An Ultimate Simplicity

from The Beginning of All Time

A Few Simple Questions Set the Tone

Have you ever wondered why death, one way or another, is sooner or later unavoidable?

The list could go on indefinitely, but one or more of the above questions probably cover the root issues behind most everything else.

An Ultimately Simple But Understated Statement:

Essentially, then, simply stated: The only way mankind can take part in the utilization of any Will aspect is (1) to eat and then digest it and/or (2) extract and reform through overt manipulation some aspect of what the Will aspect has already manifest in physical form. This increasingly pathetic state of affairs is due solely to mankind’s preference and insistence on judging everything right from the beginning, along with all of the resulting misbegotten beliefs further judged to be valuable and true. It is this mental condition and the fragmentation it perpetuates that is causal, and it carries with it an across-the-board denial of the Will aspect, thereby preventing it from directly participating in the life experience of any entity holding and cherishing such fixed mental concepts. All technology, and its eventual exhaustion, is a direct consequence of the loss of the Personal Will. And to the extent that someone is disconnected from the Will aspect, it is to that same measure that they will suffer in what must then seem like a contrary and hostile outer reality experience.

Does this sound simple enough? Maybe, but you may have to spend the next twenty-five years engaging in some diligent awareness work before you can begin to comprehend what I am attempting to convey in the above statement, and to know how to resolve any disconnection for yourself.

September 2, 2007