The Placeholder Construct

The Universal Placeholder Construct

There appears to be an energy construct consisting of both mental but predominantly Will saturated essence whose sole purpose is to act as a “temporary” placeholder for what seems to be a universal reality that is thereinafter projected outward. It is not an individualized entity in the common societal sense. It has only one dedicated purpose, and cannot of itself grant permission to deviate or self-indulge in its own internal logic or thinking. It is singularly unique, and it is the ultimate provisional controller of all things within the awareness of the currently observable experimental consciousness scenario in which it dominates, and this includes all observable animated and unanimated objects of all recognized kinds and types. Within the projection there is no absolute freedom for that which it creates and holds steady, only a fixed margin of what might be considered wiggle-room freedom is possible for each seemingly individualized entity, while all things as viewed from a more macro scale remain precise as defined by the strict confines and radiated intent of the placeholder construct.

Why was the placeholder construct put in place? It feels as though it was some sort of momentary snapshot of the mental condition frozen in time, so that a seed concept could be sandboxed and safely examined and studied before removing any restraints. This was done so as to determine the ideas longtime feasibility, viability, and stability, while its creative instigator purposely roamed about and lived within the projection (while in a diminished state), thereby learning about and understanding the consequences of what was to possibly be set loose as a genuinely free Creation, one in which the individualized entities were to ultimately be given full autonomy. In the meantime, while the study session and/or lesson progresses, the placeholder is to essentially remain in place unchanged, until its creator has finished experiencing and learning about the proposed outcome and any unintended consequences that may arise, and then, and only then, with the input and/or return of its creator will the construct be relaxed and/or changed. The status of this apparent study project is currently unclear, but it is thought to be nearing completion.