Recovery from Outside of Your Box

The Problem of Recovering That Which is Invisible

Going Beyond the Normal Status Quo

What does this odd title mean? And recover what? While the meaning behind this title and how to accomplish it seems absurdly simple to me, a true and useful understanding and a bringing of it into actuality has remained, nonetheless, for everyone else—save one person who remains my only close awareness companion—an elusive and next to impossible thing to grasp in any functional or practical way, let alone actually recover some part of the total Self that has been completely lost beyond someone’s current conscious awareness.

The process to recover lost parts of the Self is detailed in various places in the Supplemental Manual, most of which is posted elsewhere on this web site. But it seems to be the case that understanding my words in a useful way means that the reader must suspend their limited and very judgmental mind and let themselves go beyond their usual self imposed limitations, and allow a type of “unusual” and provocative process to take place that will probably seem quite foreign and perhaps even scary. But going beyond the normal status quo is what it takes to get back parts of yourself that you once pushed away and that are no longer a part of your overall conscious awareness. This is because once a particular bit of energy holding unwanted content is denied away it then follows that all awareness of it must vanish, too. That is, what you asked to be rid of disappears from within the Self as demanded, but it is not destroyed. It merely changes form, thereafter fragmented out and taking up residence external to your inner reality. Thus, outer reality is a complex reflection of not only what you desire and inspire, but also that which you have not wanted and tried to destroy, all mixed together in one confusing physical portrayal of your inner reality. Consequently, with the denied energy absent from the remaining self any intent and knowledge that it held is then beyond the logical mind to know, or you to feel, or to figure out a way to recover what has been made invisible and outside of your self-imposed box.

At this point nothing normally recognized within the perceived world will help enable a recovery of lost bits of the Self, except that everything in the normal world is a reflection of what has been retained, as well as what has been denied. So, then, how does someone go about seeing what is missing, so that it can be known and sooner or later be recovered? The actual process is easy, but it can require a lot of courage to trust the awareness process enough when what is happening seems to go against everything you have ever known or believed. Moreover, those people seeking spirituality, or anyone following religious dogmas, are less likely to be able to allow the processes to occur that will bring back lost parts, due to ingrained judgmentally righteous attitudes, ideas and demands. It ought to be remembered that recovering energy that has been denied will generally never be a pleasant affair. Remember, it is holding something you did not like or want in the first place, and couple that with the pain of denial and what it has been forced to endure and hold fixed for what may have been a very long time. It is just a sorry fact of life that for anyone to recover what they at one point and with forethought purposely and deliberately condemned out of themselves will probably not be a fun and happy experience.

What does all of this mean to you? The awareness student, you, will have to deal with and to some extent go through the pain and horrors that you arrogantly, but ignorantly, caused and committed against yourself, but have never allowed yourself to see, feel or realize. Furthermore, the awareness student who desires to recover ALL of who and what they are must come to the place where they can effectively and routinely deal with and resolve the pain and death that they have ignorantly, but stupidly, created over many lifetimes, and, in many cases, eons. This requires seeing, touching, feeling and tasting it all very intimately, and then loving it so much that is has the permission and freedom to forever release the hellish sickness and disability that it has been forced to hold for what may now be a near eternity.

So, then, exactly what does the title Recovery from Outside of Your Box mean? Quite simply it means exactly what is stated, in that you intentionally take deliberate steps to recover lost mentality and feeling Will energies that you have at one time or another specifically asked and caused to be removed from your conscious awareness. These lost energies are literally lost outside of your current view, your awareness and your so-called box. And what is currently outside of your little box will tend to be completely invisible and non-existent seeming to you, forever, until and unless you find a way to recover and reintegrate it with your present consciousness. Want to give it a try? Good luck! I have studied this awareness stuff most of my life and during that time I have come across only a few people who had the guts to even brave an attempt to do this. Out of these few only one person, aside from me, had the undying passion and willingness to accomplish this kind of feat, and then continue to move forward consistently and really understand the process. Other less motivated students have had the same kind of opportunity to open up and go all the way, but only a pitiful few actually made any kind of wonderful progress. However, no one leaving and going outside of my energetic sphere of influence has, to my knowledge, had any sustainable recovery success. It seems to take constant support and reinforcement for the student to make it across an unseen threshold of resistance whereupon the inner eyes and temperament suddenly transforms and the so-called unknowable begins to unveil itself and gradually shimmer into view.

So what to do? Try honestly suspending your normal judgmental mind and go about reading through the Supplemental Manual. All of the details for a successful recovery are spelled out in great detail, with different wording describing the same topic sprinkled throughout various parts of the text, if you have the intent and patience to see it. Study the glossary and make room in your mentality for some new ideas regarding my written words, and simultaneously let yourself feel their intent and sweet melody. As you progress with the reading make an effort to ask for answers and enlightenment to come to you through insights, feelings and intuition. Don’t push any subtle thoughts or feelings away. Let those things you do not like seep into your awareness, too, along with everything else. Do not be stuck on having to be positive, as you will push away the very things and feelings that you need to find and resolve. Suspend your normal urge to hush and punish the subtle impulses that dance in the background, that you normally discredit and judge one way or another. Allow yourself to see where these faint energy trails lead, and what secrets they can reveal. If your intent is strong and pure triggering experiences will sooner or later come your way and a path will by some means be revealed to you. Then, notice if you have the courage to truly follow it. A clearly revealed path not followed leads to no path at all. If someone or something is to come into your life to facilitate your awareness growth this will happen of its own accord, and in its own time. But, remember, when true assistance arrives it will be out of the ordinary, perhaps extraordinary, and usually quite different from what you might normally expect, nor will it likely fit comfortably into your normal world or reality. Anything that comes to sweep you beyond your mundane status quo will tend to be unexpected and surprisingly extraordinary, something outside of your normal daily reality and beyond your limiting ideas and mental box. What comes must be new to you, or it is worthless. If you try to push and squeeze what comes into what you judge to be right and correct you will go no place but where you already are, which will be what you deserve, yourself.

Terry Hathaway
October 9, 2007