Unlearning through Osmosis

Not-Doing Made Easy

Fast-Tracking the Awareness Process

It is entirely possible to discover, understand and then resolve the attitudes and judgmental content of the mentality bit by bit, and, then, as the Will becomes more and more free and responsive one can begin to resolve and recover “lost” Will. This is a process that I and at least a few other individuals I know of have been engaged in on a systematic and continuing basis. It works quite well and can ultimately undo what constitutes the mind, but it can also be a tediously slow process due to the enormous judgmental content of the mental aspect. The downside to this method is that it requires communicating and undoing that which has been chosen and/or learned and then stored (imprinted) in each and every fragmented bit of the mentality. Fortunately, it is possible to simultaneously communicate with, re-choose and resolve more than one fragmented bit at a time, since similarly associated bits can often be resolved in mass. If and when this can be accomplished it makes the process of judgmental resolution move along much faster than might otherwise be the case. However, although the process is a completely logical and a theoretically very simple one to engage and complete it is not necessarily always easy or straightforward. Communicating with any judgmental bit and successfully resolving it requires that you (the non-rigidified observing free Spirit essence acting as communicator--if you are so fortunate as to still have some free mental essence) be able to understand and then undo the imprinted logic of the judgmental bit being observed, otherwise how can unlearning occur? You might be able to clearly see and empathize with what a particular judgment is holding fixed, and want to change it, but this desire alone will not necessarily alter or change its intent or help it to relax and resolve. You must also be able to see, understand and know the mistake in judgment that occurred when the bit of mentality under scrutiny was originally rigidified.

For example, I have “known” for a long time that my body must heal itself according to what I judge to be certain logical laws of mechanical physics, and if healing does not or cannot occur in a logically specific order and follow these so-called laws than healing cannot take place. Like when building and/or repairing a bridge spanning a wide river certain foundational supporting structures must be put in place in a logical order first, before other non-supporting structures can be put together and made functional. Likewise, the human body must have certain supporting structures and organs functionally in place before other theoretically dependent tissues can be healed, repaired or built up, or even live and have any hope of surviving. This morning, while still lying in bed, I was in contact with a part of my mentality that is excellent at understanding and applying what are seen as mechanical laws governing how structures (whether of the personal body or man-made constructions) must be put together and maintained to remain functionally useful. This part of my mentality has always made it exceptionally easy for me to quickly comprehend, manipulate and deal with mechanical gadgets, machines and so forth. Naturally this same logic was applied to my own physical body, which implied, for instance, that a torn muscle or ligament could not be self-repaired unless the injured, separated parts were first mechanically pulled pack together and held in contact by some external means. Only then could the body successfully fix the damaged structure. How could this simple time-tested logic be otherwise?

I have been in touch with the part of my mentality that is mechanically gifted many times during this lifetime and I have used it to my good advantage in the “real” world time and time again, but to refute its precise logic has been impossible, since, to me, there were certain absolute and inviolable truths that had to be met—until recently, that is. But how can this be? How can something so fundamental to everything we think we know be discredited and essentially turned upside down? Well, getting to this point whereby I can begin to do this has been neither quick nor easy, but I am now at the place where I have resolved so many of my formerly indelible truths that I can now observe this mechanically oriented part of my mentality and simultaneously realize that its long held fundamental truths may not be so perfectly truthful at all. In fact, I can see and feel that what it holds may not be logical at all, but more just an accumulation of many assembled bits of independently made judgmental conclusions, which have all been tightly melded together into one logically powerful and unquestionable set of ideas, or, in other words, a belief system. These realizations of and by themselves will automatically begin to “soften” the judgmental strength of any of my still remaining and still cherished absolute truths, making it a bit easier to reconsider and/or resolve them the next time one or more of these so-called truths are triggered up for observation and review.

But how can such a fundamental truth be softened and eventually overturned, when it is backed up by centuries of exacting human experience and un-refutable scientific proof? Changing what seems like a truth requires that the mentality be able to see the error and/or mistaken perceptions involved in the original judgment making. But how can anyone do this when the mentality alone cannot see out of and beyond its own self-limiting box? Moreover, the mentality does not have the benefit of anything that it has “lost” out of its awareness through denial. This kind of self-imposed blindness can be overcome through recovery of lost parts, but any decent recovery success involves getting involved with and understanding the Will aspect. Thus, one way or another, the secret to going beyond the apparent un-refutable logic embedded within the mentality lies more within the Will aspect than it does with the mentality itself, albeit the mentality must be agreeable to allowing any reclamation process that involves Will activity. Of course, it almost goes without saying that a long term mutual cooperation between the mental and Will polarities is paramount. The more and more I open up and become integrated with the Will aspect the more I realize and know that the logic of the mind is essentially invalid—all of it—but for reasons that I feel and know due to Will contact. Putting this kind of feeling knowledge into useful words that a disconnected mentality can favorably interpret is a formidable challenge, and something that I currently cannot successfully do, especially finding words that would have any useful meaning to the uninitiated reader. Thus, happily, for me, now when I observe and communicate with solidly entrenched judgmental imprinting I have a feeling knowing imbued throughout much of my mentality that of itself can initiate a sustainable process of unlearning in any yet less aware portions of my mentality. While a great boon to speeding up my awareness process, getting to this point has taken a long, long time and has required years of what has seemed like endlessly frustrating and arduously tedious effort. But there is an easier way for the few people who manage to put themselves in such a position.

Taking the Easy Path to Unlearning

Time and time again it has been clearly demonstrated that when someone puts themselves within what I like to refer to as the “sphere-of-influence” of another individual, in this case one of an accomplished awareness facilitator, the student can learn this awareness work and resolve things much more easily and quickly than if they were to remain distant and unconnected (or untouched). How can this be, you might ask in a tone of disbelief? How can such alleged communication take place? I have written elsewhere about what I termed the “sphere-of-influence” that surrounds an individual, so the details about this kind of phenomenon can be found in the Supplemental Manual if anyone so desires to read more. But keeping the subject simple, suffice it to write that when two “spheres-of-(Will)-influence” touch and/or overlap an invisible and inaudible learning process can take place that does not directly involve the mentality, and so the lucky recipient not only gets to unlearn by remote control, but also to possibly have certain old issues resolved more or less automatically, and do so by effectively bypassing much or all of the mentality’s cantankerous mind in the process. For any facilitator with sufficient Will presence this unseen, non-vocal type of process can easily be felt and more or less completely understood.

The outward extent or edge of a strong and therefore relatively easy to detect “sphere-of-influence” varies depending upon many factors, but is mainly influenced by the amount of useable Will presence the person trying to detect it possesses. As such, a person with a strong Will presence and who is highly sensitive would tend to detect an “edge” further out (or more distant) from the radiating entity than would someone who was less sensitive, and who would only be able to detect a more energetic “edge” closer to the radiating individual. To complicate matters, it is more accurate to say there is no actual edge to a “sphere-of-influence” at all, because it essentially extends outward to what may be infinity. However, in a practical sense, it is possible to determine what more or less feels like an edge, a phenomena that equates to the threshold of sensitivity possessed by the person so making a hypothetical boundary determination. But even if no “edge” is easily discernible by either party the effectiveness of any non-verbal communication process will probably not be substantially diminished.

Over the years several scenarios of unlearning through a process that can be likened to osmosis have been observed:

  1. The person is Spirit (i.e., mentally) oriented, suggesting that whatever sum total mentality they possess is essentially disconnected from and/or has denied away any awareness of their Will aspect, even if they do have some feeble but demonstrable free Will activity and/or presence. In the case of such a highly disconnected mentality any unlearning within the very diminished Will aspect alone probably will not have any immediate or demonstrable effects or benefits observable within or for the mentality itself. However, if this person allows an awareness facilitator’s “sphere-of-influence” to literally “touch” their mentality the process of unlearning and/or dealing with new awareness concepts will be easier and faster than would otherwise be the case. However, assuming that the facilitator’s energies were allowed to make contact, once this student moves away from the facilitator’s “sphere-of-influence” most or all of the unlearning progress and/or apparent changes within the mentality may effectively disappear altogether. Progress just seemingly evaporates, and amazingly so, with the person reverting back to what they had previously “known.” They become limited in scope as before by the same old stuff held within their judgmentally fixed mentality, as though nothing new had ever taken root or penetrated. There would be little, if any, evidence of any real, long term awareness progress, which then sets the stage for an almost exact repeat of the previous unlearning session should the hopeful student choose to continue with any awareness work activities. From an awareness facilitator’s standpoint dealing with this kind of student is EXTEMELY frustrating, but it presents a challenging and profitable awareness learning situation for any facilitator. An example of this kind of “impossible” situation is aptly described in the book The Silence of Power1, by Carlos Castaneda2, when his benefactor, don Juan Matus, finally agrees to describe the challenges and benefits of dealing impeccably with Carlos. To me this passage stands out and describes the situation quite well, and also humorously.
  2. The person is Spirit (i.e., mentally) oriented, meaning they are disconnected from and/or have denied away any awareness of their Will aspect. However, in this instance, the person does have a demonstrable amount of free Will activity and/or presence. This person’s mental unlearning capabilities will tend to behave similarly to the above mentioned scenario. However, their disconnected Will aspect probably will be touched by and connect with the facilitator’s Will, or, in fact, it may even eagerly expand out and very purposely touch and co-mingle with the facilitator’s Will, whereupon it will be strongly influenced and essentially evolve itself essentially by osmosis. It will do this by taking on ideas and concepts inherent in the facilitator’s Will energies. Furthermore, being that any useful awareness facilitator will to some degree enjoy an integrated mentality, the facilitator’s Will can transmit not only the knowledge contained strictly within the facilitator’s Will aspect, but also understandings fluent within his/her mental aspect as well. This invisible, non-verbal process can assist in the resolution of old issues, as well as bring about the rapid awakening and evolution of the person’s Will aspect, filling it with new possibilities not previously inherent or realized in the person’s own mentality. Then, once the disconnected person’s Will becomes active one of two things is likely: First, and hopefully the option taken, the increased Will activity will encourage the disconnected mentality to get busy and become more aware and reconnect to the Will. Or, secondly, the activated Will may become disillusioned with the disconnected Spirit mentality that refuses to accommodate any new ideas or change and sooner or later jump to some more parental entity, one who is more on a path commensurate with the desire of the fleeing Will energies.

  3. The person is fortunately somewhat balanced, with some useable degree of integrated Spirit and Will aspect. In this case the person can easily experience quick mental unlearning, coupled with easy Will activation and substantial evolution in only a relatively short amount of time. For this fortunate category of person the mental unlearning and reorganization tends to stick and thrive even after a facilitator’s influence has been removed, with the awareness process moving more or less automatically into ever deeper levels—if and to the extend the student so chooses. Will expansion and activity can be greatly accelerated, depending upon the mentality’s willingness to find and resolve inhibiting judgments. This kind of student is the ideal, though perhaps not yet a perfect balance of Spirit and Will, but more ideal than any of the aforementioned categories, because the person possessing a useful blend of Spirit and Will often makes for a nimble and deft awareness candidate.

  4. Last to be mentioned here is the Will oriented person, with a limited amount of mentality that is often very incomplete and/or disjointed due to a history of extensive judgment making against the mental aspect and subsequent parental fragmentations leading to less and less complete child entities. The mentality in this category is usually woefully deficient and in extreme cases the person may even require constant care and/or supervision. The Will aspect will have little useful direction by the incomplete mentality and so all kinds of perceived problems, both mental and physical, are likely to ensue. When this individual is within the “sphere-of-influence” of another strongly Willed person the unlearning process can occur rapidly and without the usual interference by a competently strong and often unyielding mentality. Although Will evolution can occur quickly, once the facilitator’s influence is removed the newly “evolved” Will aspect will not be given much useful direction or support by the incomplete mentality, and so any changes in the Will aspect may not necessarily improve the person’s apparent lot in life, and may even give more power to whatever the incomplete mentality holds and can or cannot process to its benefit. Any increase in symptoms perceived to be a problem would be judged as a negative by most untrained observers. Of course, the incomplete mentality can be induced into a recovery process through triggering, but what would be required to facilitate this would probably not be judged as acceptable behavior by any persons supervising and/or that hold custody of the mentally deficient person. Consequently, the person with a highly deficient mentality and who is basically Will oriented is not a good awareness candidate due to societal inhibitions and legal issues, especially if they are the ward of some state run organization. But, then, this is understandable. Why would any sensible bureaucrat risk censure or losing their job when they can remain safe by following the established rules?

Of course, there are many permutations and combinations of the above scenarios, some of which might test the constraints of the few arbitrary categories I have suggested. Unfortunately, some of these unidentified variations include people burdened with very incomplete mentalities, resulting in such deficiencies that the person tends to be unstable and/or unsuited to making new choices or any kind of substantial and/or permanent change. Is there any awareness hope for these unlucky individuals? Who knows? If nothing else this awareness work has shown time and time again that unexpected twists and turns (a.k.a. miracles) are always possible. However, the upshot here is that the willing and able awareness student can make life much easier for themselves by simply putting themselves in an environment that facilitates awareness progress. This could mean putting oneself in the middle of people or being in some vast wilderness, whichever is appropriate and that coincidentally produces the most awareness progress. But staying safely hidden away and alone, sticking to oneself, secluding oneself in some kind of vaporous dream world, may be thought of as a safe way to conduct oneself, and to be far more comfortable than being vulnerable by exposing oneself, but it is not an effective way to have the experiences necessary to bring about fast and sustained awareness progress. Moreover, enforced isolation may be enough to prevent any truly successful awareness triggering or progress.

If you are afraid to engage outer reality you are afraid to engage yourself, one being a reflection of the other. Anytime an actual or imagined protective isolation is employed, for whatever reason, whether in the middle of a crowded city or in some vast wilderness, the results are usually very counterproductive and can result in the withdrawn awareness dabbler actually going backwards. This is because it is very easy for the vain, self-isolated armchair awareness amateur to imagine wonderful progress while completely misleading themselves. When imaginative based self-induced retracement occurs it is usually accompanied with a big gob of self-indulgent judgment making, which tends to insure that major mistakes are and will be made and securely imprinted. Thus, any real future forward progress, if such is ever chosen, will be far more difficult and tenuous than had the amateur student left any misdirected dabbling well enough alone. To briefly sum it up, if you are intending to engage in this awareness work or any other kind of inner work, or any topic, whether it be at an educational institution or something else, what tends to work best and fastest is to put oneself in an environment that facilitates forward progress in the most expeditious way. Anything less will certainly bring about difficulties and, depending upon the qualifications and inherent abilities of the student, possible failure.

One caveat: It seems that many people actually enjoy putting themselves in a difficult situation (so as to fulfill certain value judgments) and intentionally set it up so that they will fail. They do this so that they can then bow out gracefully from something they did not really want to do, but thought that they should do for whatever lame reason. Then they can tell the world that they tried valiantly and did their absolute best, but had to quit for another trumped up but socially acceptable reason. This is an old and popular ruse. But they (and we) will know inside that what was done was nothing more than a grand fabrication and nothing but a sham—an outright lie. Such actions of self-sabotage amount to nothing less than carefully premeditated and planned failure, and any person who behaves this way will do this to themselves in all other areas of their life, too. In fact, it may even be a central tendency defining their existence. In this particular awareness (or inner work) if you should choose to set yourself up in this manner and indulge in self-sabotage we will probably point it out, maybe even twice or thrice, but if you still do not wish to change your preferred “modus operandi” we will gladly let you go, to fail, to fall flat on your face. Moreover, since failure will have been shown to be your ongoing choice, as defined by your actions, we would be unloving to force change upon you by taking away your choice to fail. This brings me to the closing point: Unlearning by osmosis works easily and quickly but it is set in motion only by a mutually energetic invitation. A false or pseudo invitation by any party will not work and the motive behind it will be felt. Unlearning by osmosis is always a wholly voluntary process, and it is one that is easily prevented, interrupted and/or forever terminated by any subtle discontent radiated consciously or unconsciously by any participating entity.

Terry Hathaway
July 28, 2009


1. Castaneda, Carlos. The Power of Silence: Further Lessons of don Juan. New York: Pocket, 1987, 147-150.

2. Castaneda, Carlos (1925-1998), American anthropologist, whose books describe his supposed experiences as an apprentice to a native Mexican sorcerer.