Spooks, Ghosts, and Goblins

and Other Disembodied Apparitions

The idea that someone can actually be confronted by a disembodied entity is usually given, at best, scant and skeptical credence, but, in fact, essence fragmentation and the countless multitude of "ghost" like apparitions the process can engender exists on a massive scale. It is just that the majority of the fragmented and consequently disconnected personality bits are far too impotent and ethereal to be noticed. But there are some relatively rare instances in which a disembodied entity still has a largely intact personality. When this is coupled with a substantial mental and Will energy reserve that has remained substantially intact, coherent, and energetically active and viable, the entity's presence can sometimes be easily felt and/or visibly observed.

The Creation of Disembodied Entities and How to Resolve Them

Have you ever wondered what might initiate and animate something as mysterious as a ghost or phantom, or any other category of disembodied entity? I can remember wanting to know answers to this kind of question a very long time ago, although at the time I had no idea how to go about learning the secrets of such phenomena. But as welcome knowledge gradually accumulated over several decades of self-inspired study and experiential discovery the answers to my old questions came pouring in with abundant color and detail, illuminating the once hidden secrets that had once mystified me. Now, today, what still mystifies me is how to accurately share this self-gained, hands-on knowledge and experience with someone else.

It was on Halloween eve, October 31, 2004, when I finally became inspired to begin writing specifically about the mysterious and spooky topic of ghosts, goblins, and disembodied energy phenomena. This evening was a festive time, when thousands of happy children dawned hideous costumes and then went about cheerfully intimidating their neighbors into handing over some candy or other sweet treat, in exchange for not committing some purportedly evil trick or deed. To get ready for this annual holiday event countless commercial enterprises had months earlier begun gearing up to supply the millions of cardboard ghosts, dangling skeletons, scary out-of-this-world apparitions, gruesome and ghoulish masks, and elaborate costumes depicting all kinds of slimy, hideous, and tortured looking creatures. What great fun it is for the young and old alike, enjoying themselves by dressing up in a horrific, gruesome, blood spattered costume and trying to scare each other nearly to death by pretending to be some kind of evil, ghoulish fiend. The more ghastly and gory the show the better it is rewarded, with honors oftentimes bestowed to the designer of the most hideous and frightening appearance. All sorts of creepy pranks and ghoulish fun were justified because everybody thinks that it is all just a good-hearted Halloween frolic, seeing it as just a fanciful pretense that really hurts no one.

But this happy mayhem joined with the celebration of tortured souls causes me to wonder: If people have such wonderful fun trying to scare each other out of their wits by imitating ghosts and grotesque fiends why, then, is anyone terrified of a real ghost or apparition? Should not the real thing be more of a thrill than a mere would be imposter? Or does this subject mimic other aspects of life, with pretense preferred over actual reality? It seems to me that mankind annually inflicts and heaps more untold horror on itself, usually by what appear to be moral, upstanding citizens, than has the sum total of all of the vaporous ghosts, ugly phantoms, and poltergeist activities ever known and/or thought to exist. So, then, why is everyone so afraid of a flimsy ghost, when the most it can probably do is yell boo?

Due to my lifelong interest and utter fascination for delving into and doing whatever is necessary to intimately understand the underlying mechanics of consciousness, which motivate and create what we normally perceive of and experience as life, I am deliberately veering away from making this writing just one more foolish haunted house story. Instead, my aim is to examine—albeit in a simplistic way for this brief spooky romp—the subject of ghosts and apparitions, and do so from a rationally energetic and causative standpoint. I attempt to accomplish this by looking "under the hood," so to speak, by taking into account and examining the various living energy interactions that conspire to give rise to what you probably choose to perceive and judge as completely baffling and mystifying phenomena. I understand that many well educated people may choose to judge this topic to be utterly crazy or unexplainable and beyond any earthly understanding, but this kind of limited thinking changes nothing, other than prevent one's ability to see and understand. Moreover, for anyone who is willing to suspend their usually closed and very judgmental mentality, along with its vast collection of arrogant notions and demands, the subject comes into focus rather easily.

Perhaps one of the major impediments to truly understanding ghosts and other so-called similar phenomenon is the tendency to think of them as something bad or evil, perhaps a Spirit (i.e., a bit of mental energy) that is relegated to inhabit some sort of hellish purgatory due to some past unacceptably evil action or deed. While this kind of inherent self-condemnation, coupled with other mechanisms, could be suitably strong motivation to trigger an event that results in some sort of ghostly phenomena, or not, it is far more likely that any apparition or sensed ethereal presence is much more than just some aimlessly wandering or evil Spirit energy. Spirit, or mental energy, is just one part or polarity of the creative aggregate, and is, in fact, the inspiring (i.e., to breathe into) non-physical aspect, which when combined with (or breathes into) the Will or physical aspect can give rise to manifest form. Thus, finding a ghost that can manifest itself in even a minor, wispy physical way and that is made up of pure Spirit energy alone is exceedingly unlikely. Nonetheless, since most people have denied themselves into being little more than just pure Spirit awareness they will naturally tend to perceive a ghost as a Spirit, while completely overlooking and dismissing anything other than the worshipped mentality. This kind of self-inflicted condition has the effect of making the Spirit oriented person unable to see, sense, or feel the Will aspect and its power and presence; even if and when they are surrounded by it and what it births into physically manifest form.

Of the countless so-called "disembodied" energies I have encountered they have all been composed of some combination of both Spirit and Will energy. Having one aspect without the other does not support life, although in many instances the apparent ratio of Spirit to Will energy might seem to be extremely large, in which case it might be convenient to say that a phantom was a Spirit. It is the apparent or effective balance of the two polarities, Spirit and Will, that determines the power and presence that a particular ghost or specter demonstrates. Curiously, only a pure Spirit energy entity, if such could exist, could be accurately described as disembodied. This is because whenever Will energy is part of the mix there will be some discernible degree of physicality, albeit perhaps not enough to generate much, if any, easily measurable density. This makes it more correct to say that a mixed aspect entity is only partially disembodied, or, conversely, perhaps only partially embodied. When the entity is dominated by an apparent preponderance of Will energy it will tend to have a stronger physical presence, and if triggered into aggressive activity it may also exhibit an unusual ability to reach out and, to some unpredictable degree, actually touch and manipulate objects in what you and I experience as a normal earthly physical reality.

Fortunately, for ease of understanding, the mechanics behind the creation and manifestation of ghostly apparitions and their like follow the same fundamental rules of consciousness as does everything else. This, of course, is inclusive of the living things generally considered to be everyday normal and knowable. The main difference between what is thought to be a normal living person versus an abnormal, vaporous ghost is the obvious quality of physical presence and density, with the degree of density being an indicator and rough measure of the relative mix of Spirit to Will energy. Consider that for a given human being there is a certain total sum quantity of mental and Will energy working together to create some sort of observable physical body, also with some discrete density value, all directed and enlivened by the quantum of inspiring mental energy. But if you instantaneously strip away the densest Will (physical) energy, i.e., the dense body, what do you have left behind? Surprisingly, creating a scenario where some sort of spontaneous "stripping" occurs is not difficult, and, in fact, this kind of process occurs on a very subtle, small scale level very frequently for most people. Every time you or someone else denies any part of themselves (in a process that I often refer to as fragmentation) a tiny bit of potentially ghostly essence is liberated, albeit too impotent and weak to be noticed by anyone but someone who is truly aware and ultra sensitive to such subtle phenomena.

It is enough for you to understand at this stage of this discussion that under the right set of circumstances it is easily possible for varying degrees of mental and the more densified Will essence to become separated away from the principle body of energy making up any individual entity, effectively leaving behind a ghostly trace, a remnant that will continue to express out any residual attitudes and emotions it holds intact. Using this logic, you might at this point jump to the mistaken conclusion that all ghostly figures are necessarily made up of comparatively less total energy than would be found in a normal human being, which ought to make sense if the majority of a person's dense body essence was suddenly stripped away. Ironically, however, this may not be the case, because there are other important factors to consider, such as when and where in a particular parental entity’s evolution a fragmentation event that gives rise to a ghost like figure occurs. Depending upon the amount of essence and power this parental source has retained the resulting child "ghost" can be made up of a surprising amount of motivating energy, and possibly even substantially exceed the total sum energy of today’s normal human being.

Notwithstanding the above, as a general rule of thumb, what might be experienced today as a ghostly figure or poltergeist will tend to be far less dense and contain much less vital energy than what we normally think of and experience as the very tangible everyday physical bodies and objects we are used to touching and manipulating. But no matter what the exact mix of relative density and/or available motivating energy the fundamental mechanics of how it all works remain essentially simple and understandable, and what applies to one situation essentially applies to any other. This adherence to the fundamental and underlying mechanics is what makes it entirely possible to observe and understand such ephemeral and intangible phenomena in a unified, logical, and predictable manner, and do so without departing from rationality or dipping into hopeful beliefs or sheer fantasy. A prerequisite for success here is that the student must have certain basic understandings of what I call the mechanics of consciousness (i.e., how, when, and why the Spirit mentality and the feeling Will aspect interact and function the way they do), and have also developed the ability to intimately feel and thereby know the entity being encountered in ways that a mentality working alone cannot even begin to appreciate.

Still, with the above said, it is almost a certainty that the immediate reaction to the appearance of some sort of "unexplainable" presence or apparition will likely be to immediately judge it as something quite unusual and frightening, perhaps evil and of the devil itself, thinking it a phenomena that is far beyond the "real" and rational world of upstanding, sensible, and sane people. Such fearful reactions will tend to cause a person to view such phenomena as utterly mysterious and possibly dangerous, and probably beyond any rational explanation, perhaps to the extent that there is no use even trying to do so. But this kind of prevailing and limited viewpoint has never provided any kind of satisfaction for me. If anything, it is the perfect reason to get excited and dig down into the subject so thoroughly and passionately that some logical sense can, sooner or later, become self-evident. Of course, any quick success in achieving this kind of unusual goal must be predicated upon having some degree of practical working knowledge of the underlying mechanics of consciousness that will be involved, which, happily for me, I have in relative abundance. But having this kind of foundational knowledge has always been the point of my personal awareness work, and so I was well prepared for extending my previous experience and knowledge into the realm of invisible presences and semi-visible apparitions when it came time for me to do so.

For the adventuresome person choosing to begin earnestly looking into this often cursed and avoided subject, they must begin by honestly examining and resolving their own subtle and blatantly obvious mental attitudes, judgmental ideas, and beliefs regarding such things as ghosts, goblins, specters, and the like. Then, they too, will sooner or later have the opportunity to touch and understand the otherwise veiled intricacies of the so-called supernatural world. However, achieving this kind of goal means truly dealing with the parts of oneself that have heretofore prevented any genuine first-hand experience and in-depth understanding of this somewhat intangible subject. Once a genuine change of attitude has occurred, accompanied by a transition to a new and more open perspective, it becomes possible to intimately interact with and oftentimes permanently resolve the motivating reasons behind a particular ghostly phenomena and/or its effects, if and whenever such is encountered.

It is vitally important to keep in mind that to accomplish what I am stating and implying in this writing is not a strictly mental process, but rather it is a complex process that requires the integration and interaction of both the mentality and the feeling Will polarities. Using the normal and usual thinking process as exemplified by modern educational schooling and practices will never work, because such mental techniques leave out the Will polarity and its feeling knowledge and ability to absolutely know, which is why the best intellectual minds are often completely unable to understand, know, and explain the underlying mechanics of ghostly apparitions and phantoms. But with sufficient Will integration I have found time and time again that I can easily and consistently apply the fundamental knowledge and techniques I have acquired to any disembodied entity, and with an almost guaranteed rate of success, the major difference between any particular entity being the total quantum of energy possessed and its expressive intent and vitality. Everything considered, however, there is little difference in dealing with any one entity over another, except that the more energetic presences can respond much more vigorously, perhaps even to some degree physically. As such, these more robust energies require more skill to work with and resolve, mainly because of the likelihood of being frightened and inadvertently triggered into a judgmental panic and then becoming lost in one’s own wild mental processes.

To the unaware eye individual "hauntings" or "visitations" might seem to be quite different in appearance, cause, and intent, but this kind of phenomena in a general sense, no matter how varied it might seem at first glance, is completely understandable and explainable in a fairly simple and consistent way. As part of my own self-awareness and personal recovery process, which has involved several decades of taking back and integrating into myself my own denied and lost parts, I became very familiar with how to deal with and recover disembodied energies ranging from tiny bits to impressively large amounts of Spirit and/or Will energy. Before long I was able and eager to do this on a daily basis, growing quickly in awareness and experience as a result. Thus, extending this talent and ability to include lost essence from entities other than myself, which had never been a part of me, was an easy and natural extension of what I had learned and was able to accomplish for myself. Consequently, I have developed the ability to effortlessly work with and sometimes assimilate and resolve increasingly large chunks of disincarnate energy, some with easily discernible personalities, while others had little or no noticeable personality at all. At the same time, however, I do not purposely go about looking for lost energy, ghosts, or any other apparitions, although I remain curious about some of the haunting incidents reported in various media. I find myself much too busy just dealing with my own lost parts, and any other random chunks of lost essence that chooses to make its way to me for acceptance and resolution each and every day. The upshot here is this: Dealing with so-called "lost" energies is something that has more or less become an automatic and routine matter for me, and that has come to take place routinely without me giving it a thought or having to do anything special.

The Process of Fragmentation

The processes initiating the creation of disembodied energies follows along perfectly with the basic mechanics of essence fragmentation, whereby a parental source personality can be induced by internal or triggering external forces, or both working together in some combination, to break itself apart into one or more child fragments. This is a process that can occur and reoccur over and over again until a once relatively powerful parental source effectively reduces itself through repeated fragmentation to nothingness. Its original personality and power will have been ignorantly distributed amongst a multitude of disconnected and next to powerless child fragments, all with little or no hint of the once omnipotent parental source remaining usefully intact. While fragmentation is essentially a simple concept, the actuality of it is greatly complicated do to the infinite attitudinal and judgmental mixes and permutations that influence and determine the internal boundaries along which a parental energy personality will tend to separate and fragment itself, all of which greatly influence and determine the content, intelligence, and desires of any resulting child fragments. A rule of thumb on fragmentation is that what tends to separate out from a parental source are those areas that are the least liked, i.e., essence holding ideas or feelings that it would like to have removed and gone from its presence and awareness. As such, any so-called apparition of any consequence, whether visible or not, tends to be the result of a parental personality fragmentation event, either of a voluntary nature or one induced by a sudden outside brute force shock. In the case of a voluntary fragmentation the resulting child will generally exhibit traits that were not liked or pleasant for the parent. In the case whereby a forcefully traumatic event and/or physical death literally causes the parental personality to rip itself apart, for instance shedding and stripping away the dense body portion of its totality before the entity can comprehend or thoughtfully react, what is left behind is essentially a relatively complete and intact personality. However, in this case, the entity will have lost the dense part of the body, but without going through the frequent energy jumps and consequential deadening that occurs during a "naturally" occurring physical death. But even then, when a "final" separation does occur during a natural death process, where the Spirit entity "gently" separates from a denied and damaged physical body, the process is still one of fragmentation, with the less-dense personality aspects lifting out, leaving behind and fragmenting out of and away from the denser Will (body) aspect.

At this point you may be questioning whether I or some nefarious energy vampire might try to steal away some of your precious personality and energy. Don’t worry. You can rest assured that neither I nor anyone else can steal energy from you or another person. This is simply not possible. Energy does not need to steal energy to be energy. No one can take energy from me, from you, or anyone else against our own energy’s volition, unless we instigate some kind of choice and action that specifically promotes and voluntarily allows a transfer to take place. People commonly push parts of themselves away through dislike and denial, which is essentially and specifically choosing to be rid of a part of the self, asking it to be fragmented out and thereafter gone and disconnected. People do this consciously or unconsciously, and whether the energy donor is fully aware of the ramifications of their choice and action, or not, does not matter. Ironically, although you might like to think that most people would tend to be protective of their personal energy make up and allotment, this is normally anything but the case. In my many years of recovery experience it is quite normal for people to actively seek out ways to get rid of certain parts of themselves, and I have had several people beg me to take away a certain energetic component and/or ability, which I cannot do. But if they persist in wanting me to have a part of themselves the most I can do is provide a welcoming refuge if and when that unwanted aspect chooses of its own volition to disconnect and move away from its parental source and take up residence in a new and welcoming host. Curiously, in my experience, the two kinds of abilities most often feared, disliked, and intentionally pushed away are (1) those associated with foretelling and/or knowing the future and (2) dealing with and understanding supernatural phenomenon, which are abilities that I personally treasure and cultivate. Thus, it should come as no surprise that I am blessed with a desire and some degree of ability to deal with, understand, and resolve unusual paranormal situations.

There is, however, one important exception to the "no taking energy from another" rule, whereupon a portion of one’s own personalized energy may of its own volition choose to jump ship, and do so against the overall desires of its parental source. This kind of spontaneous exit for a segment of one’s personal energy occurs when that portion of energy wanting escape has been and continues to be rejected and unwanted, and perhaps forced into painful compression over a prolonged period of time, and without any foreseeable possibility of change or release. Under these dire circumstances it may spontaneously separate and move to a more favorable host, all because the parental source insists on maintaining its unyielding mental attitudes and determined judgmental rigidity. Thus, depending upon the persecuted energy’s desperation for expansion and relief, this dejected essence may happily abandon its parental host and flee, so that it is free to float about on its own or move toward another individual who is likely and able to allow the acceptance necessary for resolution and complete release. But even under this kind of special circumstance any receptive entities will not have, nor could they have, stolen away any energy from someone else, because it is the denied energy itself that will have chosen to initiate and enable the jump to freedom. Any targeted recipient, if there was one, could, however, refuse the energy wanting to migrate and merge with it, pushing it away, but still the potential recipient could not have, itself, initiated the jump, except to the extent that it was a welcoming and more suitable and desirable home for the essence moving to escape an otherwise painful situation.

This kind of "jump to escape" fragmentation process goes on constantly virtually everywhere you or I might go, no matter whether I am involved in a particular gathering, event, or not. It is a common occurrence that affects us all, one way or another, although most people don’t come close to noticing or realizing how this ongoing loss of energy affects them or when it occurs. In essence, we live in a virtual cloud of cast off and denied bits of unwanted mental and feeling energies, each fragment an incomplete bit of a larger more capable personality, all coexisting and variously scattered amongst a seething multitude of disembodied blips that normally go completely unnoticed. You need not be afraid of me or anyone else who is sensitive to these disembodied energies and who are at least somewhat able to work with them. I, for instance, do not seek nor desire to take on your troubling energy denials. And please do not come running to me thinking that I can resolve your ghostly problems. What is haunting you may not want to have anything to do with me and everything to do with you, who you are, and what you have lost and need to discover and resolve about yourself. I am not in the "ghost busting" business. If paranormal events are giving you fits and sleepless nights they are best dealt with by you and/or whoever helped generate them in the first place.

It is your job to save yourself from your own self-induced pain and energy loss. Maybe this bit of writing will cause you to stop and pay attention, saving you some precious time by scaring you into realizing that you can indeed learn to understand the inexplicable in an easy and relaxed way. Whether, or not, you ever encounter any visible ghosts or other apparitions is not the value of this writing, but instead it is that you can learn to deal with your own self and all the little unrecognized and invisible ghostly bits of essence that you have to this time been unawarely creating, discarding, and pushing away due to your own ignorance of how consciousness works. By genuinely understanding the fragmentation process you can bring yourself to the place where you no longer keep on fragmenting out parts of yourself, thereby reversing a long decline that has been deadening and killing you since your inception. This is the main value of learning about how and why ghosts and any so-called demons are created, and then often endure an disembodied existence for some indefinite period of time.

If what I have alluded to here is completely new to you and totally outside the realm of the possibilities currently acceptable to you, and whether you choose to accept what I write here, or not, it does not alter that disembodied and other un-manifest energies exhibiting a discernible personality are abundantly common. Moreover, this vast cloud of mostly invisible bits of energy extends into every corner of consciousness. Yes, without any exaggeration, I do mean anywhere and everywhere! What makes the vast majority of these fragments seem elusive and completely non-existent for most people is that they are created out of a denial choice and process that similarly affects most of mankind, thus setting up a condition whereby the denied bits remain as minute "floaters" that are automatically pushed away and avoided by the denying mentalities. The situation could be likened to a little fish swimming in a vast ocean, looking everywhere for something called water and never being able to find any trace of it. Moreover, these armies of tiny and incomplete personality fragments are far from having enough energy, intent, or vitality to be visible or make themselves known in any usual sense, nor are they easily discerned or felt by anyone who does not possess an exceptionally sensitive mental and feeling awareness.

Most people prefer to just go unawarely about their business, regularly casting off little energy chunks as they stew in their own judgmental soup, stumbling through their daily business affairs, all the while judging and denying out of themselves little thoughts and feelings they do not like nor want to take responsibility for or experience. Then, as the self-induced process of aging dominates the life experience and a numb lethargy begins to overtake the body, life rapidly deteriorates into one of approaching physical death. During the final stages of accelerated lifelessness it is quite common for fairly large chunks of Spirit and Will energy to literally jump ship, bit by bit, and leaving far behind the poverty laden mentality thrashing about in its own self-styled misery. These fleeing quantums of essential life-enabling essence may just float around as a disembodied bit of spirit, or they may actively look for a suitable and friendly host entity. Then once an attractive potential home is sensed the essence then proceeds to move toward and attempt to join with and take up residence within the newly chosen entity, one deemed preferable and that has a more vital and joyous future outlook. Or the fragmented energy my take up residence in a newly developing fetus, one soon to be birthed into a new physical learning experience. The possible outcomes are nearly endless, and it is easily possible for someone you personally know to be the reincarnated result of what was once a menacing ghostly apparition, or perhaps someone who was once an integral part of you.

Some Simple Definitions

At this point it seems appropriate to become acquainted with some of the commonly used terms to describe apparent disembodied and supernatural personalities and/or entities. Hopefully this list will help to expand your awareness regarding the scope and variety of such phenomena, and also peak your interest as to the possible mechanisms behind these similar but varied phenomena as well:

Are You a Fragment?

So, why, you ask, would some parental source, whether incarnate or disembodied, choose to break itself up into two or more parts, spawning two or more fragments of itself? The answer to this question is fundamental to understanding who and what you are, and, conversely, how disembodied entities might personally relate to you. Consider this for a moment: If you are a fragment of your former self, then who are you? Where did you come from? How and why did you get to be the individualized personality that you currently think you are? What was the process that got you to where you are now, and who was your parental source? Why did you separate out of that parental source, and how many times during the process of getting to this point in time have you been a disembodied entity waiting and searching for another body to inhabit? And how many little fragments have you unawarely spawned over the eons?

Let us consider and look into the factors lying behind the multitudinous bits of denied energy that commonly float around us all like an invisible fog, and that are seemingly non-existent for those who have no awareness or acceptance for anything that they cannot physically grab hold of and then maybe dissect, mutilate, and torture. Most of these lost "floaters" are un-manifest, ultra small quantities of discrete energy, tiny personality bits that are far too diminished in energy to make any significant impact on the average person one way or another. Unless, that is, one of these little fragments chooses to take up residence in a body, such as can happen in a mother before giving birth to a child (fragment). It takes remarkably little "lost" essence to inhabit and animate a body. Look around and notice the obvious essence thinness or "emptiness" of some people. Have you ever wondered why this is so? The formation, intent, and duration of tiny personality fragments is little or no different than that for the more dramatic and energetic fully visible apparitions, and so what applies to the micro also applies equally well to the macro and consequently more potent energy expressions. But how are the more easily perceived disembodied beings formed, and why? There are basically two primary causal conditions that will be touched upon, but mixes of these two are possible and almost a foregone conclusion, albeit any complications due to mixing can be generally overlooked for the basic and simplistic explanation that follows below.

Simple Fragmentation Mechanisms

There are two commonly occurring principle conditions that greatly influence the outcome of any fragmentation event. The first is a premeditated fragmentation, whereby the process initiates through a voluntary desire for separation. This type of fragmentation can be a relatively quiet and painless affair, perhaps giving the illusion of ridding the parent of certain disliked and troubling thoughts and/or feelings, although the process permanently weakens and depresses the awareness of the parent entity. The second condition is when a totally unexpected causal event suddenly strikes, such as an instantaneous and ferociously violent trauma that results in immediate physical death, and that spontaneously induces rapid fragmentation without premeditation or forethought. This kind of intensely violent and brutal event essentially causes an instantaneous expulsion of energy that literally rips away the more densified parts of the personality and body, leaving behind a rarefied and ethereal remnant of the victim personality. Complicating this issue are mental predilections that will define certain triggered "automatic" interactions between the Spirit mentality and Will aspects immediately before and during a traumatic fragmentation event, which will inevitably work to determine the personality and Spirit to Will mix of the resulting entity.

Generally speaking, the more Will presence the more likely a disembodied personality will tend to be visible and able to interact in physically tangible ways. An example of this would be poltergeist activity, where visibility might range from nothing to a vague, indistinct, shadowy, and barely discernible presence to one that is both detailed and brightly easy to observe. In contrast, those enigmas with relatively small amounts of Will presence or vitality, such as a mentally oriented Spirit like entity, will seem electric, wispy, and possess no ability to materially interact with and move physical reality. But this does not mean that a predominantly Spirit specter cannot be readily seen and experienced in what may seem to be frightening ways, depending upon the quantity of the mental energy making up the disembodied personality.

Here are some common fragmentation attributes that describe the possible avenues for generating a disconnected personality (disembodied entity):

Premeditated creation:
Sudden and unexpected trauma induced creations:

Dealing with Triggered Entities

The greater the Will’s presence and vitality in a resulting ghostly fragment the more likely some kind of tangible physical expression will become possible. This raises the specter of a potentially unpleasant encounter. Disembodied entities that exhibit an exceptionally robust Will presence can be quite troubling for anyone who triggers them into aggressive action. Who might do this? Spiritually inclined individuals who value judgmental ideas of good and evil, positive and negative, especially if also religiously pious and righteous are really good candidates. Their judgmental mentality will be quick to condemn and deny, just like they love to judge and inflict condemnation on their own inner reality self whenever something fails to coincide with their harshly demanding attitudes and beliefs. So, then, when confronted with an apparition that triggers such embedded judgmental concepts what might happen? How would you react if you were suddenly confronted by a ghostly figure? Would you see it as beautiful, something to be loved, accepted, and respected? Or would you instantly jump to the conclusion that it was bad, evil, and something that should be damned and eliminated? If you choose to condemn, fear, and judge it as evil, and want to rid creation of such entities, what kind of reflective response might you expect? Can you recognize that your intent to condemn and to get rid of any living entity is in essence a violent and very unloving action? Is it not reasonable then to expect an appropriate reflection of aggression and/or violence in return. Violence is neither good nor bad, if and when it occurs it is just an appropriate response to your inner reality actions of equal viciousness--no more and no less.

 No matter whether you are dealing with a ghostly apparition or a real flesh and blood person what you put out is everything, and the results fed back will be an appropriate reflection. It is this reflective quality of outer reality that makes the Will polarized apparition potentially physically very disruptive, due to its ability to respond in semi-physical ways for anyone stupid enough to judge, deny, and/or attack it. Then, once the disembodied entity is triggered into an aggressive and violent response the spiritually oriented and judgmental person is probably well advised to shut up and high-tail it out of the situation. The way to deal with any apparition, especially the predominantly Will types, is to accept and love them unconditionally. Unfortunately, no one can rightly do this when their mentality is filled with better-than-thou attitudes, rigid and fixed judgmental demands, and condemning denials, especially when there is no useful Will presence capable of feeling out and knowing the situation.

Resolving Fragmented and Disembodied Energies

So, what do you do if you encounter a ghostly presence or apparition? How can you disarm and resolve the situation? The solution is so utterly simple and self-evident that nobody thinks to do it, or is unwilling to do it due to gross ignorance and arrogant mental attitudes. Treat the apparition like you would someone you respect and love, and for whom you desire a long term relationship. For all you know it is a long lost part of you, having fragmented out and leaving the both of you relatively disabled and helpless. The personality driving the apparition is little different than one driving your lover or a good friend, except perhaps that a densified physical body is absent. Introduce yourself and say hello! Enjoy the experience. It is not necessarily any different than meeting someone unexpectedly while walking down a crowded city street, except for the missing physical body.

Strike up a conversation and get to know the entity’s personality and find out what happened to it and why it is haunting or feeling inclined to taunt or threaten you. Maybe you, with a little compassion and understanding, will be able to help resolve the reasons behind it being a ghostly enigma, whereupon it can then release and be free of any past bondage. Perhaps it will even choose to merge into you, joining (or re-joining) with you in loving friendship, so that you both have more personal vitality and conscious awareness for future life experiences. I engage in this kind of extraterrestrial communication on a daily basis, sometimes so much so that I may feel it necessary to stop my worldly activities and lie down, so that I can devote myself exclusively to dealing with some discrete bit of externalized energy that is choosing to love and become a part of me once again, or perhaps even for the first time. This is a sacred and holy process for me, and it is one of the things I happily do to resolve and remove my own ignorantly inspired insanities from the earth reality, and thereby assist Creation in ultimately healing itself.

Terry Hathaway
April 23, 2006