The Freeing of the Will

by Resolving and Freeing the Mentality

The Process of Setting Oneself Free

As I sit serenely at my computer keyboard typing happily away I am in the process of winding down from one of those wonderful awareness episodes whereby grand advances leave me tingling inside with both gratitude and excitement. Today’s lesson was about the delicate and usually unrecognized subtleties of judgment making. I have long talked and written about the effects on the mentality and the Will by making judgments, which are mentally nothing less than unrecognized punitive directives that are fixed in intent and outcome. The underlying infectious mental imprints that gave rise to the judged necessity of judgment making are ancient, but a topic that is far beyond the scope of this little document. Back to the subject at hand:  After today’s fortuitous awareness gains I noticed myself “seeing” and feeling much more deeply and in more detail than ever before. Of course, it should be quite obvious that making a judgment about something requires making a definite and intended choice of some kind—let’s define it here as the intended predominate (or macro) choice. Once made and enforced this macro judgment will thereafter affect and rigidify some aspect of the inner and outer reality experience, which is the basic but mistaken reason for creating it in the first place. Unfortunately, along with the intended predominate choice there are also some attendant and normally unrealized micro choices (or intents) associated with any major judgmental pronouncement.

The major intent behind any particular judgment tends to readily stand out and make itself known, which makes it relatively easy to identify and understand. However, what about any tiny micro and essentially collateral unintended choices that accompany the primary judgmental choice and that are also empowered right along with the major injunction? These miniscule intents can be just as detrimental and impoverishing as can be the primary choice, but they usually go quite unnoticed even in this awareness work— until a certain threshold of awareness, objectivity and sensitivity is achieved whereupon they begin to stand out amongst other judgmental rubble. Fortunately, when a major judgmental edict is resolved and forever gone the micro choices that went along with it also tend to be released and their effects eliminated. But it is common that not all collateral judgmental content is eliminated. As such, the crux of this writing is not about judgmental resolution per se, but, rather, the effects of the still effective remaining swarm of micro judgments that are still active and that continue to vigorously infect the mentality. Understanding the little micro intents goes a long way toward comprehending why freeing the Will aspect is such a challenging task and ordeal.

I have long realized that there is some kind of precursor mental intent that contributes to the making of judgments, but to “see” it developing with unparalleled clarity is a welcome step forward for me. And it makes perfect sense that for someone to be disposed to making any kind of judgment in the first place implies that there is a motive or motives underlying that of any actual primary judgmental intent. As such, any intent to judge is not only an overtly deliberate act but also one set into motion due to some premeditated, underlying choice whose existence is usually neither recognized nor acknowledged, but whose force is quite sufficient to influence and stop any free flow of the Will, and, in turn, dispose of and prevent the fluid, magical qualities of life that could otherwise be enjoyed. So, what is this unrealized intent that has gone unnoticed for so long? It is quite simple. There is an ancient choice that goes something like this: To make life work in the way it is desired it is necessary (by using some degree of coercion or force) to cause something wanted to occur (in a favorable way). This not well thought out choice was mistakenly judged to be necessary and comes out of misunderstood intent and how it influences the Will aspect, but its effect is monumental right up to this very day. If you take into account the aggregate of all the countless judgments held within the average mentality the cumulative effect, which is further amplified by the Will, is astonishingly colossal. Diminishing this combined force to levels that begin to permit the Will enough freedom, so that some degree of free expression is observable, can be a long and trying ordeal, but one that is well worth the effort. The dilemma here is that force is required to produce results that then must be opposed by an equal degree of force, which transforms anything and everything into a reality of work and toil. This is an old misunderstanding, but just a misunderstanding, nonetheless, and nothing more. What it does, right from the get go, is stop the Will from flowing freely, which, in turn, prevents you and me from effortlessly having everything we want and need without the dreary self-created pain and toil that we have come to venerate as a worthwhile trait.

The premise of having to use force in order to create something is a mistaken one. This simple misunderstanding is the genesis of all the trouble, pain and death that has enveloped mankind and just about everything else in our universe. It is resolvable, but only if the issue begetting its necessity is understood. The problem restated here is simply the idea that some degree of force must be used to create, which must then automatically inspire an equal but countermanding force in direct opposition to whatever it is that was initially wanted. This must inevitably occur, because the choice to use force requires an opposing force in order to grant the experience that a use of force is necessary. If no counter force was generated you could not have your choice for a reality that requires the use of force. That this Creation is fluid and magical is completely upset and negated, with any other option then veiled due to this single, unrealized intent that instills us to make more and more judgments and exert ever more force in an attempt to make our lives happy and prosperous, no matter that our goal is being destroyed at the most fundamental level by our own Spirit mentalities.

Thus, to get back to being omnipotent and magical one must recognize, understand and resolve the judgmental content of the mentality to the most insignificant seeming of levels, so that nothing remains to hinder the natural abilities of Creation to give that which is asked. But judgment making is NOT asking for something, it is demanding through an implied use of force, no matter that you may like to imagine that your judgmental attitudes are loving and good. To the extent that your mentality harbors judgmental content, no fluidity of the Will or its magic will be yours to have or enjoy.

To effortlessly have what it is you desire you must not judge any part or aspect of what it is you desire, or else you thwart the Will and ignorantly set up a countermanding force that must act against whatever it is that you desire. Once you establish any opposing force, you will be into toil and limitation—period! To have what you desire you must allow without wanting, without judging and without doubt or conflict of any kind or degree. The Will must be allowed to flow unimpeded, to wrap itself around the image of perfection you hold in your mentality and then let that image flow into manifestation without the least bit of interference by the inspiring mentality. But keep in mind that this is not a Will process that can be used to wield earthly power and destruction over others, for the simple reason that the Will aspect will not override the intent of others. However, it will provide the awakened and aware mentality with the outer reality life experience that it inspires, and if other beings do not appropriately fit into that reality they will either be repelled away or willfully undergo a change, so that they are an appropriate reflection, whichever shall be their voluntary choice. Thus, this force cannot be used to bully or injure others, unless, of course, the other party effectively is a co-inspirer and so chooses to use the flowing Willpower to self-injure and devastate themselves.

I have long felt a need to keep this work veiled and away from the public view, due to an abiding concern that someone might try to use it to inflict harm or vengeance on someone they dislike, to use the Willpower that can be unleashed for dastardly purposes, such as hoping to gain power and advantage over someone else for greedy gain and exploitation. However, now I am clear enough about these consciousness studies to be certain that this work cannot be used for calculated harm. The reason is actually quite simple: To get to the place whereby it becomes possible to unleash the awesome manifesting power of the Will first requires that the person resolve the vast majority of their judgmental mental content, which, of itself, removes and dispenses with the attitudes and desires that would inherently attack and vilify other beings. And as the mentality is cleared it becomes obvious that everything is just a reflection, which, if the observer is wise, can be used to further heal oneself. If someone is a dedicated bully and power hungry mental manipulator they are probably already projecting as much harm as they are able, and by trying to use this work to enhance their ability to rampage would have the unwanted consequence and effect of resolving their mental ability and desire to do so. Put another way, to include the Will aspect in their aspirations for control and power would require that the person first deal with and resolve the very judgmental content that would do harm to others, long before the Will would have the freedom to freely move. Thus, this kind of awareness work inherently protects itself from abuse, and it does so without any effort or desire on my part. Moreover, this is an attribute of this kind of inner work that I cannot alter or change. Having the power of the universe at your disposal is mutually exclusive of the desire to be an earth-bound tyrant. One can have one or the other, but not both simultaneously.

With the above said and out of the way, here it is, finally, the real secret behind this awareness work from its very inception: To allow the awesome power of the Will to hold, embrace and comfort the mentality while simultaneously and effortlessly providing all that is needed and/or desired, without effort or infringing on or limiting any other living entity. And it feels good to no longer have any reason to hold back writing about the real intent and goal. It no longer matters whether anyone thinks me crazy. If someone does and refuses so look at the possibilities it is their loss, not mine. For me (and at least one good friend) this incredible goal is now much closer and a glimmer of it seems to be within sight, but not yet actuality. I can occasionally now feel and sometimes momentarily touch the awesome reality that waits in the distance, but my Will is still reeling from exhaustion and inhibition due to my still not so squeaky-clean mentality. Until my still too judgmental mentality is further resolved and my Will aspect is refreshed and ready the magic will remain a delicious but out of reach actuality. Still, it is wonderful to feel the blissful sensations of knowing that gently arise and fill me when I allow myself to see and feel that I have forever been loved by a Creation that has always given me whatever I asked, no matter that I have been too stupid and arrogant throughout most of my existence to realize and enjoy who and what I (and we) truly are. But, then, we get it when we get it and not before.

Terry Hathaway
July 13, 2008