Developing the Art of Channeling

Using Channeling to Evolve Myself

Way back in the 1960s I remember when I first came across something definitive about channeling (also known earlier as mediumship). At the time (at least in the community where I lived) anything paranormal was generally greeted with derisive doubt, suspicious of being some kind of underhanded hoax, and at its best something only a few rare and exceptionally gifted people dared to admit they could facilitate. Having access to someone who was recognized as able to genuinely channel some sort of out-of-body entity was thought to be quite special, if such a thing as channeling was indeed actually possible. Of course, there were numerous detractors who ridiculed the whole concept as preposterous and possibly evil, but the idea of channeling intrigued me nonetheless. Being the rebel to static orthodox thinking that I am I immediately sought out information on the subject and finally witnessed someone (on a television program about psychics) who supposedly channeled messages from the beyond. I do not remember the fellow’s name, but he was famous for his psychic abilities and channeling talent at the time. I was instantly intrigued and fascinated. My eyes were glued to the black and white television screen. What I keenly observed was both out of the ordinary and a bit puzzling, but not enough interest was stirred to instill any deep excitement and so my interest waned after a few days and I never did anything more to pursue the subject. But this temporary lack of enthusiasm was to change in later years.

As the 1970s advanced my interest in the odd and unusual aspects of life gradually grew and about 1976 I actually paid to attend a seminar that purportedly enabled the participants to astral travel. I was skeptical, but was eager to participate and hopefully put an end to my doubts about such out-of-this-world things. The idea behind the workshop was to use “hemi-sync” sound waves to put the brain into a state whereby the probability of astral travel was favored. Well, I never did any astral traveling in the way the seminar leader described, but on the final afternoon of the seminar I did begin to separate from my body when a booming, godlike voice from within commanded me to STOP! It was deafening and I remember my whole insides vibrating due to the sheer intensity of the voice, which seemed to reverberate and echo wildly about inside me for some noticeable period of time. The voice then proceeded to inform me in no uncertain terms that I was not to leave my body, and this time I was to take it with me! I was stunned; my insides shaken from the effects of the thunderous voice and I never tried to lift out again. I finished the workshop, dutifully listening to more “hemi-sync” tones like everyone else, but I was never again able to even contemplate separating from my body. I did not mention what had happened to anyone at the workshop. And so, while I was unsuccessful at achieving any kind of true astral traveling, I definitely did have an extraordinary experience, one that left me indelibly imbued with a strong sense that the metaphysical realm was a far cry away from being just some sort of idiotic hair-brained hocus-pocus bullshit. I left the workshop realizing that the metaphysical realm I was about ready to fully embrace definitely had value that was worth pursuing, and I did so with gusto!

I still vaguely remember the first time a recognizable entity tried to use me for delivering a message. Its sudden presence surprised me. I yelled at it; sternly scolding it and demanding that it behave the way I wanted, telling it that I would only allow it to use me for delivering a one-time message and that it was not going to take possession of me! I was very determined that it not take me over and push me around inside my own body. My initial spontaneous vocal outburst, a symptom of my own insecurity, was the only agitated part of the whole event; all else went smoothly with nary a ripple of upset or concern. As I look back on this incident from where I am today I can only laugh at how amateurish, stupid, and uncertain of myself I was. Anyone looking on would have probably found my actions humorous, if not utterly pitiful. Oh, poor me! Please, I don’t ever want to be that ignorant ever again. But, setting aside my lame attitudes and sorry attempt at being protective of myself, the event was a wonderful learning experience. I discovered that I could actually let some outside disembodied entity slip in and co-habitate my body, and then let it touch my mentality so that I could interpret and speak out the message it wanted me to convey to some currently embodied recipient. Moreover, I could do this without fear of being overwhelmed or possessed; I was always in complete control. I would more or less just step aside, with both the visiting entity and me simultaneously present. The entity was no more than a visitor, who would depart once the message delivery process was over and done. This and subsequent channeling episodes soon helped lead me to understand and know a paranormal world that I could previously never have imagined. I loved it and constantly called for more.

During the 1980s my interest in the metaphysical became quite strong, and my once vague and unfocused paranormal abilities more or less automatically matured and coalesced into what might be described as a well oiled psychic machine. I found myself not only able to effortlessly channel, but I was wanting to do so, if for no other reason than to improve my flirt with ideas that were to eventually evolve into what I would one day codify and call awareness work. It has been a long time now since the 1980s and when I practiced channeling on a regular and consistent basis. It was a magnificent awareness tool, forcing me to observe and look carefully inside. I am very grateful for what I learned, and over time I earned the ability to differentiate between and channel either mental or Will oriented entities, or both interchangeably. As my awareness capabilities and interest grew I gradually had less enthusiasm for channeling as my attention turned more and more toward understanding the underlying mechanics behind not only channeling but consciousness in general. Thus, looking back from today, it has been a long time since I have had an avid interest in the subject of channeling. Until recently, I have neglected it almost completely.

Defining Channeling

How do I define channeling? For me it is a process whereby I allow some externalized personality or entity to temporarily touch and use my mentality and/or body in order to communicate with and/or deliver some sort of animated voice message to one or more assembled participants. The message can be specific to one particular person or to the group as a whole, the extent and range of the message being determined mostly by the temporarily inhabiting agent or entity. I merely step aside and allow the entity to stimulate and/or transfuse my mentality and body with whatever knowledge and/or feelings it desires to be transmitted. I am ultimately in control at all times, and would instantly stop and/or inhibit any activity that I deemed inappropriate or unsafe for me personally or for anyone in the receiving group. Thus, paradoxically, I am simultaneously both in control and not in control of the channeling session.

Someone may ask, what if an evil entity comes along that intends to do you harm? Do I fear this possibility? No, I do not. Why? Have you ever come across a very large sleeping dog, let’s say an unfamiliar German Sheppard? As a stranger would you go up and give the dog a swift kick in the stomach? Why not? Probably because you would sense that doing so would instantly bring you some kind of painful bite response that you would really not like. Consequently, you do not kick the dog. The same is similarly true for me in regards to disembodied entities. They can feel and sense my certainty about who and what I am and what I will tolerate. In other words, they know beforehand not to cross certain boundaries or they will not like the results. Just because an entity is disembodied does not mean that they are impervious to some sort of defensive reprisal. I may not be able to physically kick them in defense, but I can and would go after them on an energetic basis. Oh, yeah, you say, real scary! Well, if you were a disembodied entity existing solely on an energetic level you might think differently. I do not have to be able to physically touch a disembodied opponent to give them a good drubbing. So far I have not had to resort to energetic fisticuffs. The disembodied entities in my presence have all been respectful of me and me of them, and so no heated or long term issues have come up. Furthermore, by the way, my interactions have included energies who many people would consider nasty and undesirable and potentially violent. I give them acceptance for who and what they are and so far none have had reason to engage or fight with me.

As the mid 1990s rolled around I was in the finishing up stage of writing about the awareness work that had brought forth a lengthy book that I called the Supplemental Manual. Any entities that might have wanted to use me to facilitate a message stayed far away. I don’t blame them. By this time I was very capable of resolving and freeing up energies within myself and any other that might jump over to me from some external repository or source. I was, in fact, eager to resolve and free up whatever energy came my way. This being the case I can easily appreciate why any entity wanting to use me for message delivery might want to stay far away, so as to not risk getting partially or fully resolved. Thus, it was no wonder that channeling had fallen away as a common activity. No self-respecting disembodied personality seemed willing to risk coming anywhere near me. I eventually became very aware of this situation, but did not care to rectify it because channeling was currently neither of any real interest or appealing. I was simply much too busy saving the world of the disembodied by trying to resolving it.

A New Upsurge in Interest

So, now, why the sudden upsurge in interest? It happed a few days ago when I was doing a bit of spontaneous awareness work with a couple of friends. During the somewhat brief session I noticed that my ability to channel had become exceedingly more robust, and my ability to discern subtleties was astonishingly advanced compared to the last time I had paid attention. I felt as though I could channel almost anything and do so in excruciating detail, ranging from a mild, weak, and vaporous entity to one of strength and vigorous vitality, all without losing sight of myself in the process. Much of this new ability was due to the diligent awareness and self-recovery work I had accomplished for myself over the intervening years since the 1980s, which included a lot of practical work in recovering and integrating lost parts of myself and anything else “stranded” out there that wanted to be with me. But now that my zeal to resolve and recover anything within sensing range had subsided, a phase that anyone new to recovery work seems to go through, I was quite content to let any wistful entities that wanted to drift by and make contact do so without any mistaken desire or hidden agenda attempting to fix or resolve them. This long process of awareness achievement and evolution essentially made me not only more sensitive, accurate, and capable of channeling virtually any type of message, but safer for the entity desiring to use my physical vehicle to do so without fear of me trying to fix, resolve, or integrate them into myself.

How ironic. Now that I can effortlessly and better do channeling the problem is (if this is indeed a problem) there is normally nobody around to channel to, since the people who enjoy being near me tend to be capable of getting their own messages without me as an intermediary. Moreover, there are no people that actively advertise and do channeling near me either, probably because most people who are into channeling tend to be of a spiritual orientation, an orientation favoring the mental aspect and that is not an appropriate reflection for me. But this apparent lack of opportunity to channel opens the door for a different type of communication. Instead of waiting impatiently for some hapless person to shuffle along, one who also has a disincarnate counterpart just waiting to communicate, why not instead just dispense altogether with the unnecessary incarnate recipient? Why not just invite and open the door for the type of entity that best suits me and my awareness goals and invite them to come and deliver wonderful messages to me alone? This seem like a good idea to me, provided that the entity who arrives knows as much or more on the subject of consciousness than me.

A Caveat to Keep in Mind

Just because some disembodied entity chooses to make contact through some sort of mediumship or channeling does not, in and of itself, guarantee that any information received is useful, correct, or trustworthy. It is no different that meeting someone walking down a street (except for the lack of a visible physical body) and who stops to give you some advice. You should still be discerning, and maybe cautious, determining for yourself whether the information is valid, or if it should be discarded and forgotten. It is just as easy and likely to encounter an disembodied liar as it is an embodied one. Communication motives vary, and it is up to you to be aware of this and adjust what you take in accordingly.

Entities of a Mental Orientation

The inner receptive point of channeling for entities of this type occurs mostly in the mentality (a logical conclusion) and progresses by means of easily discerned words, insights, and mental feelings. I usually feel the entity want to move in and esoterically inhabit my body in a general way beforehand, for which I then issue an invitation, although sometimes a conditional one. Mental channeling tends to be very easy and limited to a logical flow of words and ideas.

Entities of a Will Orientation

Channeling for Will oriented entities tends to be more fun and definitely emotional in nature. When a Will oriented entity approaches it is very easy for me to feel and evaluate it long before I let it move in. With such entities the receptive or informational inflow point of the channeling tends to involve the whole physical body, albeit often with feelings centered in the chest and/or abdominal area. In contrast to mental oriented entities, the center of activity is usually not the head, but some other area of the body or the body as a whole. Will presentations are feeling and/or feeling image oriented, and, as such, the mentality merely interprets the feelings and any "knowings" and then delivers the message verbally via distinct words, phrases, and ideas, but equally possible this delivery may be coupled with non-mentally derived indistinct sounds and overt body inflections and actions. Will oriented messages tend to be vigorous and powerful, which can be scary for the judgmentally timid mentality.

Entities with a Balance of Spirit and Will

This is the type of entity I enjoy channeling the most, because the entity has a useful balance of mentality and gut. This makes them not only intelligent, but wise and knowing, too, and definitely enlightening to work with in a channeling environment. If I had my druthers this is the type of entity I would choose to join with and present, probably because it is more like me. Their messages often tend to be too deep and esoteric for the average disconnected mentality, but highly entertaining nonetheless.

May 20, 2009