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Awareness Work and the Paranormal

Up to this bit of writing I have never been inclined to associate the word paranormal with this particular awareness work, not because what most people experience as paranormal is unrelated, but because the initial premise of the awareness work was to understand the underlying mechanics of all consciousness. It was cosmic in scope and was never intended to be limited to some arbitrary category, such as what might be considered paranormal, psychic, clairvoyant, telepathic, metaphysical, mystical, ghostly, spooky or poltergeist type activity or anything else that might limit its overall scope. Thus, because it was predicated on such a wide angle approach it never occurred to me to include and/or use these more self-limiting terms within the text, even though such topics can be thoroughly understood and dealt with by using the same awareness tools that apply to consciousness on a universal and all encompassing scale. But it now seems to be obvious that words like paranormal, psychic, ghost and phantom, along with the so-called evil or similar “negative energies,” a.k.a. demons, ought to be regularly admitted into the overall scheme of things, because these are words that most people tend to use when trying to describe or research unusual and unexplainable paranormal type phenomena.

Fortunately, this possible oversight was made overtly evident recently while relaxing at home on the afternoon of July 4, 2008, when a television program aired about dealing with people who exhibit paranormal talents and tendencies. To me the outright drama involved in the presentation was laughable, but it made me more aware and appreciative of the huge misunderstandings and judgmental limitations that generally prevail and that prevent well-meaning people from successfully and easily dealing with paranormally talented people and related phenomena. Stop and notice how paranormal events are almost always automatically categorized, with any disembodied entity that is judged as friendly and non-threatening being seen as a good “Spirit,” maybe even something thought to be angelic. However, if the entity is perceived as showing any sign of anger, aggressiveness and/or exhibits what is thought of as threatening behavior is automatically denounced as some sort of evil “demon,” a negative energy that must be expunged and hopefully put asunder. Unfortunately, but logically, the commonly observed leap to wild-eyed judgmental condemnation universally prevents any hope of resolution and turns what might have otherwise been a peaceful and harmonious encounter and outcome into a drama filled and often violent tragedy. It pays to understand that all entities, whether they be embodied or disembodied, are essentially the same thing and all come from the same root source. Some currently inhabit a dense physical fleshy body, while others are in a much less tangible state, for various reasons. It is the ignorant stupidity of the observer that elevates non-existent problems into full blown tribulations, with the instigating notions of good, bad and evil being squarely in the eye of the beholder. And just like trusting or dealing with people in a physical body, working with a disembodied entity is no different, albeit they present a much less corporeal presence. In all cases, what is initially judged as friendly and good can turn out to be just as vile and dangerous as for an entity who is angry and aggressive and outwardly shows its vengeful tendencies. The angelic appearing con artist with its ulterior motives exist on all levels, just as do the angry personalities who like to intimidate and take revenge.

To work effectively with any paranormal situation stop judging this and that as good, bad or evil or anything else. And stop arrogantly pretending that you know best, or that you are some kind of expert. Such attitudes will tend to trigger a violent reaction, especially from any Will oriented entities. Instead, start observing what is actually going on and work to understand why a particular energy personality expresses as “angelic,” while another rages and is vengeful. If you “see” a demon, you will have done your part in creating it. Getting away from your old, embedded attitudes and judgments will require much more than just wishful thinking. You will have to let go of your usual judgmental self and observe and feel at levels that may not be easily attainable or possible without some kind of dedicated “awareness work” first. But whatever the situation, paranormal powers and entities are all the same kind of stuff, no matter what you may choose to think, and all come from the same root sources. Moreover, disembodied entities or personalities are literally everywhere (see Spooks, Ghosts and Goblins), albeit only a few have enough power to make their presence easily known to most people. Consequently, if you are going to work with the paranormal it is your job and responsibility to really appreciate and know the subject and its myriad subtleties, as well as understand why, for instance, a particular personality chooses to be angelic or violent towards you or someone else. If you cannot or will not do this you will just feed the fires of ignorance and will sooner or later get your fingers burned by some very deserved outer reality reflection. And, so, who is willing to truly understand, to set aside mere beliefs, to go the full mile and meet Creation on an even keel? Very few, in my experience. Most people would prefer instead to rush to judgment and hold aloft a holy symbol and plea for God’s intercession (or use some equivalent ritual) so as to fight off and dispel the evil demon. Well, this only works to the extent that the opposing disembodied entity holds and/or reacts to the same belief system as you do, but it resolves nothing. As such, considering the massive societal lack of understanding and arrogant attitudes that infect the so-called loving and helpful experts on the subject, it is no wonder that people with paranormal talents and/or people who are “innocently” engulfed in frightening paranormal events often live secretive, confused and terrifying lives due to a lack of real understanding about the mechanics of their own consciousness.

Out of this single lazy afternoon’s experience I came to clearly realize that this virtually unknown “awareness work” can indeed offer a lot of immediate solace and comfort to people by aiding them in understanding what has up till now been a frightening and essentially unresolvable mystery, and it can do so quickly and easily. But there are several long known issues that have kept this awareness work far away from any semblance of public acceptance or knowledge.

Where did the name “awareness work” come from? It was simply the natural outgrowth of what started out as a unique study, and soon thereafter a small and very private study group. It was never a secret group or society, and anyone who was interested could join with no other qualification necessary. But because the work was radically unlike anything else we had ever read about, studied or encountered we had no descriptive term for it. However, because I (and later our private little study group) was interested in becoming usefully aware of the usually deemed unknowable but fundamental underpinnings of consciousness we quite simply called the process “awareness work.” This was nothing more than a quick expedient and simple way of describing what we were doing amongst ourselves—working to become more aware. As time passed and the work evolved no other naming convention ever came along that seemed more appropriate, and so the name “awareness work” has stuck to this very day. In retrospect it is a good and very accurately descriptive title, and it did not matter that anyone outside our little group never understood it. Remarkably, up to this day what term or name could better describe the purpose and substance of this kind of focused study, one that propelled us into ever greater awareness of both our inner and outer realities?

So, what to do about these apparent impediments to wider acceptance and to enjoying a greater sphere of influence? There is nothing for me to do about this other than remain open to other people looking into this work and choosing whether it suits their needs or not. The name is not a stopping point for those individuals who have the passion to succeed and are looking for something new, and who are intrigued by the unknown. If this work is for someone they will inevitably be drawn to it, perhaps stumbling upon it by what appears to be sheer accident. If so, good, but if not, that will be appropriate, too. I am not here to force change on the world, nor can I do so, except perhaps to influence my own little share and place in it. But possibly there is something you can do to enlighten yourself if you are someone who has been troubled with paranormal or other unexplainable phenomena. Here are some things you might consider when dealing with the paranormal:

Before concluding, here is another point of view on the subject of the paranormal and this awareness work. It was written by my good friend and associate, Rich Irwin, and it is in regards to the same television programs on paranormal activities that I briefly referred to above. The value in this alternate writing is that Rich expresses quite differently and often in more picturesque ways than I do, and, as he has told me many times, “I have had more practice at being human that you have.” (I take this as a compliment!) Consequently, he can often paint with words in ways that are easier for the humans to understand than can I. So, I trust that Rich’s eloquent prose may provide a greater degree of understanding, and provide some hints as to how this work may be able to assist someone in dealing with paranormal talents and events.

An Afternoon Watching the Kids
I spent a portion of my afternoon today [July 4, 2008] watching a show on A&E about psychic kids. I think I would enjoy working with kids, or anyone, who is sensitive to the so-called “paranormal,” otherworldly kinds of things that go mostly misunderstood and unaccepted in our society. These are the kinds of things that we have been dealing with on a daily basis for years. They aren’t even a big deal to us now. Most of the time we are experiencing and easily dealing with energies lurking in the background of our daily activities. These processes are so normal for us at this point that I couldn’t help but laugh at the ways the television show dramatizes situations with scary lighting and music. I guess this irreverent kind of attitude could keep some people from wanting to interact with us. Anyone who enjoys a lot of drama in their lives and making a big deal out of simple situations probably isn’t going be too receptive to us. We would probably be far too boring to have our own television show because, if history is any indicator, most so-called paranormal experiences would be over and done with long before the television crew was even ready to start rolling.

Based upon what I saw today on those television shows, Terry and I could end up playing a role in a special niche of the paranormal, which would focus on dealing with “negative energies,” sometimes, but not always, categorized as “demons.” So far, on any show that I have seen that deals with the so-called negative energies, the experts have dealt with them the same way; with condemning, fearful, hateful attitudes of denial. I can understand why this is the typical reaction. Most people respond to what they don’t understand with exactly those attitudes. What is strange to me is that I have seen many different shows where many experts have discussed spirit entities as being just like people. So, then, why not treat these so-judged “negative disembodied energies” with the same attitude, love and respect that you would a troubled person? I have successfully dealt with many such energies this very way, more than I can possibly remember, and have never had an ongoing problem with them. They are really just people with less dense bodies who are holding emotional content that has not been resolved. We simply offer acceptance, resolution and freedom, not judgmental condemnation. What would be most surprising to the uninitiated is just how quickly and easily these entities can be resolved… as long as that is what they desire. I haven’t had an interaction with an entity yet that didn’t desire resolution of some sort. And, I never had a problem with any of them because I approached them with an attitude of openness and acceptance.

As a matter of fact, I had an interesting experience after watching the last in a string of three or four “Psychic Kid” shows. There was a “demon” that was haunting the house of a young girl and her mother in Florida so fervently that they quickly grabbed a few possessions and left one night, leaving the house abandoned with most of their belongings still scattered about. At the end of the show the girl and the “experts” went into the house and confronted the entity with absolutely no empathy for it whatsoever. They all left the house with a sense of triumph from overcoming the nasty energy, whereupon I proceeded to vocally and with strong conviction invite the entity to come to me if it desired a new home with acceptance for what it was feeling. It came to me very quickly. I felt tears of joy from the entity, as if it was so happy to finally be given the acceptance it had been craving for who knows how long?

This is not to say that there aren’t entities out there that enjoy being angry, miserable and tormenting people. But there are lots of human beings just like that, too. In a case like this it makes perfect sense that the entity will be drawn to a person or people who the entity knows will be afraid and give them what they want. In cases like this one needs only to work with the human that is being targeted, help that person to resolve whatever it is that is inviting the entity to bother them, and the problem can be resolved. One question that I can imagine people asking at this juncture is, “So what if an entity does not want to be resolved and wants to stay and torment someone?” My answer is that this would be a sign that the entity is a fragment of the person and that the person has some attitudes and judgment(s) within themselves that need to be given attention to and resolved. (It just so happens that this is our specialty!) Once resolution is accomplished it will be very likely that the distressed entity will acknowledge the changes that have occurred within the person and the two can be reintroduced to one another, literally rejoining into one harmonious being. Often times there can even be benefits to the person in the form of newly gained intelligence, talents and interests that may have been previously non-existent.

Terry Hathaway
July 9, 2008