Dead from the Beginning

but Too Dead to Notice

Healing the Not Quite Dead

Today was an interesting day. This morning another one of those semi-frequent feeling oriented knowings permeated me. It was about body, and that it can heal itself of any injury or impairment, no matter how severe, but only if the personal body’s Will currents are able to flow vibrantly and free of denial. It was nice to be able to finally feel my body so very clearly and know with such certainty. Of course, as of this moment I cannot heal myself of any ailment or injury, at least not yet. But all the signs point to some sort of ultimate success. When, however, remains a stubborn mystery.

What do I mean by saying that the body can heal itself of anything? Did I mean a cold? The Flu? Or maybe a broken arm?  But what about regenerating something like a crushed spine or amputated limb? Taking this a step further, can a broken, injured and ailing body be restored to full, youthful functionality and perfection? Yes, I feel and say, all of the aforementioned, and much more. Some place deep inside me knows this, but it is still too intangible and elusive to put to the test. Of course, to most people this will smack of madness, or maybe brainless insanity. But, still, you secretly wonder, how might such implausible nonsense be possible? The words I might utter to answer are very simple, but what lies behind them may take you a lifetime of study to understand and correctly use. Nonetheless, here goes: It requires a free Will, which requires a mentality that is disinfected of all denial and judgmental content that inhibits and condemns the Will aspect.

I once heard a tale about a great master who told his devotees, “Don’t worry; be happy.” This simple statement was apparently his answer to people’s cries for help in attaining enlightenment. His words say it all, revealing the secret, if the student can see and hear what the words truly mean. Unfortunately it may take the apprentice a lifetime of arduous study before any true usefulness can be found in these few words. In the meantime, trying to put these words to use will be futile, and forcing oneself to be happy will only lead to more and more denial and an eventual death; not enlightenment. This brief story illustrates the problem with my words, too. Misuse brings not the happiness intended, but instead more denial and misery, again ending in death. Why? Primarily, everyone tries to equate my words to what they think they already know and value, which is an egregious error that blocks and prevents any semblance of correct comprehension. It is you, the reader, who must first set aside what you already think and believe and then learn what my words actually mean, and then perhaps you will have a chance at comprehending what I have been long saying and writing. Doing this will allow you to begin successfully using my words to your own good advantage. Unfortunately, almost no one seems to be willing to let go of what they incorrectly judge to be valuable mental knowledge, and instead dip their toes into the pool of absolute knowing that comes from a free Will. It is not mental knowledge, but Will knowledge that counts here, and it surpasses anything man can do with his relatively puny mentality. The human insistence on Judging is a fatal flaw and one that I cannot fix, except for me alone; only the willing student can resolve their mentality and all of the fitful paradoxes and challenges that will surely confront them in any true awareness journey.

But, then, since we are all essentially born dead, what is there to lose by trying to awaken thy self and heal the scourge of death? It seems to be that there is very little, if anything, to lose. Ironically, although many people may ardently insist otherwise, we are all born dead, right from the very beginning with each and every incarnate body. Most everybody, however, is too dead to notice this state of affairs. Oh, yes, I can say that we are alive, but just barely. Perhaps more correctly it could be said that we are dead compared to what we could and should be, if it were not for our own self-created karma that securely holds us down. But for me today was indeed grand. My incentive to move forward is greatly enhanced due to today’s wonderful burst of awareness. In hindsight I am often surprised at how accurately the Supplemental Manual, written some ten years ago, was in describing the process of freeing the Will and attaining the kind of objectives above written, and that now excites my mentality to no end.

Terry Hathaway
February 4,2009