Energy Resolution Stories

Dealing With and Resolving Disembodied Energies

When All Else Fails...

When all else has failed it is high time to try something entirely new and different. You cannot rightly expect to get a different result if and when you keep on trying the same old ways that do not and never did work.

What is Energy Resolution?

Energy resolution more or less describes the overall process of assisting and/or allowing a certian quantum of disembodied energy (an extreme example being phenomena such as ghosts, phantoms, poltergeists, apparitions, etc.) to relax and eventually release whatever unresolved intent keeps it stuck in its current form and/or situation. It is the kind of thing we do daily in this awareness recovery work, but with relatively minute amounts of "lost " living energy, far less than the coherent energy necessary to produce manifest apparitions with semi-visible and/or audible characteristics, but the principles of acceptance, communication, understanding, and release are identical. Thus, the only real difference between what we deal with daily and the more energeticly visible apparations is the quantum of energy to be reckoned with.

Another way of looking at the resolution process would be to consider it an act of defragmentation, whereby a separated and semi-incarnate energy is allowed to join with a more parental being, thus bringing back together that which has been previously broken apart and fragmented. This, then, is an attempt at true healing, rather than further aggravating and enraging an already lost and probably confused and angry soul--the result of some sort of previous fragmentation action and/or event.

From the above text it should be no surprise that we do not condone nor participate in spiritual exorcisms or other condemning modalities where the emphasis is on trying to get rid of and/or eliminate another entity, whether it be judged good, bad or evil. Why is this? If you accept the fundamental law of conservation of energy, which states that energy can neither be created or destroyed, but can only be transformed from one form to another, you ought to be able to deduce a useful (and maybe even enlightening) answer. Think about it, if you are troubled by an apparition of some sort and try to get rid of it and in the process cause that energy to transform into something else will you end up in a better situation, or merely generate a more aggravating and distasteful one?  Consider yourself or people in general (who can be described as embodied entities, versus the disembodied entities that tend to frighten) and notice how you or they will probably feel and react if and when aggressively attacked, mocked, wholly rejected, and then threatened with violent exorcism? Embodied and disembodied entities are essentially identical in behavior, except for the degree of physical manifesting force that is present. And while the awareness work described elsewhere does not specifically specialize in ghosts or other similar apparitions, it does, nevertheless, put the awareness athlete in an ideal position to aid in and/or completely resolve many difficult paranormal situations.

Taking the Unorthodox Approach

Taking an unorthodox approach, such as ours, means that awareness work methodology will end up being the choice of last resort, after all other more mainstream and/or religious options have been tried, exhausted, and have subsequently failed. As such, a competent student of awareness would normally attempt to engage a disembodied entity (whether it be of Spirit or Will orientation, or both) and then work with it in such a way as to invite a spontaneous release of its old intent, while providing an energy resolution and recovery opportunity, but only if and when doing so is a viable option and the subject entity is also willing and desirous. What this means in regards to a haunting is this: If a recovery is successful the subject entity will no longer be present and manifesting itself as a separate and unwanted energy apparition, i.e., the ghost or "lost" spirit will effectively be gone. Conversely, if no substantial communication and/or recovery occurs then little or no change in the disembodied entity will be evident, but situations where there is no improvement are rare. To put it another way, here is what can normally be anticipated:

It is our experience that when one or more disembodied entities seek and/or are open to acceptance and resolution the process can be very swift, permanent and totally devoid of any drama or pathos. In fact, the whole process can sometimes occur quietly and at levels for which casual observers may have no awareness whatsoever. But what may just as easily occur is a partial release and recovery, whereupon the entity continues to exist in somewhat the same overall condition, but in a much less powerful and/or disagreeable state, thereby often reducing its residual presence beyond the threshold of normal perception and feeling. However, it is vitally important for a person disturbed by a haunting to be aware that in a case where the entity wants and is determined to stay and/or remain in place, for whatever reason, there may be little, if anything, that an awareness facilitator would be able to accomplish, since the subject entity would be resistant and unwilling to change and/or undergo any useful degree of resolution.

Another consideration is this: For success the very people the entity chooses to haunt and interact with may need to be intimately involved in the healing/resolution process, which could be likened to some of the awareness enabling processes described elsewhere in this section. If a disembodied entity is drawn to a particular person or group there will be a very specific reason for this. Discovering the intent behind this reason can greatly assist in any ghostly resolution, and, as such, may require the participation of the haunted person or parties. Be forewarned, however, that the kind of interactions and processes that often spontaneously arise can sometimes be uncomfortable and even frightening to the fearful and uninitiated person. And while this author has not been subject to violent reactions in healing/resolution/recovery opportunities to date, encountering hostile interactions is a real possibility and can lead to unpredictable outcomes.

Download Service for Doctors

Here is an interesting, but fairly common aberration and side story about energy reclamation and resolution: My associate Rich made friends with a general practice doctor through a financially oriented Internet message board. This doctor worked in a busy Midwestern hospital. After some months of back and forth messages the communication graduated to verbal telephone conversations, mainly due to a distaste for having to sit and type out each message. Once telephone contact was initiated they oftentimes talked about financial matters several times a week over a period of maybe two years. But there were to be some unexpected benefits from their voice communications.

Each time they talked, the doctor noticed that he would quickly begin feeling better, lighter and more energetic, as though a tremendous load had somehow been lifted. In contrast, Rich would simultaneously become sleepy, heavier, and feel as though he had just taken on a huge load of very debilitated and sickened energy. As time passed and Rich realized what was happening he explained the process to his doctor friend. Essentially Rich was drawing unwanted energy from the good doctor, who was acting as a temporary holding conduit for what his and other patients were denying. As interest in the financial matters trailed off the doctor would routinely call Rich for no other reason than to upload the tired and sickened energy that he had automatically collected during his hospital rounds. This little story demonstrates the ease with which it is possible to resolve an imbalanced energy condition and/or situation over the telephone, without ever physically meeting the affected person.

This story has been mentioned here to illustrate a point and is not to be construed as a solicitation to routinely download unwanted and wayward energies from doctors or anyone else. It is not that such an option is bad or harmful, but rather the taking on of deeply troubled and sickened essence oftentimes takes a day or more to fully resolve, depending upon the quantity transferred. Moreover, during the processing time the willing recipient can be largely debilitated. Interestingly, the person being relieved (i.e., the conduit or intermediary) need not have any faith or belief that this kind of phenomena is possible. In fact, it can be the case that the less faith and trust a person has in such things the easier and faster a transfer can occur, partly because any tendency by the departing (or jumping) energy to cling to the denying person and/or whomever may be acting as an intermediary conduit is reduced to the extent that it is not appreciated or wanted.

Just in case someone now gets the bright idea that all they have to do is call us and regularly dump whatever it is they do not want on us, essentially getting rid of their troubles and denials, think again. We are not saviors waiting patiently here to routinely relieve people of what they need to deal with themselves. That said, nonetheless, there may be certain situations where some sort of reoccurring intermediation may be appropriate. If such should happen to be the case, some sort of mutually agreed upon arrangement would first need to be put in place. Each situation would have to be evaluated on an individual basis, depending upon the effort and time required for successful intermediation.

Resolving a Situation Yourself

Of course (and from my point of view this is the better solution), it is entirely possible for anyone to resolve any ghostly situation without the help, facilitation or intervention by anyone else. Try to remember that any entity you are likely to encounter is not much different than a family member, friend, or stranger that you might meet walking down your neighborhood street, except that it may have no discernible trace of a physical body. This need not be a scary thing, and encountering disembodied energies/entities is actually a common thing, but the energies involved are far beyond the normal person's threshhold of sensitivity. Nevertheless, manifest body or not, all it takes to successfully communicate is respect and some basic understanding of the situation. Consider asking yourself and/or the entity questions similar to but not limited to the examples that follow:

 Seeing the situation clearly for what it is will require you to sidestep any pretenses and observe both objectively and dispassionately, which may require a level of calm acceptance and openness beyond that normally allowed. If you are a religious person and see the entity as evil, for instance, it is almost a certainty that you will never be able to arrive at any kind of successful conclusion and the relationship will probably tend toward violence. If you are a mentally oriented person (spiritual in nature) and if the entity is Will oriented the response of the entity to your mental antics will probably tend toward aggressive violence, depending upon the quantum of Will energy present. For the spiritual person confronting a Will based entity the process can be very puzzling, intimidating, and frightening, generally due to the mental person having no knowledge, experience, tolerance, respect or acceptance for Will energies. However, the awareness principles shared and discussed elsewhere in this Mechanics of Consciousness section can help alleviate problems related to gross ignorance, and can provide all of the information and understanding necessary to effect a resolution of most, if not all, misunderstood energy situations.

A Real Life Ghostly Example

A Real Life Example of a "Big, Bad and Ferocious" Ghost

This is a true tale of imagined fright and woe, and a confused mentality that served to keep a ghostlike entity in place and viable, as well as tormented for lifetimes. But the happy and peaceful resolution was easily and quickly accomplished during the afternoon of August 7, 2009.

Casey is a young woman who had only been involved in this awareness work for about 3 months. In August of 2009, while visiting with Terry and I and doing something completely unrelated she happened to mention a "dream" that she had earlier in the morning ….

She was in a state of semi-wakefulness, after her boyfriend, Mike, had gotten up and left the bedroom. Moments later Casey had the experience of feeling a "ghost" walk up next to her while she was lying in bed. She became frightened and said that she had grabbed hold of the ghost with one arm. It struggled to get out of her grasp. While this was going on Mike returned to the room to see her struggling. He assumed that she was having a bad dream and so tried to awaken her. Prior to this morning’s event Casey had had two or three nightmares that had been terrifying to her, as well as to Mike. These exceptionally vivid and frightening dreams all occurred after getting involved in the awareness work and occurred only weeks before this more unusual and ghostly event. After Mike had awakened her from this latest "dream," they both heard footsteps and shuffling noises in their apartment, which they felt were the entity making itself known to them.

During the time that Casey was sharing this experience with me I felt the presence of the entity. Its presence was not as strong as I thought it would be, considering Mike and Casey's telling of their experience and the fact that the entity had enough energy to exhibit visual and audible signs of physical presence. But that it could possibly even be grabbed was intriguing, and this fact alone suggested an extraordinary temporal presence. Notwithstanding the apparent strength of its presence, I quickly realized that the entity only wanted enough of a connection with me to be able to establish a relatively weak communication link with Casey. As Terry pointed out later on, if the entity had completely entered into me I probably would have more or less “automatically” resolved it, since resolving the “lost” intent of disembodied entities is what I have been oriented towards doing for many years. The reason behind this kind of “safe” choice by this entity is because it specifically wanted to go back from whence it had come--its parental source or essence--effectively its "home"--which in this case was and is Casey.

 It very quickly revealed to me through a feeling connection (the energy was primarily Will oriented and I could "see" and feel its physical presence through the connection it had established with me) that at some point far in the past Casey was in a violent situation and she ended up killing her attacker. At some point during her early morning "dream" she had “relived” an experience of "snapping someone's neck," which came as a fragmented memory and so she didn't understand the relevance. After disposing of her attacker Casey judged herself and her appropriate act of self-defense as terrible and something unforgivable. This, along with many "smaller" judgmental choices, forced this now ghostly energy to physically separate from her body, leaving it essentially denied, homeless and with nowhere to go. This event very likely occurred hundreds of years ago, and this denied entity had apparently stayed close to her for all of the time elapsed up to this day, through all of Casey's lifetimes since, watching and waiting for the perfect opportunity for Casey to be triggered into remembering that old event and possibly coming to accept that her actions were not at all wrong or something to be judged as bad in any way. This, then, would allow this “lost” entity to finally become part of Casey again.

When I felt this energy and told Casey about it she was quite scared. I explained to her that it was her energy that she had denied long ago and that it wanted to reunite with her…to become integrated into her so that they could again live as one more complete being. Casey had judgments that the entity had a desire to hurt and possess her, to "take over her body" like some old Hollywood horror movie, if it were allowed to enter back into her. The entity then became very sad, warm and loving feeling…which was its way of letting me know how it feels toward Casey. I expressed this to Casey, communicating these feelings I was receiving from the entity. It had no desire to hurt her. It had been approaching her recently because of her quick understanding and strides in the inner work we are doing. Casey was becoming more aware and she has a wonderful, relatively open mind for all of the knowledge that Terry and I have been sharing with her. I'm certain that this entity was aware of this and saw an opportunity for Casey to show the same open-mindedness towards it. After explaining to Casey that I was certain that no harm would come to her if she were to allow the entity to re-integrate with her, and that her fears were totally fabricated within her mind and had no reality whatsoever, Casey still refused to open up to the entity and allow it back in. The response by the entity was very pleasantly surprising to me…to the effect that it may even have been around during Casey's learning process with us, because it responded exactly as I would have. It was enraged at Casey's lack of trust and acceptance, and it let her know it through me. I felt compelled to get up out of my chair and start pacing rapidly through the room, expressing the anger Casey was inciting from this entity with her choices. The choice by the entity was very clear to me and I expressed it to Casey. If the entity could have spoken for itself, this is what it would have said, which is very close to what it communicated to me: "Since you aren't going to accept me and welcome me back into my right place with you, you give me no alternative but to give you what you are asking for. Since you choose to see me as a terrifying ghost with intentions of harming you, then I will behave that way for you and make your life miserable!"

As you might expect, this was rather alarming to Casey. She didn't understand how her fear and lack of wanting to let this entity back into her was a choice for the entity to behave in a terrifying manor. But when you understand the simple mechanics of consciousness it is very clear. If you choose to believe the constructs of the mind as real and true then you have no openness to experience anything other than what is in your mind. You, by default, are choosing to shut out any other possibility other than what you choose to believe, whether it is real, or true, or not. If you believe in something strongly enough you will make it true by your own free Will. Casey's choice was to view this entity as a terrifying threat to her, and so, because she was not open to seeing that it was actually loving towards her, it decided to behave exactly the way Casey chose to see it. Imagine for a moment that your family misunderstood and harshly judged an action of yours and so they threw you out of their home and refused to have anything to do with you. Wouldn't you be devastated? Wouldn't you long to have communication with them to explain your intentions and to be welcomed back into their lives? Now imagine that after several decades they finally show some openness and so you approach them...only to be denied once more and asked to leave their presence. Wouldn't you become angry at their ignorance and unwillingness to be open to hearing your side? This was Casey's initial attitude toward this entity, and so the entity responded accordingly.

Now, after expressing how the entity felt after Casey's continued refusal to open herself to another possibility, one where she and the entity could live as one, harmoniously, Casey was scared and worried enough to start entertaining the new possibilities that were presented to her. She didn't like the direction that this interaction was going…enough so that she was willing to begin entertaining the idea of opening up to the entity. This little blip of time, this moment of choice was all that was needed for the entity to jump in and begin reintegrating with Casey…and I told her so. Immediately Casey felt a feeling that has become very familiar to Terry and I in this sort of situation…tears of joy. Casey began to cry. The reason is because once the entity was able to begin integrating into Casey, she could then feel the emotions the entity had been holding onto for eons. Imagine being separated by your family for a long period of time and finally being brought home to them again. All of the pain, sadness, longing to be with them, along with the joy of it all, finally coming to fruition, causes feelings to well up culminating in a moment of joyful, painful, healing tears. After the entity had completely entered into her body the integration process began. Because this was and is Casey's energy the integration process is likely to be quicker than if it were some wandering, displaced essence that wasn't originally hers. She was feeling mentally dazed and physically "light," common feelings that occur when an energy entity jumps back into someone. Shortly after this she laid down on a beanbag chair and napped for an hour or so. When she was asked about the process afterward, it was obvious to Casey that the experience of recovery and reintegrating this essence was nothing at all like the horrifying experience that she had judged it might be and expected. It turned out to be quite easy and almost unnoticeable to her. Her mental fears were the formidable ghost here, not the actual entity.

Rich Irwin

Still Need Help?

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