The Art and Power of Misdirection

A Magician's Best Friend

The Art of Perfect Misdirection...

Misdirection is a recognized and valuable tool of magicians and tacticians of many sorts. It has many practical uses in the “real” world. If you are a magician, for instance, you cannot do without some degree of practiced misdirection. A magician may use misdirection to focus your attention on some irrelevant object, such as a shiny coin, an assistant, or whatever, while the otherwise obvious subject and/or object of the trick remains “hidden,” ready to magically “appear” when the magician so desires by redirecting your point of attention. But on a much larger scale, misdirection is all powerful when the subject turns to true awareness achievement, and it is the major issue to deal with—the mind with its incessantly urgent need to redirect. It could even be said that all thinking is a deliberate act of redirection and that this misdirection is the purpose of the mind. There is an old axiom in this awareness work, which goes like this: “Nothing is real, only your experience of it is real.”

What does this statement mean? Nothing is real. Yes, that is what it means, absolutely nothing is real. You project your own learned version of the world onto a blank screen, an energy matrix that reflects back to you whatever you choose to see as real. And then you are constantly misdirected by this self-inflicted perception, which is the illusion you choose and then believe and insist is real, while the underlying mechanics of consciousness go completely unseen. Life as people know it, the “real” world, is the misdirection, and it is all encompassing, and it grips you relentlessly.

So, do you imagine that you want to be successful with this awareness work and achieve miracles? Can you give up everything that misdirects your attention and ability to see, so that you can see and know what is really going on behind the scenes? Consider for a moment, do you have the courage to let go of all that you have erroneously believed was true and real, and then step out of your old matrix of self-deception and look the root of consciousness directly in the eye? If you can do this, which is easy to say, but may be almost impossible to do, you will no longer be the victim of the perceived world that has held you captive and seemingly tormented you for lifetimes. But, then, once you can see behind the veil will you be willing to deal with the fundamental, motivating energies that create your life experience? If you are, and if you can, you shall finally begin to find yourself and perhaps fulfill the goal of your ancient heritage. Finding the way to do just this, in a nutshell, is the underlying and main goal of this awareness work, something that few, other than myself, have yet realized due to their desire for and addiction to complete and total misdirection.

Terry Hathaway
February 3, 2008