The No Astral Traveling For You Workshop

The Forever Ending of My "Hemi-Sync" Holiday

A Futile Attempt at Lifting Out

It was maybe 1976 when I attended a weekend workshop in Santa Barbara, California. The seminar was presented by the Monroe Institute, an organization specializing in the use of sound to expand consciousness, and in this particular instance their "hemi-sync" audio technology was being used to aid in the initiation of out-of-body experiences. Then, once out and floating around, the ultimate goal was to enjoy some astral traveling. For a lift out point, we all gathered together, with blankets and pillows in hand, at a beautiful old and stately mansion. The setting was ideal. The old home was situated strategically on a gently sloping hill. The Pacific Ocean glistened off in the distance. The grounds were spacious and colorful, and adorned with an abundance of stunning flower filled gardens and stately old trees, all of which provided an exquisite environment for the eye and soul. It was an odd place to go and then immediately try to get away from the earthly physical realm and leave it far behind. Nonetheless, there I was, hoping to escape it all and fly gracefully away.

Once the workshop started we got right down to the business at hand. Each person was snuggled into their own comfy little cocoon made up of soft blankets, and each of us wore a stereo headphone into which was piped a special “hemi-sync” audio signal that was designed to assist us in departing our earthly bodies. It was interesting, and very restful, but nothing startling happened for me during the first day. But midway through the second day I vividly remember the precise point whereby I was finally ready and feeling able to begin separating from my body. I was feeling pleased with myself, and was looking forward to experiencing the actual separation and lift out, and then traveling around the cosmos. But just at the precise moment where separation had begun my fervent hope of lifting out was very suddenly and thoroughly shattered. A loudly booming and commanding voice from somewhere “out there” thundered and rang throughout my mind and body. It bellowing out the words, “NO! THIS TIME YOU ARE TO TAKE YOUR BODY WITH YOU.” My ears rung for what seemed like seconds due to the vocal intensity, almost like I had been subjected to a loud explosion. I was completely stunned; and any aspirations to achieve astral travel were abruptly cut-off and utterly gone.

Once the thundering voice had quieted down I remember quivering inside from the profound shock. Even my physical body had been jolted; my muscles reacting sharply. Moments later everything inside me stood still in complete silence, the vividly colored mental visuals I had previously been enjoying before the incident vaporized as though they had been sucked out of me by some unseen force. In one sudden and unexpected moment I had been informed and infused in a no-nonsense way that I was not to leave my body, and that, this time, this lifetime, I was supposed to take it with me. I was not to leave it behind again! I instinctively knew that there was nothing to argue, nothing for me to say. I knew that whatever or whomever had delivered the message was not about to listen to arguments or excuses. Once the message was delivered the messenger was seemingly gone, leaving me feeling alone and puzzled. Was the message from some wholly external entity, or was it perhaps some still lost part of me that wanted to make contact? What was I to do next? Exactly what did the voice mean by “take my body with me?”

I lay quietly on the floor for several minutes, comforted only by my floor padding, pillow, and fluffy blankets. All the other participants in the workshop were completely unaware of my predicament; they lay quietly with their headphones over their ears and were no doubt still working dutifully at lifting out, hoping to soar away into some wonderful astral plane. But for me, now I was really earthbound. I felt like there was no use trying for an out-of-body experience ever again, because I knew in my heart that nothing would come of such effort. I finished out the workshop without mentioning what had happened, lying in my cocoon of blankets and listening to the “hemi-sync” audio like everyone else, but my carrying on was just a ruse, a pretense that filled the remainder of that final workshop day.

It now seemed like leaving my body was no longer up to me, no longer my choice, all because something from the seemingly distant cosmos had flashed into me and intervened, deciding for me. It felt to me like that the decision from “out there” was final, absolutely the last word on the matter. There was no equivocation; it was done. And I had no idea or even a clue as to what taking my body with me might mean or eventually require, although it was an interesting and appealing idea. About all I knew was that for some reason, yet completely incomprehensible to me, I was supposed to take my body along with me on some kind of eternal journey to some unknown destination, apparently no matter what else I might want to do, and this commanding voice seemed to infer that no more dying was to be permitted, at least not in the conventional sense.
Here it is some 33 years later in 2008, and I still do not know exactly what it means to take my body with me, nor what I must yet learn and/or do, so that this old commandment can indeed take place. But what I have come to know since that warm, late summer day back in 1976, is this: I now know what it feels like to make the transition whereby body could indeed go along with my mentality to wherever it is I may choose to go. And this knowing is a good step forward, even if my mentality still is in the dark about the actual steps that may need to occur in order for such a miraculous transformation to actually come true.

In the meantime, however, I live a rather normal looking human life. Like anybody else on this planet I eat, breathe, bathe, take care of myself and do my daily chores. I live in a regular house and deal with the plethora of legal, financial, and other practical necessities common to an earthly life. I maintain family relationships and have a few good friends, and, of course, at the same time I am constantly doing my inner work, too, as quickly and thoroughly as I am able. Most people would never suspect who I am on the inside, or that I am doing anything unusual. I never promote or talk about this awareness work with anyone, unless they do something of their own volition that specifically incites and brings it out. Thus, if you were to meet me on the street you would never know what lies actively swirling beneath the exterior facade, unless, of course, you have some Will integration and you can feel who I am.

Terry Hathaway
February 25, 2008