The Invitation

An Invitation to the Will and its Body

The Process of Achieving Ultimate Perfection

Many years ago, way back in the early 1990s, when I was in an accelerated learning period about the Will aspect, I had some startling and very informative experiences that taught me a lot about the Will and how and why it responds the way it does. Ultimately I enjoyed a climatic window of time in which I had achieved what some said was impossible. I was actually able to “see” my Will in its undisturbed state, and even allow it to reach out and literally “touch” my mentality, a first step and precursor to an astounding increase in further integrating my mentality and Will aspect. It was a magnificent time, a major inflexion point in my awareness journey. It is a memory that is as clear today as it was back when those remarkable events took place. Probably the most outstanding thing I learned was that looking at the Will with any active judgmental intent or force totally alters and perverts what it is in its natural state, making it impossible to see and/or know the Will aspect for what it actually is. Unless the mentality is clear and totally accepting, absolutely devoid of any need or desire at the moment of observation, one can only see the manifestation inspired by the judgmental eyes doing the looking, seeing only one’s inspired creation and not the Will itself.

To truly be with the Will in its natural state is a remarkable thing, but it is mandatory that the mentality be at ease and fully open with untainted acceptance for it and everything about it. Although I have been able to achieve such states of sublime consciousness for a brief duration, I soon chose to fall back into a less pure state and once again end up dealing with the mundane clutter still infecting my mentality. Getting to know the Will is quite challenging. It cannot be forced to make itself evident and known, because the slightest hint of force or desire is a choice that must cause the Will to react and appear to be whatever the mentality expects and/or thinks right. Thus, to see the un-seeable requires that the mentality eschew any idea of force, judgmental coercion or pretense, all of which generate a condition that automatically veils that which is desired to be observed. Taking this a step further, for a mental desire to take on perfect manifest form the initiating choice (or template) must exist and rest within the mentality without any lingering intent to push or force, otherwise the desired manifestation cannot come into being without some degree of perversion.

Those old lessons about the Will aspect, although now long ago past, can be applied equally well to the physical body, which is a much more densified manifestation of the Will. Considering the aforementioned, any desire to heal the body is essentially a push, a forceful intent and exertion of some degree of force, albeit oftentimes a force that is concealed by righteous ideas of what love is or ought to be. Regardless of any pretended love or other “good” intent, any kind of aggressively forceful approach will not work in the way hoped, and will only push away the healing that is perhaps desperately wanted. Why must healing be pushed aside? It is simple. The choice here is to heal, which is a choice for process. Being healed (without effort or process) and choosing to be healed bring about very different results. The former is a state of being, of perfection, while the latter is a choice for forceful process. Now, someone will no doubt point out that some religious people, for instance, have witnessed healing miracles due to their belief in some kind of divine intervention. But if one looks at the belief system and the emotional movement that is often allowed to occur it becomes obvious that under certain circumstances a “healing” can indeed occur, when the conditions of the belief system blend together in such a way as to allow the “mental image and knowing” to join with the movement of gut feelings in ways that allow the Will to move in what amounts to an “invitation.”

However, the bad news here is that anybody who relies upon the conventional wisdom of contemporary medical science to heal the body is actually in a pitched battle against the Will, whereby the body must gradually fall prey to a perhaps prolonged, but morose death. The best that medical science can do is to stretch out and delay the dying process by inhibiting or cutting away symptoms that might otherwise more quickly ravage the body. This is not to say that someone should avoid medical science, as it is a possibility that the art of modern medicine could keep the body alive long enough for someone to become self-aware enough to resolve the issue at hand. Even such a seemingly trivial task such a brushing your teeth can have the effect of inviting exactly what it is you do not want. Why do your brush your teeth? Whatever reason you choose is more than likely one of hoping to force the body to behave a certain way, in this case to keep your teeth from rotting. But, then, after reading this, even if you choose not to brush your teeth, you are still trying to force the body to behave in a certain way. Now, you will be going against your earlier judgmental notion that you need to brush your teeth, adding power to the original idea while pretending that by not brushing your teeth you will not be forcing your body to adjust its behavior. Now, your teeth may actually rot twice as fast, unless you resolve the judgmental content held within the mentality that believes it necessary to push and force the body.

The trick to keeping the body refreshed and vitally alive indefinitely is to put the body, i.e., the densified manifestation of the Will aspect, in an environment where it is welcomed and nurtured, and invited to live but without any force or desire to make it do so. Yes, this is another one of those pesky awareness paradoxes: How to get what it is you want without wanting to get it. East to say, but usually quite difficult to accomplish, although such a thing is indeed possible. To accomplish this kind of thing you must be very intimately familiar with your mentality and how it functions, and why, and then go about resolving at least a majority of the forceful impositions the mentality insists on maintaining. Once you do this and clear away and resolve the major judgmental contaminants blocking your inner vision it becomes relatively easy to feel and understand how the paradoxical feat of obtaining that which is inspired, but not wanted, can be invited and made manifest.

Terry Hathaway
July 27, 2008