To Debate or To Not Debate

the possible merits of this awareness work

The Unseen Hazards of Debate...

Over the years there have been people who wanted to debate the possible merits of this awareness work, generally for no other reason than to debate. It could have been this work, or anything, as long as it was a hot debate, i.e., entertainment for the mentality. I have not engaged this kind of easily turned abusive mental activity, but for reasons that the mental debater themselves would neither understand nor anticipate. When the Will is involved in an interaction the mental desire to debate (which is often nothing more than a shabbily concealed, deliberate attack) is not a wise choice, and as such will inevitably produce results not in the vocabulary of the mentally oriented antagonist.

Many people seem to endlessly enjoy debating anything and everything, but this awareness work is not debatable by me or anyone who knows it. It is, however, open to inquisitive discussion, but not debate. Do you think this stance is arrogant? If so, that is your reflection, you being an arrogant mentality that wants to attack through the guise of debate. There is a good reason why this work is not debatable, but that will probably remain unrecognized if and until the eager debater is willing to learn about the Will aspect and the ramifications in misunderstanding it and its tendency toward potent responses.

I can almost guarantee that most anyone wanting to debate is a mentally oriented person, i.e., disconnected and devoid of any significant Will presence and integration. Believe me when I write that anyone with even a basic understanding of the Will aspect would deftly step away from any hint of aggression toward an entity capable of strong Will responses. And ignorance of the Will is not a workable solution when dealing with intense Will oriented responses. But the disconnected mentality cannot know this of the Will or anticipate what may come its way as a result of its harsh and vindictive temperament. Such a mentality could be likened to an engine with a broken governor, it just runs wild until it finally wrecks itself and maybe other things nearby.

Unfortunately, a disconnected mentality cannot understand nor foresee the effect its attack, whether through debate or any other mode, has on the Will aspect. One of two general outcomes can be expected:

  1. The Will readily responds to the inspiration of the mentality that dislikes it by immediately recoiling and moving away from the condemning source, no matter how slight the assault might be, with the rate and depth of withdrawal depending upon the hating mentality. This withdrawal does not come out of fear of the mentality, but rather it is the loving response to the mentality and its desires to be rid of the Will, whether this is realized or unconscious and in denial. Think of the Will as acting like a Tiger not wanting to confront a noisy, unaware human thrashing through the jungle, and so it quietly moves away from the noise so as to avoid any interaction—the oblivious human never realizing the tiger's presence. When you attack and/or condemn the Will you are essentially asking for that aspect of Creation to be absent, gone and away from your presence and awareness, and the Will so responds. It is because of this kind of rampant misunderstanding and attitude that you and most other people no longer have any useful Will presence remaining. This, then, leaves you adrift, Will-less and therefore lost in a physical reality that seems to be relatively unresponsive and that confounds, taunts and persecutes you for reasons you are unable to recognize or comprehend.. Thus, your mental desire to assail through the generally acceptable modality of debate, coupled with a myriad of other concealed attitudes directed against the Will aspect, has brought you the very hell on earth that you try your best to mitigate and avoid by mental means.
  2. When an attack is launched that has the intent of doing overt harm against a person with a substantial Will presence it may, instead of retreating, immediately move toward the threat while responding with a genuine, unflinching degree of honest ferocity that will probably thoroughly terrify the opposing disconnected mentality, while at the same time mirroring the intensity of any damaging intent held by the assailing Spirit mentality. As an analogy, consider a situation whereby a human intentionally corners and attacks a tiger, causing the animal to feel threatened and as though it must fight the opposing human in order to save its life. This brings to mind the old television commercial from whence comes the ditty, “It’s not nice to fool with Mother Nature.” How true this is! The Will is the “Mother,” the aspect that births physical reality. Deliberately teasing and “fooling” with it can inadvertently produce physical responses and manifest results and experiences that you will probably not like or understand due to their unrelenting ferocity. And the more you try to talk or wiggle your way out of any such situation, the worse and more intense it will get. The way out of this kind of situation is for the opposing (and inspiring) mentality to drop its spiteful intent, whereupon the Will can then respond by quickly returning to rest, as though nothing traumatic had ever happened.

Since this awareness work purposely cleans up the mentality in preparation for reuniting it with its “lost” Will, it almost goes without saying that during this process reinvigoration of the Will aspect is also initiated, so as to eventually heal and bring together the total being. It is the apparent Will volatility characteristic of people engaged in this kind of awareness work that renders debate useless for anyone who might really want to learn about this work and any potential benefits to be achieved. On the other hand, if you are a vicious mentality always trying to attack you will only end up pushing away any chance of experiencing and learning about the very knowledge that might help you recover from the misery and death that confronts every lost soul. The Will is easily capable of gently guiding you to your right place and home, or to give you a well deserved bonking that you cannot avoid and will likely never forget. Which option you earn and receive will depend upon various factors, such as your overall intent, level of love or aggressiveness and/or the degree of openness or judgmental rigidity. The exact trigger point that determines which way the pendulum will swing is a process that occurs outside of the mentality and within the Will essence, and then once the choice is made it becomes nearly unalterable, except if and when the entity intending the attack pulls back, relents and quiets their mentality, thereby, in turn, inspiring and allowing the Will generated reflections of hostility to subside and release.

Dealing with the Will is not in anyway like dealing with a mentality alone. The Will can literally save your ass, your life and lead you home to safety if you have the presence to follow its guiding feelings. But if you want such a super savior to come to your rescue it must be invited and given complete acceptance. If throwing stones is what brings you joy then the Will and healing is not what you will receive in return. Anyone, even those who think themselves to be loving, but who also harbor some degree of denial, skepticism, condemnation, desire to debate, to critically examine or denigrate this work, can expect a withdrawal response by the Will aspect. And when this happens you will not see it in action or know of its existence, and so withdrawal and apparent invisibility will be the correct response, thereby reflecting your own desire to be Will-less. This means that you will have forfeited any benefits of having a Will or the vast knowledge that it can provide. It also means that you will be nothing more that just another “dry” Spirit mentality roaming the planet without the scope of awareness or enlightenment necessary to ever realize the majesty and holiness that would otherwise be yours for the asking.

In Summary

In summary, anyone intent on debating will not be able to accomplish much of anything in this particular awareness work. Conversely, anyone doing this awareness work will likely be repelled by anyone wanting to debate. Nonetheless, there is an advantage for the awareness student who chooses to deal with a debating mentality. The student, in this case, will get to work with their own Will and deal with any mental judgments and embedded attitudes that still inhibit and distort their Will responses. But it is probably safe to say that the mental debater will not much enjoy the outcome of any such mutual interaction. For those who may want to excel in this work they must let go of debating, both within themselves and with anyone else. The student must come to fully understand their mentality and how it affects absolutely everything; otherwise they will unwittingly push away and quash any hope of ever discovering the Will aspect and the miracles it beholds. Any mentality can choose to remain arrogant and stubborn, while few have the courage and honest desire to let go of embedded and oftentimes cherished corrosive attitudes and judgments. We all have free Will, but if you do not like what you have drawn onto yourself you may want to reevaluate what you stubbornly hold in your mental aspect and how it affects all that you are and everything in and around you without end. If you are still stuck on debating look and see if it has gotten you the happy results you truly want?

Terry Hathaway
February 20, 2008