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Anyone wanting to become fully attuned to many of the subtle and deeply profound inner processes necessary in this awareness recovery work must coincidentally go about detoxifying, reinvigorating, and regenerating their personal body, freeing and washing away toxic residues, accumulated congestion, and metabolic wastes BEFORE the required level of sensitivity. introspection, and observation required in this awareness recovery work is usually possible. Amongst other things, in addition to cleansing the physical body, this means keeping it pure and free of future toxic and inhibiting buildup, by staying away from the usual gluttonous diet of heavy, greasy, mucus producing animal products, soda pop, and other processed and dead foods. Thus, the following list is included to provide a possible starting place for further investigation into various body cleansing and detoxifying techniques, supplies, and alternative food sources. Please note that the producers of this web site have no affiliation with anything listed below. Moreover, the inclusion herewith is not intended to imply any kind of endorsement of any one particular methodology and/or product or source. It is the sole responsibility of the reader to determine whether anything mentioned is suitable, useful, or appropriate.