What is Heart?

Defining Heart Consciousness

The Meaning of (Capitalized) Heart

What is a person of Heart? What is Heart (capitalized) in the context of this awareness work? It is probably the case that if you ask most people what is meant by having Heart they will respond by saying that it means you care for someone or people in general, that you are a loving, compassionate, magnanimous, and happily generous person, perhaps to a fault. But that is not at all close to the definition of Heart as used in this awareness work, although a person with Heart may exhibit what is perceived by many people as being loving, compassionate, and wholly generous. So, then, what is Heart?

By definition any entity can be said to have and be of Heart, but only if and when the following energy requirements are met: Heart is a condition and state of consciousness that arises if and when an entity embraces and substantially embodies an integrated and/or equal balance between the Spirit and Will aspects. Ideally this would mean that a Heart entity is 50% Spirit and 50% Will polarity, all of which is intimately integrated and equally dispersed throughout the totality of the entity with no limiting mental attitudes or judgments to interfere with the equal balance and expression of and between the two energy aspects. This ideal mix may have existed at some point in time before the tumultuous and disruptive beginning of this Creation, but after the opening explosive judgmental acceleration had done its job the resulting child fragments were no longer complete or perfectly balanced. They ranged from a comparatively few fragments who still retained a useable degree of Spirit and Will balance, although that balance was no longer a perfect mix, to countless multitudes of frazzled, polarized bits of essence that no longer enjoyed any kind of useful and expressive Spirit/Will balance whatsoever.

Depending upon the situation, there are several ways I refer to Heart entities, as follows:

It is important for anyone trying to understand this concept to realize that any entity, whether currently devoid of any useful balance between the Spirit and Will aspects, or not, can fully recover and enjoy a true Heart balance condition, but only if and when they are totally willing to do so. However, the hero choosing to go this path of recovery must also realize that achieving such a state of being will probably take a lot of self-motivation and unrelenting perseverance coupled with a heap of very frustrating and painstaking effort. This is not because reacquiring a Spirit/Will balance is inherently difficult, but rather because the Spirit mentality of most beings will choose to fight tooth and nail against any real and deeply abiding change by defending and holding onto old attitudes, judgments and beliefs, whether they bring misery and death, or not.

I can tell you from personal experience and without hesitation that a number of good intended people have embarked on such a journey, but all soon failed, due to embedded judgmental opposition to change and the Will aspect that the person refused to accept, deal with and resolve. It is one thing to give lofty sounding lip service to healing, but quite another to actually do it when massive changes and the near complete reversal of one’s mental attitudes and values must be faced and successfully dealt with and resolved.

So where am I on this journey? I have been and I am still working diligently away, bit by bit, resolving still resistant parts of my mentality with each waking hour. And my Will aspect is much freer than it was just a few years ago. There is a lot of good motivation to keep me going, which results from the fact that I can still remember how it felt to be of Heart, as well as magically powerful and orgasmic, too.

Terry Hathaway
November 22, 2005