When a Decision "Goes Down"

Mental Only versus Will Energized Decisions

The Reality of Decisions

Recently it has come to my attention that my awareness career will be undergoing some major changes, probably in the near future. Up to today this work for me has consisted mostly of (1) understanding and dealing with the mental apparatus and its mind, (2) understanding, decompressing and reintegrating the Will aspect and (3) many years of preliminary work with the personal body in the area of diet, exercise and feeling out its Will oriented communication network, which far surpasses the autonomic nervous system. But for the last few days I have been getting some strong feeling impulses and a few bright mental “insights” more or less telling me that my focus needs to shift away from my previous focus to mastering the body and the rest of the physical realm. Needless to say, this will present some challenges that appear monumental and virtually insurmountable at this moment. This will not be the first time that I have faced what seemed like impossible odds in this work, and so I expect that, as usual, something quite unexpected and surprising will occur in due time that will lessen the odds of difficulty and open up a tangible path for me to follow.

Concentrating my energies on mastering the personal body, and at some point the physical universe, naturally means letting go of much of what is left of the attachments I still hold onto and that require me to live in and experience what could be termed a normal earthly reality—the outer reality experience that most people consider to be all that exists. But to continue my journey and for me to go where I need to go next the old attachments must be relaxed and resolved, because they will generate enough force to hold me back in a physical reality that I do not truly like or enjoy. Thus it is, my mentality has been very busy the last few days, as various parts of it deal with the prospect of having to let go of their previous purpose and intent. The internal gears have been grinding mightily, but smoothly with no agitation or remorse, as they go about diligently assessing their previous imprinting, choices and whether they want to let them go now, or not. These parts know what to do and how to do it, and once energized with a purpose they need no further direction or interference by my uppermost levels of mental awareness. Then, this afternoon (December 19, 2008) about 4:00 o’clock all of this mental activity spontaneously culminated in a unanimous choice and decision, whereupon the new decision immediately “went down” all the way.

What do I mean by this? There is more than one way to make a decision. It can be wholly mental, for instance, and essentially affect just the mentality. This is the kind of decision making that most people recognize and utilize, and it may be the only kind of decision making that most people understand or can cause to occur. But there can be a lot more to decision making than limiting it to process of nothing more than a mental exercise. When a decision is strictly mental it stays in the area of the head. However, when a decision “goes down” it can be felt to literally descend downward from the head, to travel or move down, sometimes almost instantly, from the head to a lower part of the body. Of course the decision can go down just a little bit, or it can go all the way down into the gut, and the further down it goes the more power to the decision. The next time you make a decision pay attention and notice where it occurs, i.e., where in your head is the process centered? It is near the top of your head, the middle, to one side, or near the bottom? Does it move within your head after you make a decision? Also, see if you can notice that the area of your head in which the decision occurs will influence the outcome of the decision, but for reasons beyond the scope of this brief article.

For no other reason than simplicity (and perhaps laziness), there are three general regions of the body that I use as a measure of decisional effectiveness, (1) the head, (2) the Heart area, and (3) the gut or personal seat of the Will aspect. When a decision stays wholly within the head it is basically nothing more than a mental decision, and while it may demonstrably improve my life experience in some manipulated way, it will probably have little or no immediate effect on my physical condition or situation, which is to be expected. If the decision reaches the Heart area it can be reasonably expected that some sort of outer reality experience representing that decision will be forthcoming and presented in a concrete, touchable way. Thus, my physical condition and/or situation will tend to be altered in accordance with the directives of the decision. But when the decision goes “all the way down” and stirs the gut, as did today’s decision, it can be anticipated that one’s inner and outer realty experience will be substantially altered and energized with some sort of more or less profound experience in the not too distant future. How long it will take depends upon what inhibiting imprinting and judgmental content remains active within the mentality. Moreover, once a decision energizes the Will center the processes it ignites may tend to be external to the awareness of the mentality, until, that is, such time as the results begin to become physically apparent and/or manifest.

At the moment of this writing all seems restful inside, and I have no clue how long it will be before something useful and/or unusual occurs, if at all. Nonetheless, I can feel that some of the still slightly resistant attachments are softening, their relative importance ebbing and the mental structures that support them are beginning to dissolve away. I wonder, am I ready for what is coming next? I have diligently done my inner work for several decades now in anticipation of getting myself ready for the marvelous awareness opportunity that seems soon to greet me. The awareness principles I need to build upon are in place and I am emotionally eager and ready to go on when the moment of transition makes itself known. Now there is little more for me to do but go on with my life as a currently know it, while I patiently wait, but at least I know what I am waiting for.

Terry Hathaway
December 21, 2008