The Supplemental Manual

Observations from Within a Heart

"For me there is only the traveling on paths that have heart, on any path that may have heart. There I travel, and the only worthwhile challenge is to traverse its full length. And there I travel, looking, looking, breathlessly." — don Juan Matus, from The Teachings of Don Juan: A Yaqui Way of Knowledge.

What is the Supplemental Manual?

Supplemental Manual Cover.

Just what is the Supplemental Manual, and what does its odd title represent? It consists of impulsive writings in regards to inner and outer reality lessons that flowed spontaneously during several years of powerfully heightened periods of conscious awareness, punctuated with instances of intense Will expansion and movement, oftentimes providing such commanding learning experiences that I was left dazed and reeling for several days afterward. It was during the years from 1991 to 1996 that the majority of this writing took place, while I was in the midst of a very fast paced, almost frenetic, learning period, carefully honing and refining my knowledge regarding the usually "unseen" fundamentals of how consciousness actually works.

Although it was originally intended that all of the awareness recovery work and the associated manual were to be kept strictly private, it was found to be dramatically effective for anyone who honestly learned how to properly use it, so much so that what started out as a simple journal was eventually edited and transformed into a moderately formalized edition thought suitable as a teaching aid. This was done so that the work could be passed on and facilitated if and when the need might arise. But even after the material was edited for additional clarity it soon became readily apparent that the book alone could never be anything more than just a supplement to actually working with people truly adept at this particular kind of awareness recovery work. This is why the manual is termed "supplemental," since no one has yet been able to successfully come close to achieving what the book suggests and implies by reading alone. The manual must be accompanied by inner and outer reality experiences that make its contents come alive and look and feel "real," a feat that to this date has only been achieved if and when the student works intimately and consistently with people who are already energetically proficient. This means that when the manual is coupled with a competent teacher and experienced facilitator, who possesses a certain threshold of awareness and personal power, the book then becomes a valuable and perhaps indispensable aid that can tip the balance toward successes that might otherwise have been unattainable.

The title, Observations from Within A Heart, is appropriately descriptive of the very process used to write the supplemental manual. Here is how to understand the reason for the title:

The subtitle to the Supplemental Manual is: A Supplemental Manual for Recovering Lost Light, Love, and Personal Power. The meaning behind the “Supplemental Manual” designation has already been explained above. But what does it mean to recover “Lost Light, Love, and Personal Power?

In retrospect, the Supplemental Manual is the culmination of a spontaneous awakening process that began slowly, but in earnest and in a recognized way circa 1969, and that reached a wave of unparalleled intensity during the early 1990s. This process more or less continues on to this very day, albeit in a more steady and relaxed way. By the mid-1980s my awareness process had quickened to the point that I knew that the mentality alone was only a part of some immense picture, and that there was a vast and alive something else that yet eluded my then relatively meager awareness attempts, but to which I was nevertheless fully committed to discover and know about on an intimate basis. I was not to be disappointed, and the aptly named Supplemental Manual is one result. The book's contents originally detailed the myriad of mystical seeming learning experiences that shaped my life beginning in 1992 up through 1996. Although some editing occurred over the following years it was toward the end of 2010 when it became quite apparent that extensive editing, revising, and updating certain parts of the text would be beneficial, so as to take into account and polish what has been discovered and put into practice since 1992. This latest editing process, begun in late 2010, set the stage for adding additional content that covered some of the things realized and/or discovered since the original writing had more or less ceased. This editing and updating process is still ongoing as of today, albeit the pace of change has now greatly slowed.

Much of the book's value lies squarely on the fact that the text was conceived and put down immediately after or oftentimes during the actual moments of discovery. It was not the product of some later on dutifully formal recollection, but instead it was generated in the heat of the moment, when my intuition, feelings, knowing, and the rush of discovery was at its maximum. The newly discovered and novel awareness milestones set forth and described were like bright and welcome beacons standing out against an otherwise bleak background. Today, however, they are no more than a commonplace but integral part of me, indistinguishable blips in what has become a colorful and vast panorama of past awareness achievements.

It is an understatement to say that I could never write this kind of book again. Those precious moments of newness that the book describes have long ago passed away and are now just a minuscule chink in the vastness of all that has been seen, felt, and learned. I no longer have the luxury of seeing things from the vantage point of a beginner, and so I can no longer write about those long-ago events in a way that might be useful to the novice. But this is the special value of the Supplemental Manual, which was sequentially written, event after event, always through the eyes of a beginner and at the peak moment of a beginner's discovery. The unique moments in time captured within the pages of the manual cannot be repeated—except perhaps by a new student ready and willing to discover the mysteries of their own unique consciousness. As for myself, the discoveries that have passed by my inner eyes are done and gone for all time, making the manual a remnant of my past, but still a useful trail of breadcrumbs that have intentionally been left behind to aid other awareness recovery adventurers.

Here is what a successful student has to say about reading the Supplemental Manual:

Beginnings Revisited
This weekend I pulled my old manual, "Observations From Within A Heart," out of storage and decided to give it a perusal just to see how it felt to me. I was a little surprised at how easy it was for me to read. I got through the first 20 pages as easily as if I had been reading any old novel, although it still stirred feelings inside that I imagine no novel would ever stir. This experience got me to dwelling on the past and my early days just starting out attempting to understand this work.

My early experience at reading the manual was very frustrating for me. I would literally have to read one sentence at a time and digest it, sometimes word by agonizing word. Oftentimes, by the time I got to the end of a sentence I couldn't remember what the beginning was, and so I'd have to start over. I remember one time in particular where I never got past one sentence of reading all day long. I must have read that sentence at least forty times. Each time I ended up confused and frustrated, as if the meaning of the collection of words would just not permeate my brain. I never understood why it was so difficult to get the words into my head and formulate images as I would do in any other bit of reading. It's not as if the manual is written in any unusual language or with big words. Regardless, the difficulty in taking it in was tremendous for me. In those early days I wanted to give up reading the manual altogether, but often times discussions with Terry would have him recommending I read various chapters relating to what we were discussing. I always followed his advice, although often begrudgingly.

Well, it has finally dawned on me why the reading was so agonizingly difficult for me, and why it may be for most anyone. Terry points out in the manual that he wrote it from the perspective of the Will and that it is laid out in a feeling way. Most books are written from a mental perspective, where the mentality organizes and plans an order that the information is presented. The manual was written primarily from emotion, with the mentality merely interpreting the feelings into words as best as Terry's vocabulary could oblige. Because the manual was written in this way, it is obvious to me now that, not only would reading the manual evoke my own Will to stir, but it would also have the effect of unraveling my mind simply because of the way it was written. This is why I would experience so much confusion during and after reading, because the simple act of reading, with the genuine intent of understanding what is meant by the words, was all that was necessary to begin the undoing of the mind, in general by means of some sort of self-induced judgmental resolution process.

So, for anyone out there reading this and who has tried or is attempting to read and comprehend the manual, you should be aware of one of the common results of judgment resolution and keep it in mind when reading gets you in a state of frustrated confusion: Confusion often results as part of the judgment resolution process. If you are diligent and really want the magic that can come from reading the words presented in the Supplemental Manual, then embrace your confusion, upsets, and emotional responses and do not fight them. It is one of the earliest signs that an awakening process has begun and that progress is, in fact, being made.

Rich Irwin
April 6, 2009

Not an Intellectual Work

The Supplemental Manual is not and was never intended to be a studied or intellectual work. Rather, it is the spontaneous result of experiences outside the realm of what most people would consider to be "normal" reality. And it may well be that people who focus entirely on the mental aspect can never expect to understand or experience it as intended. The "secret," if there is one, to seeing and feeling what is revealed in the text, lies not in the mental polarity with its busy mind and intellect—except perhaps indirectly. Instead, finding the hidden treasure requires enlivening and recovering the energetic polarity that complements the mental aspect—the Will aspect, which speaks elegantly with its intuition, feelings, knowing images, and absolute knowledge, instead of thoughts, thinking, and words. The mental aspect is only half of the big picture, the Will aspect being an equal but normally unrealized and unseen partner, which, if and when denied out of one's mental awareness can no longer be experienced as the awesome and omnipotent force and presence that it is. Fortunately for me, my Will presence had remained fairly strong in spite of my stupid mental ideas and denials, and it was free enough to move and express in ways that permitted energetic experiences that allowed my mentality the ability to clearly see, feel, and know many things that would otherwise remain hidden and be unknowable.

Unfortunately, for anyone adverse to dealing with their feeling aspect, having a great intellectual capacity alone is not enough to comprehend and know this material. Without a highly active and sustainable Will presence, which allows oneself to feel, guide, and illumine the mental aspect (which includes the mind), the otherwise isolated mentality trying to operate on its own will only lead itself further and further away from the inner knowing and glory that otherwise awaits. Please understand that getting the intended message by reading from the Supplemental Manual absolutely requires that a person have both a strong and active Will presence and that it simultaneously be allowed to integrate intimately with the mentality, so that the Will and its unique logic is part of the overall interpretive and understanding process. When these conditions are met the reader will be able to feel and interpret my words and intent in a way that is otherwise quite impossible. Put another way, the primary interpretative process must be through the feeling Will aspect, and never just the mentality, or misunderstanding and utter failure will likely be the outcome. The Will, if suitably functional, delivers the message up to a welcoming mentality, which can then comprehend and express the resultant feeling messages, knowing images, and knowledge. For the mentality that posses some useful Will presence this ability to know could aptly be described as knowing without knowing how or why it knows.

When reading this material you will note that many passages are forcefully directed at "you." The you in this case was me, not you, since these were my lessons, channeled through me and others for myself. So, as you read along do not get upset if you think that you are being forcefully yelled at. It was I who was being yelled at. Many times Creation was literally screaming at me, moving diligently and forcefully so as to get and hold my attention. Much of my cosmic schooling came at me with such vivid intensity and unrelenting ferocity that it was impossible to not get at least part of the intended message. Now, however, by reading this material, you become the student, turning the "you" that was once me into the you that is now you. So, perhaps now you are the one being loved and yelled at by a Creation moving to awaken itself to the majesty that lies hidden within, but only if you will but allow yourself to participate and see and feel the gift that is being offered.

April 23, 2018

Sharing the "How to Do It" Lessons

It is important that you realize up-front that there seems to be at least two basic, unavoidable hazards that must be faced and overcome when trying to understand and/or put into practice any of the so-called awareness material:

is cognitive dissonance. You may think that you hear or read my words, but will you actually take the time to truly know how and why I use certain words; to understand what they are intended to imply and/or convey? The standard English lexicon does not currently contain many words that are defined in such a way as to accurately convey the oftentimes intangible ideas and feelings associated with the study of inner reality consciousness, at least not to the extent and depth necessary for this particular kind of study and work. Consequently, unless the reader takes the time to know by feel and understand the nuances and enhanced and/or special meanings attributed to my words I can guarantee that the reader will have little hope of getting the intended (and therefore essentially hidden) message, instead perceiving only their old, embedded, and preconceived notions that will inevitably blind the unprepared reader, possibly causing them to wander far astray.

Secondly, and potentially the more difficult peril to resolve, this material is NOT written for a basically mentally oriented person; the message is and was fundamentally conceived by an integrated Spirit mentality and feeling Will aspect, and then put into a textual format by a Will connected mentality. This tends to make this awareness oriented content Will based, and not the usual mind based material common to the bulk of humankind. Don't know what that means? It means that unless the reader already has some substantial Will based functionality that is integrated into and with the Spirit mentality--a requirement to usefully interpret this material--or is willing to go through whatever process is necessary to recover such obligatory Will presence, this book and the work that it represents cannot be successfully understood in the way intended or made to be useful in a practical everyday way. Consider that if you are a mental oriented person it is almost a given that you will have little, if any, useful or recognized Will presence for interpretive purposes, and so recovery and reconnection to the Will aspect will be a necessary prerequisite if you desire to make full use of this material. (For a definition of Will please see the glossary)

In Conclusion: This awareness recovery work could easily turn out to be the most difficult thing you have ever attempted. Thus, it is probably best for anyone who is unwilling to put in the time necessary, so as to achieve some usable measure of the above mentioned necessities, to simply put aside any further reading and gracefully exit this awareness section. Without some degree of inherent interest, passion, and the willingness to put in the necessary learning and/or recovery effort no useful understanding or benefit can be expected or achieved.

Chapters of the Supplemental Manual

The Supplemental Manual is in use by a few people as an instructive aid, and when typos, formatting errors, and textual deficiencies are encountered they are corrected. Additionally, any past conceptual understandings recognized as unclear or inaccurate, as compared to more recent awareness discoveries, are also always updated and the idea further expounded upon if appropriate. Moreover, several completely new chapters have been added in recent years, as have a few new sections to some older previously "finished" chapters, furthering the understanding and usefulness of the topic covered. Some of the more recent changes may or may not be included in the chapter versions made available below.

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Supplemental Proofing Chapters
(Updated April 2, 2018)
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Title page; Distribution and Copyright; Legal Notices and Disclaimers; Table of Contents.

Introductory Preface

A brief explanation as to why this manual was written (leaving a trail for others).

Am I the Fool or the Hero?

A foreword message by the author, giving insight into the genesis of this material.

How to Use This Manual

To maximize the effectiveness of the supplemental manual and/or awareness recovery work follow the suggestions put forth in this chapter.

Facing into the Winds of Change

What you might experience in the way of personal change by engaging this work.

Introduction to a New Paradigm

A narration that describes how and why the current physical reality came to be.

Discovering Rules & Regulations

A beginner's guide to discovering and recognizing the plethora of judgments that infect our Spirit and its mind.

Learning to See

An introduction to idea of "seeing: in the extraordinary sense, sometimes referred to as feeling or knowing through one's eyes, but without knowing how or why one's knows.

Mental Mindmares

A primal look at the mentality and how we mistakenly use it to create an unpleasant outer reality life experience -- a mindmare.

The Judgment Jail

This chapter goes deep into the mechanics of how we incrementally imprison ourselves through judgmental imprinting and rigidity.

Reflections from Out There....

Using outer reality perceptions to see and resolve one's inner reality creative source.

Making a Decision to Live

Examining ways to deepen a mental decision to fully live while gradually releasing imprinted ideas toward inescapable death.

Learning to Love the Mind

Pushing deeper into the workings of the mind, and why it must be loved in order to resolve the inner judgmental conflicts that result in shutdown and eventual death.

Finding Your Way into Feelings

A very basic introduction into the feeling aspects of the Will.

A Body to Love

This chapter is about the experience of the personal physical body and learning to appreciate it and give it the love it deserves.

Resolving the Experience of Death

Physical death of the personal body is a self-induced experience, not a fundamental reality, and is therefore something that can be resolved if and when the causes are accurately understood.

Healing A Broken Heart

This chapter deals with the subject of Heart, and the ways in which Creation may choose to heal itself of the Spirit versus Will separation that to some extent grips all life in this Creation.

Pseudo Personality Constructs

Understanding and dealing with acquired but unrealized assimilated bits of what might be characterized as pseudo personalities.

The Art of Manifesting

An introduction into the art of directly manifesting into physical reality that which is desired, and what is necessary to recover and eventually achieve the required level of awareness.

Saying Goodbye for Now

This chapter conveys some final words and thoughts regarding the contents of this book, as well as bidding farewell to the awareness adventurer, who by this time ought to be able to carry on without additional writing in this book.

Appendix A -- Glossary

A description of terms and how they are defined and used for the awareness work.

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