. Patience is required here and is an absolute prerequisite for doing this awareness work. Tackling the whole of one’s disconnection all at once is sheer folly and more than likely impossible. For now forget about touching the vast reaches of the universe. Everyone must start with the immediate, i.e., that which is close at hand and touchable.

You and I must begin the long-term and sometimes very arduous process of reconnection by beginning the journey from where we are right now, at this very moment. For anyone new to this work this usually means gradually learning to understand and then master your own mentality, and by this I do not mean to suggest that you force, cajole, pretend, condemn or deny any part of yourself, but instead lovingly accept each and every aspect of yourself, as well as understand and resolve whatever stands in the way of you achieving greater awareness. How do you do this? Read the Supplemental Manual offered free on this web site. It progresses through the various learning processes that I was given and followed, some of which may be of help in getting and keeping you on a tried and tested learning course. Then, once you have successfully mastered your own mentality, extend your mastery to the personal body, and then to the personal Will aspect. Once you have successfully accomplished this level of mastery you can extend your sphere of influence outward and gradually include everything observable in your perceived universe, right out to its very outer limits, if it has any limits at all.

But back to the immediate, last night I watched an advertisement promoting a television program about pandemics and the fear of such events decimating humankind. The current buzz-word for a pandemic is “swine flu epidemic.” To the people invested in this kind of reality the prospect of imminent illness and death through biological means may seem quite real and a persistent and dangerous threat. Moreover, it is probably safe to say that any mental or Will feelings of fear incited by this kind of thinking will mistakenly be used as supportive confirmation and end up further empowering a reality wherein a pandemic will strike down mankind, rather than notice how the intent of the Will is erroneously being reversed. When a Will reversal of intent occurs the judging entity uses the Will feelings to confirm that their mental assessment is spot on, correct, rather than use the feelings as intended and thereafter stop the erroneous mental judging and thinking that is causative of the Will’s warning feelings in the first place. But aside of any reversal of Will intent issues, being terrified of some deadly, microscopic invader is just one more indicator of how disconnected most people have become. If one was truly connected to their own body there would be no need for fright or panic, nor any reason to fear some sort of parasitic invasion of any kind, unless the person actually wanted and believed in such things. Without some sort of invitation, realized or unrealized, unpleasant and invasive life experiences would not be invited or evident. However, if the person is disconnected from their physical body then, of course, they will be subject to anything and everything from which they are self-disconnected. Still, it is the disconnection that ought to be feared, not the potential onslaught of some sort of out-of-the-ordinary microbiotic invasion.

With the above suggestions of limitlessness said here is a warning: Do not be so stupid as to imagine that you are more capable and/or advanced than you really are. If your mentality is still liberally embedded with judgmental content that makes most of your life experience absolutely real abide by and respect those judgmental parts of yourself, and do so until you can truly resolve them. If you can currently see no further than the tip of your nose then be content to start at this point, and learn to deal with your tiny prison of a world view until you can expand it and tread boldly into new frontiers. This is basically what I have done, and you can do it too—or maybe not. Although I am still bound by the so-called physical laws of nature I am at the same time seeing beyond many of them, understanding more and more at deep levels that there are no laws, just choice, some of these choices unfortunately and mistakenly imprinted at the beginning, but everything is, nevertheless, all choice. That said, I am not so foolish to think that I can go against what has not yet been seen and resolved within my own mental constructs. For instance, I will not go and stand in front of a speeding train and hope to imagine that it will pass safely through me without effort or harm. If I tried such a stupid stunt I would no doubt be scared shitless, with my Will warning me by vibrating with unbearable fear. In fact, with the Will presence I now have I could not do it, because the Will response to such an intended act would overwhelm any mental intent I might muster to disobey the Will generated fear. Moreover, my body might act out of its own volition to protect itself, with or without my mentality’s permission, and do so quite independently of any dangerous actions that my mentality might insanely choose and try to enforce.

In the meantime, until the glorious day dawns when I am no longer a part of the normal earthly reality (and I will know when this happens because I will no longer be stuck here on this planet) I will more or less continue to be the stupid, limited human that stumbles and falls when stubbing their toe. As with all possibilities, the student first imagines and then sees and writes about the new possibility, then the person goes about teaching and learning it thoroughly, next the person knows it and, then, finally, becomes it. You’ll know when I get to the final stage—I’ll no longer be writing about it and will be gone.

May 29, 2009
Terry Hathaway