Ignition versus Refusal

Ignition and the Will

Ignition of the Will is when it spontaneously erupts, unable to hold back old, suppressed expressions any longer, pushing aside the mentality in the process. In extreme cases, the mentality blacks out (it may actually lift out temporarily, leaving the body behind entirely) while the body carries on by itself, acting out whatever repressed emotions and feelings are demanding release. Then, once most of the emotional "pressure" has been released, the Will collapses again, with the mentality returning to its former state of consciousness, sometimes having little or no recollection of what happened during the uninvited and spontaneous Will release.

To the unaware this can be a terrifying process, many people being jailed for "heinous" crimes that they mentally have no idea they committed. However, for the aware person who knows the Will and how to deal with old unexpressed issues, an ignition event can be an enjoyable and harmless experience, bringing not only the release of old patterns but an overall startlingly abrupt advance in awareness and understanding.

Incidents involving ignition of the Will are fairly common, and while such events ought to be respected, they need not be feared or dangerous for anyone. However, being that almost any overt expression in the U.S. can easily lead to incarceration, fines, or expulsion it is unlikely that any useful degree of healing or understanding is likely to occur while in a public arena. Actually, looking at the legal system, which excels at tying everything up into knots, the forceful and overbearing policing being used throughout and the medical industry trying its best to hold down all unwanted body expressions it is easy to see why everyone is becoming ever more dead, the country as a whole more lifeless, and people everywhere unable to easily accomplish what twenty years ago was a simple and quickly accomplished task.

For any of us who have been around for a long time, and who have also been paying attention, the degradation of abilities and loss of "common sense" is utterly shocking. Recently a brief teaser from a television news program caught my attention, as images of a man fighting with himself flashed across the screen. The announcer talked about the growing problem of people who were losing control of their bodies, wondering if a cure might someday be available. Several short video-clips demonstrating examples of the so-called "problem" were shown, two of them mentioned briefly here:

  1. A man was shown who could not hang up and let go of the headset for his telephone. He was almost violently fighting what his stubborn left hand was doing with his still in control right hand. He was getting nowhere fast, the comical fighting of other parts of himself being depicted very graphically.
  2. In another case, a woman was trying to button up the front of her dress, but her hands refused to do what she wanted to do. She just stood helplessly as her hands flailed about doing their own thing.

Are these just reflections showing how the person fights with themselves? Are these some kind of "mild" forms of Will ignition? Or is it something much more significant, such as the beginning signs of a generalized refusal by the Will to continue creating the pain, denial, and death that most of mankind seems unawarely desperate to maintain? If so, will a generalized "refusal" event occur? I cannot say for certain, although I have speculated for several years that some kind of overt refusal by the body to continue following the commands and edicts of a disconnected mentality might become a widespread phenomenon. Without question, the mental aspect has been losing effective control over the physical aspect of Creation for a very long time. The personal body and the greater body of the Will have been reflecting the growing weakness, immobility, lethargy, and death constantly being ever more intensely created. But the personal body up to this time does not seem to have flagrantly disregarded and/or refused to follow the desires and edicts of the mind.

A refusal event differs from a Will ignition in one very critical way, in that it is not a release of old stuff, but rather it is a new action initiated by the Will aspect itself, independent of the mental aspect altogether. Although this kind of Will centered action may be the result of past mental choices and attitudes, it could signal the onset of a condition whereby the mentality looses any last vestige of control over the Will/body aspect. If I am correct in what I seem to be observing, the ramifications will be mind-blowing for most people, literally so, especially for anyone who desires to remain unaware and keep things in denial. The inferences here ought to concern anybody who is alive, no matter to what degree.

A Hint of Refusal

I have experienced many easily dealt with Will ignitions (i.e., the release of old emotions), but I have encountered only one incident when my body approached what I would call a refusal to follow what my mentality wanted. It happened during the mid 1980s, after I had undergone some very extensive dental reconstruction work. Over a period of several months I had spent many eight and nine hour days in a dental chair, being filled with local anesthetics that were becoming increasingly ineffective, forcing me to feel the pain and torture being perpetrated on my body.

My mouth filled with gleaming new crowns I went to my dentist for a check-up and any follow-up work that might be needed. I was lying comfortably in the dentist’s chair, as my dentist, who was very talented and "gentle," started probing around in my mouth. Suddenly, as I watched in amazement, my body commenced to shake violently, my legs moving of their own accord, proceeding to get up and literally jump me out of a dentist’s chair and run. It was only a superficial dental examination, so I was able to quickly convince my body that it would not be tortured this time. It settled down only after I promised it that I’d never ever again allow it to be harmed by a dentist. That was the last time I was in a dentist’s office, and it may well be the last time ever, no matter what happens to my new crowns and remaining teeth.

This incident was just one in a series of events that have taught me well that my personal body is not just a piece of meat that I can forever manipulate and torture without some kind of eventual consequence, a consequence much more significant and far reaching that my mind had heretofore thought possible. The body, at least my personal body, has its own intelligence and directives, and works with me, giving me a body to enjoy as long as it so chooses. Regrettably I am still too disconnected and unaware to realize the full extent of my body’s intelligence, and my consequential mental unintelligence. Still, I do now know that my body can do what it pleases, breaking away from my mental control if and when it so chooses, although it seems less likely to do so as I love and respect it more and more. The miracle is that it did not long ago revolt and leave me out in the cold, being that I have, up until recently, been so stupidly unaware, unloving, and disrespectful of it.

The mere fact that my body has stayed with me through all the horrors I have laid upon it is just one of the many indicators that we have all have been incredibly loved by this Creation. It has given us all the pain, misery, and bodily torture we have ignorantly asked and prayed to receive. But, just how much pain Creation can hold or is willing to bear on our behalf, while most of mankind refuses to see, feel, and/or take responsibility for what the Will, in particular, is having to hold and suffer, is the big question.

For many years now I have been suspecting that the Will aspect can and may, at its discretion, reach some threshold point whereby it chooses to stop doggedly creating or following the commands of what seems like an increasingly unloving mental aspect. It seems to me that as people in general choose to ever more overtly maim, disrespect, and kill off parts of the physical body a turning point will be reached whereupon the effective dominant choice — whether by the mentality, the Will, or both — becomes one of total disconnection from the physical aspect. At this point, the body energies may become quite free to do as they so please, without any further concern or intent to follow what any previously associated mentality desires or asks.

For anyone who is to sooner or later experience this kind of total disconnection it may well be the ultimate horror, living in a Creation that no longer has any regard for them, a proper reflection, as Creation and the Will follows its own course, returning to a state of Will/mental balance regardless of what the offending mental aspect wants or likes. While to me this prospect seems exciting, as I am willing to embrace and respect the changes that will doubtlessly occur, it may well seem like an end-of-the-world type event for anyone who has created and then resists such an outcome.

Keep in mind here, what I am writing about is not just another temporary and relatively short duration ignition of the Will, a state whereby the Will temporarily overrides the mentality and releases whatever emotional issues can no longer be held in check. Ignition is a temporary thing, after which everything seems to return to "normal." Outright and complete disconnection and refusal by the Will to follow the desires of any arrogantly minded mentality could conceivable end up being a more or less permanent condition, and, as such, would make an ordinary, run-of-the-mill Will ignition event look like child’s play. Whether, or not, such a thing is in the cards is anybody’s guess, but there are some enactments taking place in the World that seem to suggest this kind of thing is a possibility, if not already in its infant stage.

Terry Hathaway
March 24, 1999