Mission Statement

for this Awareness Recovery Work


Our mission is awareness recovery work and any practical benefits thereof, i.e., the discovery of, investigation into, and experimentation in and with the underlying mechanics of consciousness. We are not doctors, nor do we want to be, nor are we licensed or otherwise authorized by any governmental or educational entity to conduct and/or facilitate any type of legally defined therapy or treatment. Consequently we do not offer nor provide any kind of advice, instruction, diagnosis, or service in regards to remedy or treatment of or for any type of medical, psychiatric or any other officially recognized therapeutic modality.

The purpose of making this metaphysically oriented material available is simply to share what has been arbitrarily termed “awareness work,” and do so in the off chance that someone might find it interesting, entertaining, possibly educational, or perhaps even useful. But whatever might be the case for the reader my personal mission for making use of this material is simple: To discover and recover that which I have foolishly denied away and lost over many lifetimes and then use it to pull myself back together, so as to find and return to my right place, my home, i.e., the state of heart consciousness once mine to enjoy, but that was lost through rampant misunderstanding of life processes. But this type of divine accomplishment may not be your mission. In fact, my goals and your life mission may be polar opposites. Accordingly, then, this mission statement is probably superfluous. Nevertheless, there is a slight possibility that this material may be interesting or useful to someone, somewhere, somehow, and to this end it is made available without promise, warranty, or guarantee as to its value, efficacy, correctness, or usefulness.

Be it further noted that certain companion subjects of interest are not covered in the awareness oriented material presented herein, topics such as nutrition, energy medicine, bodywork, etc. Although I and other awareness seekers have extensively studied and made wonderful use of these areas of interest these subjects are of themselves adequately researched, treated, and published elsewhere by other authors. As such, these ancillary subjects are not treated here, allowing us to devote all of our writing and communication resources to the pursuit of knowledge relating to the underlying mechanics of consciousness.


None. There is no organization, no group, and no dedicated support person of any kind. This means there is no office, center, association, staff, mailing list, newsletter, classes, seminars, person to talk with, or anything else that usually characterizes an organized effort. In fact, there has not been any concerted effort put forth to advertise or otherwise promote this awareness material, and, as far as I can see, there may never be any--other than word of mouth and this web site. Will this work ever be popular or commercially viable? Probably not, because of its inherently ephemeral, often intangible, sometimes frustratingly difficult, radical, probably controversial, and very often wholly paradoxical nature.


This experimental self-help awareness oriented study material is shared “as is,” which includes any faults, omissions, misunderstandings, misconceptions, errors, and/or unforeseen consequences, and does so without further explanation or justification to or for anyone who may voluntarily choose to read and/or study this awareness oriented material for whatever reason or purpose. There is absolutely no warranty or guarantee implied or inferred as to the accuracy, correctness, usability or suitability of any material on or referenced by this web site. This means if you attempt to experiment or use this material you do so at your own and sole risk.

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