Molding versus Manifesting

Examining the Act of Creation

Fixing Instead of Creating

Yesterday I found myself trying to fix a couple of beautifully made, old impact type lawn sprinklers. Twenty years of calcium buildup had frozen the stems so solidly that the sprinklers could not be rotated, even with a wrench and considerable torque. So, I set out to rescue them and save them from being thrown in the junk pile. Unfortunately, I did not have the tools I needed to do a really competent job. After spending most of the afternoon fussing around devising make-shift paraphernalia to clean and repair them, wrecking one of the sprinklers completely, I was finally able to salvage one of them.

I was sick and tired of the whole frustrating job I had made for myself. The sprinkler would function, but it was now quite battered and maybe even worse off than before I had decided to fix it. What a comical exercise it was, and even more so because I was doing all this for a neighbor who had died maybe a month earlier. The frustrating inevitability of having to fix and then keep on repairing man-made things—which no matter how well manufactured they are, always seem to gradually self-destruct for one reason or another—was exasperating.

But in spite of my whimsical consternation, I was reminded of some thoughts and writing of many years ago. Then, as now, I was looking at what it meant to manipulate and mold what had already been created, versus directly manifesting what was wanted in the first place. To better comprehend what I am inferring here consider the following definitions:



As ought to be obvious, a major disadvantage of molding things is that whatever is done to the manipulated material usually does not significantly modify its original, underlying atomic and molecular level intent. Therefore, manipulating something into a new shape is, at best, only a temporary measure. Over a period of time the underlying primal intent will again predominate, with the manipulated substance gradually returning to its fundamentally desired state.

In sharp contrast, the key advantage of direct manifestation, other than the obvious lack of having to toil, is that whatever is created is infused with a singular, cohesive, and fundamental intent, with inherent properties that conform perfectly to the originating idea and desire. In other words, what you want just materializes in the exact shape you desire, with the precise set of properties originally envisioned, eliminating the "normal" process of having to work, toil, and manipulate substance that does not really want to be or behave in the way you desire it to be.

Moreover, what is directly manifest does not suffer from the eventual self-disintegration due to an underlying oppositional intent, as is the case with material and objects that must be forcibly manipulated by pounding them into a new shape. Ironically, however, the longevity of directly manifest objects may be no longer than manipulated ones, but not from any inherent attempt at self-destruction. There is no reason to ask for something to last a million years when it will only be needed for twenty minutes. Thus, it makes sense to imbue whatever is created with a specific and finite lifetime, so that once its intended usefulness has ended it may simply dissolve away, with the underlying energy returning to its free and un-manifest state, ready once again to manifest in a new way as may be later desired.

If I apply the idea of direct manifestation to my above mentioned sprinkler problem, I would get a "pure" sprinkler, one that would never fall apart or freeze up due to calcium deposits, as this kind of action would be counter to my originating idea. But, then, if I could at this moment directly manifest, why would I ask for a complicated sprinkler, when I could just call for the water, without the bother of some kind of mechanical contraption to spread it around.

Although I have long known the difference between molding and manipulation, I had not paid much attention to the concept lately, until my little lawn sprinkler adventure brought it back strongly into my awareness. But making the kind of radical change necessary to enable me to recover my lost power and ability to directly manifest would take a great deal of courage on my part, since it would require me to let go of many still very deeply embedded judgments, for instance, that insist that I have to do my laundry, so that I can have my clothes sparkling clean the way I want them. Was I now finally ready to do something with this resting knowledge, instead of lazily falling back and taking the old and easy route of being content to merely manipulate the world around me?

More to the point, however, was I willing to communicate very clearly with my Will, visualizing with excruciating detail exactly what I wanted, without a lot of inner doubt and dissension? Was I ready to fully trust and know that physical reality would gladly move to my every little desire, because it wanted and loved to do so, and not because I was trying to force it through some kind of manipulation? It was clear, for me to continue judging that physical substance could not or would not move to my desires was a good reflection of my remaining fears of having any real power.

Enjoying and not fearing a physical creation that moves instantly to my desires would mean having a mentality that is impeccably honest and free of denial. Without this kind of perfect clarity first, all the yet unresolved, fragmented, and “lost” thoughts that still pop-up unannounced and then flutter around in my head would have the ability to instantly inspire all kinds of unwanted things, easily creating a maelstrom of terrifying physical activity. This real possibility is something my mind is terrified of letting happen. It is therefore apparent that until I resolve more of my remaining inner fears, as well as the reasons lodged behind them, I will probably not allow myself to enjoy a magical existence.

However, not allowing myself the joy of unfettered Will-power does not prevent me from getting ready for the day when it will be appropriate for that kind of experience. A major portion of my mentality is already, of its own accord, moving to come into alignment with this type of living. Will feelings and ancient remembrances of what it is like to live in a magical physical reality frequently ebb and flow within me. Furthermore, I now have enough alignment within myself that I no longer have to always be paying attention to or deliberately working with something specific for sustained awareness progress. I seem to have reached a turning point whereupon my desire to live in a joyously magical universe is now self-sustaining, fulfilling itself of its own accord, while happily taking the still struggling rest of me along for the ride of my life.

Writing and sharing my thoughts and feelings about all this helps me tremendously, because doing so causes me to look deeper and be more clear about exactly what I do see, feel, and remember, which might not otherwise be the case, And sharing inspires other people near me, too. For instance, when my close friend and associate Rich read this material it instantly re-ignited some of his "lost" childhood aspirations. He said, “My whole life I have always had a feeling desire for my reality to be this way. But in my haste and unawareness, I simply hated having to go out and manipulate my world, without ever for a moment stopping to look at the reasons why I felt the hate, or doing anything to resolve it or my loss of power.”

So, here is an example of hating one’s loss of power, while vaguely remembering the possibility. Hating one's decline from grace is a choice that keeps oneself stuck in both pain and powerlessness, while at the same time being unwilling to resolve the reasons for hating or having lost power in the first place. This is probably the dilemma of many people on Earth today, desperately hating what they think they must do in order to survive, while simultaneously keeping themselves busily unaware, so as to not feel the pain and fear associated with their loss of self-sufficiency and real power. Consequently, by keeping oneself constantly busy and unaware, there is no time allotted to recovering any lost awareness, or the vision and compulsion to do whatever it takes to get back the power, majesty, and joy of life.

Terry Hathaway
June 30, 1999